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BREAKING NEWS: Matthew Werdegar of Keker & Van Nest Named as Defendant In Suit Alleging Greed, Betrayal, Breaches of Trust

The Leslie Brodie Report (TLR) is carefully following a major developing story out of California relating to Matthew Werdegar of San Francisco-based lawfirm of Keker & Van Nest.

According to knowledgeable sources, Matthew Werdegar, son of David Werdegar – the recently deposed President and CEO of IOA  —  has also been named as defendant in the lawsuit.



On April, 2011 President and CEO Dr. David Werdegar, Board Chair Anthony Wagner, State Senator Leland Yee, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, and Supervisor Eric Mar attended IOA’s Senior Campus ribbon-cutting ceremony.  A substantial portion of  IOA’s budget arrives from the City and County of San Francisco which uses IOA and its facilities to care for some its aging population.(Image:courtesy of IOA)

As was reported earlier, in a lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court, prominent Marina Del Rey-based legal expert Dan Dydzak alleges that California Supreme Court Associate Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar obstructed justice by participating in a scheme to boost the financial well-being of an entity (the Institute on Aging or “IOA”) headed by her husband, David Werdegar.

David Werdegar, Kathlyn Mickle Werdegar, Matthew Werdegar
(L-R) Dr. David Werdegar of IOA; California Supreme Court Associate Justice Kathryn Werdegar; Matthew Werdegar of Keker & Van Nest Where Straw Man Jon Streeter Serves as the President of the State Bar of California.

The suit avers that Justice Werdegar failed to inform interested parties of the fact that entities such as brokerhouse Charles Schwab and law firm Morrison & Foerster, for example, are major donors to the IOA,  totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Dydzak alleges that he sustained legal injury due to his role in suing Charles Schwab on behalf of a client — a former paramour of Charles Schwab co-founder, Hugo Quackenbush — and subsequent retaliation by various entities that sought to silence him (and his client), including the now-defunct law firm of Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk & Rabkin which previously represented Charles Schwab.

According to Dydzak, once his allegations of retaliation by Howard Rice and others were presented for adjudication before Justice Werdegar, she had an absolute duty to either obtain a waiver from Dydzak or recuse herself because of Charles Schwab’s financial donations to IOA, neither of which she did.

Dydzak further alleges that Werdegar’s failure to take these steps stemmed from a civil conspiracy entered into by the various parties, and specifically Charles Schwab and David Werdegar, by which Justice Werdegar would rule against Dydzak, ipso facto preventing him from further developing the case against Charles Schwab because this would have exposed Charles Schwab’s various alleged unlawful activities while at the same time enriching her husband David Werdegar financially — and, by extension, enriching her as well.

Shortly before Dydzak filed his lawsuit, David Werdegar abruptly resigned from his post as the CEO of IOA.

The Institute on Aging is a San Francisco-based senior care facility. It started as part of Mount Zion hospital (a client of Howard Rice) , and metamorphosed into its current format.

The overwhelming majority of IOA funding is provided by the City and County of San Francisco, which has a contractual relationship with IOA, and by donations by primarily Jewish foundations, such as Lisa and Matthew Chanoff, the Rose and Eugene Kleiner Family Foundation, the Koret Foundation, Bernard and Barbro Osher, and the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund.


Above( L-R) Mr. David Werdegar of IOA; State Bar of California BOG Member Jeannine English; Mr. Thomas Girardi of embattled Voice of OC; Executive Director of State Bar of California Joe Dunn of embattled Voice of OC;  California Supreme Court Associate Justice Hon. Kathryn Werdegar; really special prosecutor in matter of In Re Girardi and controversial judicial aspirant Prof. Rory Little; controversial gambling attorney Howard Dickstein (spouse of Jeannine English and a client of Keker & Van Nest), MoFo’s James Brosnahan of embattled Voice of OC; Keker & Van Nest partner Matthew Werdegar – son of David and Kathryn Werdegar; Keker & Van Nest partner Jan Little (spouse of Rory Little); Keker & Van Nest partner Elliot Peters — attorney for  Howard Dickstein; California Democratic Party operative and mentor to Willie Brown’s former paramour — Mr. John Keker; Keker & Van Nest partner, attorney for Howard Dickstein, controversial judicial aspirant, and President of the State Bar of California — Mr. Jon Streeter.


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