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Breaking ….. Cache Creek Casino — Under the Tight Control of Howard Dickstein — Funnels Millions to Yolo County District Attorney (TLR Note: See Below)

During the investigation, tribal representatives refused to participate in the process or respond to the grand jury’s findings, citing their status as “a sovereign governmental entity that is immune to the jurisdiction and process of state and local authorities.”

Representatives from the Yocha Dehe tribe also refused to provide up-to-date membership figures when requested for this story, but the grand jury report estimated adult membership at fewer than 25 people.

While tribal casinos present challenges to rural counties, some believe their value as an economic engine can’t be denied.

Steve Smith, the human resources director for the Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians — the Sonoma tribe operating River Rock —said that the casino employs roughly 600 people, making it one of the top 20 employers in the county.

Cache Creek employs more than 2,300 people, said Mike Traum, the casino’s communications manager. The figure makes the casino the second largest employer in Yolo County, behind only the University of California, Davis.

Noting the effects that such large-scale gaming operations can have on rural areas, the tribes operating  Cache Creek and River Rock have entered into intergovernmental agreements with Yolo and Sonoma counties, respectively.
Both agreements resulted in multimillion-dollar windfalls of mitigation payments for the two counties.

In Yolo County, the Yocha Dehe tribe has shelled out more than $32 million in mitigation between 2002 and 2010, with healthy portions going toward the sheriff’s department and the district attorney’s office.


Please see source:…


TLR Note:

Howard Dickstein — a Sacramento-based Indian gambling attorney is highly corrupted, greedy at the extreme, and has been compared by many to Jack Abramoff. 

Dickstein two main clients are Cache Creek Casino / Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation located in Yolo County, and Thunder Valley Casino/ United Auburn Indian Community located in Placer County.

Only recently, Arizona Senator John McCain has called for an investigation concerting Dickstein ‘s alleged unlawful business practices.  Similarly, Madame Jessica Tavares — former chair of  United Auburn Indian Community which owns Thunder Valley Casino — accused Dickstein of duping the tribe into paying his firm $26 million in fees over six years. 

Previously, the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians which owns Cache Creek Casino had sued Dickstein.  The lawsuit ( alleged “Greed & Betrayal” vis-via causes of actions for:


While the above mentioned suit was being litigated,  not surprisingly, wholly separate allegations of grave misconduct were leveled against Howard Dickstein, as well as against the firm which represented him — Keker & Van Nest. 

Specifically, attorneys from the law offices of Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy,  and ethics expert Michael Boli alleged that Howard Dickstein and/or Keker & Van Nest manufactured evidence, and engaged in myriad violations of professional ethics.  See @:

Shockingly, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy,  and ethics expert Michael Boli  did not allege that Howard Dickstein and/or Keker & Van Nest engaged in extortion/attempted extortion or otherwise violated ethics rules which prohibit — even indirectly —  the threat of criminal prosecution for the purpose of gaining an advantage over an adversary in a civil dispute,  in reply to false allegations advanced to the court by Howard Dickstein and/or Keker & Van Nest that the plaintiffs (the clients of Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy and ethics expert Michael Boli ) had “clearly committed a felony.”

Subsequent to the conclusion of the litigation, and in order to conceal the fraudulent and egregious misconduct perpetrated by Dickstein against his client — the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians — Dickstein had conspired with Keker & Van Nest to mislead the public into believing that the plaintiffs had only alleged that he was “negligent.”   See @

Dickstein is married to one Jeannine English — a lobbyist from Sacramento who serves as “Public Member” of the State Bar of California Board of Governors/Trustees.  Jeannine English, not surprisingly, is as greedy and corrupt as Dickstein, and then some. 

She is a former member of the California’s  “Little Hoover Commission” (as is State Bar of California “Public Member” Gwen Moore of Shrimpscam. )  

Interestingly, while Jeannine English was part of the Little Hoover Commission, Howard Dickstein was appointed to purvey legal services to the commission.  Conversely, Dickstein  had arranged that his client — the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians — would hire his wife Jeannine English to act as “Lobbyist” for the tribe.

Jeannine English was positioned as BOG “Public Member” to primarily ensure that her husband Howard Dickstein will not be disciplined by the State Bar of California, despite the well documented trail of fraudulent and egregious misconduct he had perpetrated against several  of his clients.  This had the net benefit of unjustly enriching  both  herself and her husband at the expense of Dickstein ‘s client, the People of the State of California, and the fair administration of justice. 

Further seeking to escape justice and in order to apiece other law enforcement agencies, Dickstein also arranges for huge sums of money to be donated to Jerry Brown, California attorney general Kamala Harris,  and other California Democratic Operatives from the coffers of his clients.  See example @

Incidentally, Gwen Moore of Shrimpscam (as is  “Public Member” Dennis Mangers – also a California Democratic Party operative)  primary goal as BOG public members is also  to ensure that certain law firms such Girardi & Keese, Engstrom Lispcmomb & Lack, Cotche Pitre & McCarthy, Kreindler & Kreindler, Morrison & Foerster, Skadden Arps, Kerr & Wagstaffe, Howard Dickstein of Dickstein & Zerbi, and many others known as “State Bar Royalty” are not disciplined by the State Bar.  For example, Gwen Moore, Jeannine English, Alec Chang, Jon Streeter , Starr Babcock, Robert Hawley, Joe Dunn, and others are part of an ongoing highly unlawful conspiracy to obstruct justice in the matter of In Re Girardi.

 In consideration of allowing to operate with impunity by the state Bar of California , those  law firms contribute handsomely to members of the California Democratic Party vis-vis political donations and /or class-actions Cy Pres award and/or diversity money — either directly or indirectly. 

Moore is also involved in various other adventures which mainly consist of  “leaning” on the CPUC/Utility companies for the purpose of extracting money under the guise of Diversity pursuant to General Order 156.  According to sources close to YR,  General Order 156 is nullity given the passage of Proposition 209.  Consequently, those sources maintain,  a declaratory judgement action will soon be filed in the Sacramento Superior Court seeking to declare General Order 156 null and void.

In furtherance of the above mentioned unlawful activities, and in order to compensate for the lack of discipline imposed on State Bar Royalty; sources familiar with the situation maintain a policy was put in place by Judy Johnson, Jeannine English, Thomas Girardi, Robert Hawley, Howard Dickstein, Alec Chang, Starr Babcock, Howard Miller, Holly Fujie and others — on their behalf and on behalf of others — to frame innocent lawyers and/or impose unusually harsh discipline even for minor violations. 

For example, on one hand, Walter Lack and Pierce O’Donnell — who despite a well documented trail of repeated acts of misconduct — have no or  very little displined imposed by the State Bar of California, respectively.   On the other hand , Phil Kay , Ron Gottschalk, Dan Dydzak , and many other were treated unjustly, and in accordance with said policy.







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