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Alex Kozinski, Girardi & Keese, Howard Rice, James Towery, Jerome Falk, State Bar of California, Thomas Girardi, William Fletcher

Addendum to James Towery, Jeff Reisig, Mike Cabral in State Bar Cover-Up of In Re Girardi — Complainant Discovery Special Prosecutor — Howard Rice’s Jerome Falk — Actually Defense Lawyer of Thomas Girardi and Walter Lack

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  • Why ? 2015/10/07
    Why might you consider joining a union if you work at the Judicial Council…. http:\\judicialcouncilunited.orgFiled under: Judicial Council of California
    Judicial Council Watcher
  • Judicial Council has a change of mind…releases Aleut settlement agreement 2015/10/07
    Yesterday we received a copy of the settlement agreement between Aleut Global Solutions and the Judicial Council from Yen Interactive Media. While a previous request for that same settlement was refused with a claim that the settlement was confidential, the judicial council appears to have had a change of mind and released the agreement to […]
    Judicial Council Watcher
  • Playing the long game in avoiding accountability ? 2015/10/03
    When it comes to the judicial council, you can count us as their biggest skeptic. We bust out in laughter any time any new committee is created because generally, without looking at the roster, we generally know that a majority of members are going to be trusted insiders that are going to be doing the […]
    Judicial Council Watcher
  • Citation Amnesty Begins Today & Not A Moment Too Soon…. 2015/10/01
    Today the California states citation amnesty program begins and this program is far clearer than the previous six month amnesty program which was a joke on the people and nearly worthless. The reason that the previous amnesty program was a joke was that it amounted to rolling the dice and walking into court, hoping that […]
    Judicial Council Watcher
  • The Time For Change Is Now. 2015/09/25 under: Judicial Council of California
    Judicial Council Watcher

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