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Davis Vanguard’s David Greenwald Avers Yolo County Judge Dave Rosenberg ‘Phlegm Comment’ Not Towards Clint Parish

Replying to TLR previously published article which stated:

“A recent controversy concerning a mailer sent by the Clint Parish’s campaign which sought to portray Judge Maguire as Arnold Schwarzenegger “bagman,” and being part of Schwarzenegger’s “inner circle” which recommended the release of convicted murderer Esteban Nunez, the son of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez — a highly perturbed Judge Rosenberg launched an unprecedented attack on Parish.  This, despite knowing full well that California Canons of Judicial Ethics permit a judicial officers to only “endorse” candidates for judicial office.

Specifically, and consistent with his new role, Judge Rosenberg resorted to sending a robocall out to many voters “to set the record straight” of what he called, “a nasty political hit piece” which “contains flat out lies and deceptions about a highly respected Judge here in Yolo County, Judge Dan Maguire.”

Judge Rosenberg also promised to retaliate against Parish and issued a thinly veiled threat against him. “This sort of phlegm tends to backfire. It flies back in the face of the expectorant,” Rosenberg stated.”

David Greenwald of online publication DavisVanguard wrote to us with the following comment:

I was the reporter who first got that statement out of Judge Rosenberg.
In context, it was not a threat to retaliate but rather a comment that
the attack piece would backfire with respect to the electorate.  A
comment that proved very accurate.


The Leslie Brodie Report thanks Mr. Greenwald for his comment — content of which is in desperate need of clarification.

While during an interview with Greenwald, Judge David Rosenberg uttered the following:

 “Frankly, I’m saddened to see a hit piece like this in a non-partisan judicial race,” Judge Rosenberg told the Vanguard.  “The mailer by Mr. Parish is full of falsehoods and distortions.  It doesn’t deal with any issue of relevance to the judicial race.”  He said, “It’s just phlegm aimed at a decent, hard-working and honorable man – Judge Dan Maguire.  This is disturbing conduct by someone who wants to be a Judge.”

See source @…:presiding-judge-rosenberg-laments-the-change-in-tenor-of-judicial-race&catid

In a separate interview with Sacramento Bee’s Darrell Smith , Judge Dave Rosenberg uttered the  thinly veiled threat against Parish– alluded to in TLR’s original story —  to wit:

“This sort of phlegm tends to backfire. It flies back in the face of the expectorant,” Rosenberg said. “It’s beneath the dignity of a candidate for judge.”

Please see @:


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