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Sonya Molodetskaya

Ronald Marc George, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court,
announced today (July 14, 2010) his retirement from the bench. George
served as the chief justice for the last 14 years, and as a judge for
the last 38 years. His retirement will be effective Jan. 2, 2011.

Justice George said the time was right for him to return to private life
“My 70th birthday this year focused my attention on a question recently
posed by my family: Why file for re-election for another 12-year term,
after having authored hundreds of judicial opinions and overseen major
administrative reforms in the judicial system … What more do you hope
to accomplish other than refining and preserving what has been

He recently received national attention by supporting gay marriage.
George alluded to a trip he made with his European immigrant parents
through the American South. There, the signs warning “No Negro” or “No
colored” left “quite an indelible impression on me,” he said. “I think
there are times when doing the right thing means not playing it safe.”

Previously, TLR published a profile of the Chief Justice which is
enclosed below.

Ronald George Justice

Since starting to investigate the Howard Miller scandal, I also had
to examine the role of his friend, the Chief Justice of the California
Supreme Court, Ronald George. (As you recall, Ronald George was the one
who appointed Howard Miller’s confederate, Thomas Girardi, to the
California Judicial Council. It is shocking that Justice George, who
oversees the State Bar of California, never bother to mention to anyone
that the law firm of Girardi & Keese is being investigated by a
special master and a special prosecutor at the time Miller was appointed
president of the State Bar.)

After law school, George joined the office of the California Attorney
General in order to do good, and ever since he has been doing very
well, indeed. Apparently, his wife Barbara and his son Eric are also
doing well; so don’t you worry none about them. Although you may be
repulsed, like I am, from the “all you can grab” attitude that they
developed through the years.

Barbara George is a member of the California Arts Council, a position
to which she was first appointed in 1994 and was subsequently
re-appointed in 1999 and 2003 by Gov. Gray Davis. She is also the chair
of the California Supreme Court Art Selection Committee. The
California Supreme Court Art Selection Committee is in charge of
choosing art for display in buildings used by the California Supreme

His son, Eric George, who graduated from law school, may very well be
a very capable lawyer. However, he did not resist the temptation to
take advantage of the fact that he is the “son of Ronald George” in
order to boost his ego and his legal career.

After law school, he somehow managed to secure a position as a
deputy legal affair secretary to the Governor of California. He was
hired solely due to his qualification. Later, he worked for the Senate
Judiciary Committee, and then back home to Beverly Hills. Currently,
he is in private practice in Los Angeles. He also sits on a panel
that makes state-level judicial recommendations. Also a position that
he obtained solely due to his qualification.

Moreover, when researching Ronald George’s background, in addition to
the expected legal materials, I also kept bumping into stories and
pictures of him in social events. Apparently, he decided to assume the
role of a fool that San Francisco had once for a mayor– Willie

In doing the research, I had to familiarize myself with brands and
names that I wasn’t familiar with. For example, Tatiana. Apparently she
is a super-model. There is a picture of the Chief Justice of the
California Supreme Court Ronald George enjoying a conversation after a
long day on the bench with the super-model— Tatiana. He must have
approached her thinking she was Bar Rafaeli.

Tatiana and Chief Justice Ronald George

If Tatiana goes to law school, regardless of the job-market, I know
one law-firm in San Francisco that will surely extend her an offer. Bar
will be hired regardless of membership in any bar. But before that will
happen, both will need to refresh their wordrobe with the new collection
of local designer extraordinaire, Lily Samii.

In addition to Tatiana and Lily Samii, another brand I had to
familiarize myself with is BVLGARI. Took me awhile to understand that
the V is actually a U. So there is a picture of Ronald George in
BULGARI, BVULGRI, sorry here BVLRAGI store opening in San Francisco.
Apparently, it is a luxury store that sells Italian jewelry and

Justice Ronald George at BVLGARI bvlgaripic

You can see more interesting pictures from the BVLGARI opening by
visiting the original site from which I obtained the photos pursuant to
the doctrine of fair use :

As usual, Willie Brown was there with his companion, Sonya

Someone sent me a picture of Chief Justice Ronald George starring at
a blond lady during a gala. I do not recognize the lady.

Chief Justice George Eyeing a Blond

Nor do I recognize this one:

Justice Ronald George starring at a blond.


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