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Amid Revelations of the Sexually Sordid John Burton, Concerns Over JoAnn Remke Continue to Mount

Molodetskaya, John Burton, Jodi Remke,

As avaricious and bizarre discoveries concerning the former cocaine
addict, sexual harasser, and California Democratic Party Chairman John
Burton continue to be unraveled by TLR, speculations over the potential
past harassment of Remke by Burton continue to percolate within the
State Bar establishment.

In connection with the above, TLR continues with the investigation of
the “60 Days Suspension” scandal involving the pogrom in San
Francisco and a subsequent cover-up by the State Bar of California.
The investigation focuses on the former crack/cocaine addict Mike
Nisperos, Jeff Dal Cerro, former PJ Stovitz, as well as Judge JoAnn
Remke and the former cocaine addict John Burton.

BurtonPressPhoto-Large - Copy
John Burton, a former cocaine-addict and a sordid-sexual-harasser
boasted about engaging in “platonic sex with friends, lesbians and
straight, whatever”

Previously, Burton was accused by a staff member, KATHLEEN DRISCOLL, of
sexually harassing her.

Kathleen alleged that beginning in 2006 Burton begun to call for
immediate meeting during the weekend to go over routine matters, and
insisted that they go to the movies first.

Kathleen also alleged that during her employment Burton communicated the
following to her:

Telling KATHLEEN you are “probably wild sexually like all
Catholic girls”

Informing KATHLEEN on approximately three occasions that he often had
“platonic sex with friends, lesbians and straight,

Making hand gestures mimicking masturbation on approximately 10

“When you drop stuff off, stop in will ya? I mean I’m not getting laid under the fuckin’ table.”

Informing KATHLEEN on approximately 20 occasions throughout her
employment, “Oh, I had a dream about you last night,”
while raising his eyebrows in a sexually suggestive manner;

Making comments regarding KATHLEEN wearing a thong on
approximately 20 occasions during her employment;

Commenting on KATHLEEN ’S body, particularly her breasts and her
buttocks. On one occasion BURTON commented, “Your nipples aren’t showing
and its cold outside.”

Handing KATHLEEN an insurance form with a prescription for a male
performance enhancing drug similar to Viagra and saying, “This
stuff really works;”

On one occasion, as KATHLEEN walked past him, BURTON raised both his
hands and made a gesture as though he were squeezing KATHLEEN ’S

Hitting KATHLEEN on the buttocks with a newspaper and saying, “You do
work out, you have a tight ass”

Telling KATHLEEN that her t-shirt turned him on because it was made
from silk and silk turned him on;

Judge JoAnn Remke, Presiding Judge of the State Bar Court who was
appointed to the position of State Bar Court judge by John Burton.

As was previously reported here, JoAnn Remke was appointed to the
position of State Bar Court judge by John Burton after he introduced
special legislation which granted him the power to do so, transferring
the appointing authority from the Supreme Court to himself and
eliminating the position of one non-lawyer judge.

At the time, Remke was working for the California legislature, and for
Burton himself. Additionally, John Burton was a political ally and
friend of the father of the attorney who committed the pogrom in San
Francisco. As also previously reported here, JoAnn Remke was the
State Bar Court judge who imposed, while committing grave misconduct,
the mere 60 day suspension on the attorney/son of John Burton’s friend.

Asked to comment on this matter, a State Bar Insider and a legal counsel
to TLR, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated “Obviously, we are
talking about a very sick and filthy man who knows no boundaries, a
sexual predator,” The Insider Stated. “I would not rule out the
possibility that in the past he also sexually harassed Judge Remke–
either verbally, physically or in the form of a quid pro-quo, or at
least he tried,” the Insider speculated.

“Burton’s M.O. very much reminds me of the M.O. of various Hollywood
executives or operatives in the Democratic Party, such as Bill Clinton.
They operate under the assumption that the females on the staff are
there to provide sexual favors–a quick blow-job here and a quickie
there–they see nothing wrong with it; in fact they expect it.
Especially from females who are recent arrivals from the Midwest, who
desperately try to make a name for themselves,” the insider stated.
“Seeing Willie Brown with his Russian girlfriend also makes one wonders
if there is any exploitation going on there,” the Insider opined.

SonyaM1 - Copy
Willie Brown’s girlfriend, Sonya Molodetskaya.

Pressed by TLR as to his impression of Remke, and her reputation within
the State Bar establishment, the Insider stated “Of course it was
beneficial for the career of JoAnn Remke to know and work around John
Burton. If not for him, she would not be where she is today, especially
considering her young age when she was first appointed as a judge with
the Hearing Department. She had very little life and very little legal
experience. I don’t think she ever litigated a case, nor did she ever
run a law-firm to know what the average practitioner has to deal with.
However, having said that, if her appointment to the bench was a result
of any form of sexual harassment, or even perhaps a relationship based
on mutual consent, is not for me to say. Only she and him know that,”
the Insider stated.

Willie Brown

Pressed by TLR as to the fact that many appointments are politically
motivated , such as the short-lived appointment of Kimiko Burton by
Willie Brown to head the Public Defender’s Office in San Francisco, the
insider stated “I do not think she is politically connected, at least
not based on my knowledge. I would not rule out the fact that Burton
was impressed with her skills. The few trials I had before her while
she was a hearing judge, she appeared to have a very good control of the
court room, and she will not hesitate to raise her voice and yell at
counsel, either a man or women. She is smart, tough when need be, and
overall a sharp cookie. Hopefully, if Burton did try to impose his
filth on her, I hope she managed to resist him.” the insider concluded.

A copy of the suit filed against Burton can be found at the documents
archive of TLR by visiting:

This latest scandal concerning John Burton and Judge Remke comes in the
aftermath of revelations of numerous scandals exposed and reported by
TLR involving the integrity of judges, prosecutors, and executives of
the State Bar of California. Most notable among these is the forced
departure of Executive Director Judy Johnson, the forced departure of
the former PJ Ronald Stovitz, the bribery of Judge McElroy, the
“English-Only Scandal”, the “Wittenberg Scandal”, the “Howard Miller
Scandal”, the “Sixty Day Suspension Scandal” and many others which came
on the heels of a crisis of confidence in State Bar leadership.


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