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JusticeCalifornia Assails Unsettling Tactics by Top Leadership of AOC, Judicial Council; Criticism of Barbara George Abound; Dan Dydzak Avers Retaliation by Howard Rice, Alan Rothenberg (TLR Note: See below)

Lending significant support to calls for an examination of corruption in the AOC, Judicial Council, and the California Supreme Court, a sharply-worded comment was posted by JusticeCalifornia on Judicial Council Watcher.

According to JusticeCalifornia: “Top leadership has used cleaners, expensive perks, public relations experts, grim retaliatory tactics, awards and whitewash by the boatloads to perpetuate and cover up the conduct described in the SEC report — all at public expense. The regular posters here have seen what can only be described as blatant waste, corruption and/or brutality at the highest levels of the branch– firsthand — and write about it, sometimes indelicately. So what? This is a blog, for heaven’s sake, not a Rose Garden presidential event!

Neither AOC Watcher nor JCW have been/are “politically correct” but they have been calling out bad behavior and posting very serious factually correct information for three years now — and it is ever so ironic to see that what those whom Ron George called “bloggers in jammies” reported is now being echoed in the press and in EVERY SINGLE investigation that has taken place.

It is nice and sweet that Barbara George apparently donated her time and energy to do an art exhibit. . . . .but really, it would have been much more meaningful for her husband to be awake at the wheel and protective of the branch and the public with respect to CCMS, courthouse construction and maintenance, AOC bloat and corruption. . . .etc. etc. etc.

And priorities are the point right?

Let’s see– should top leadership throw more money at the CCMS boondoggle and the most expensive courthouses in the country and a mismanaged wildly overstaffed and overpaid administrative body. . . .or keep courthouses open and staffed and serving the public? The answer seems pretty obvious but it wasn’t obvious to George or Sakauye. George had to get out and Sakauye had to be schooled by the legislature.

Tonight the national press did a high-profile piece on the ninth circuit’s jaunts to Hawaii on the public dime. Two national lawmakers commented on how the branch is complaining about budget cuts and how that affects the public, at the same time it is sending 500 people to Hawaii for a conference. The lawmakers suggested that perhaps the ninth circuit should re-think its priorities.”


As to Mrs. Barbara George, a separate commentator stated:

” Barbara George was anointed Chair of the Supreme Court Art Selection Committee. It doesn’t pass the “smell test.” It doesn’t “hit my ear right.” It smacks of incest within the judicial branch. It’s nepotism at its finest. Regardless whether Mrs. George is paid through the AOC (that would stink!) or it is pro bono, it’s wrong. What happened to people who cared about even the appearance of impropriety? I’m sure there are other people in the whole state of California that could fill that position … oh, wait. Maybe in these dire economic times we should forego a Supreme Court Art Selection Committee. I loved the slideshow of the historic courthouses, the history, the architecture, but I bet there are other ways to find those pictures and the history. Right now, and for the past several years as the AOC fiddled and swilled down Grey Goose martinis, the point should have been to keep the trial courts open to the public! The motto, “We are here for the people we serve,” that is just bull-roar, right? The AOC should and must be disbanded.”



Replying to criticism by a fellow commentator, Marina Del Ray-based Dan Dyzdak wrote:

“In response to reality chick, you must be a friend of the Georges and Alan Rothenbeg. Please remind Eric M. George, who engaged in RICO activities that his DEFAULT has been requested in the pending lawsuit because he failed to timely respond to the lawsuit. In addition, should he fail to appear at his deposition, a certificate of nonappearance will be taken.

Judicial Council Watcher lets me post my views as is my First Amendment Right. Others make comments which I do not control in any manner.

Two, the State Bar Court deliberately misstated facts, fabricated evidence and made false, misleading statements about my bar record. Major misstatements. The record is too substantial and consumes approximately 7 volumes and post-appeal proceeedings to try to remedy the State Bar Journal and State Bar Court’s major misrrepresentation of the facts and evidence.

In addition, the State Bar Journal often distorts facts in stories and is a propoganda vehicle for the Bar. Where is, for example, any story by the Journal of the misappropriation of monies of some $ 780,000 by California All–involving, among others, the present executive director of the Bar, Joe Dunn? Where is any story by the State Bar Journal that the State Bar refuses to even process a bar complaint against Joe Dunn or that he practices law regularly in Newport Beach and Santa Ana, even though he is presently a government employee–clearly an ethical violation? Where is any story about Judy Johnson and her misappropriation of funds to her personal use?

State Bar Judge Miles had improper ex parte communications with Howard Rice partners before putting me on inactive status. The State Bar prosecutor acknowledged that my prosecution was political and that I was targeted because I had sued former State Bar President Alan Rothenberg for clients, who it turns out was alllowing Ronald M. George to be part owner with his son, Eric M. George in his bank. This is a definite conflict of interest.
The State Bar prosecutor stated that he would file charges against me on any client complaint, even if it was meritless. Drexel was in effect “fired” for abusing his position.

Former Chief Trial Counsel Scott Drexel met regularly and illegally with
Beth Jay, George’s attorney, and had improper ex parte communications as to who to knock off. I was on their enemies list as were certain judges. To cite but one example of the distortion of facts, I was written up for alleged unauthorized practice of law when I was in federal court, in good standing with that court, and was never cited for unauthorized practice by that court. Judge Remke and others illegally invaded federal jurisdiction. Remke and others refused to disqualify Miles and set aside his decision although Miles had improper conflicts of interest. Miles had done work for Charles Schwab and the latter also used his influence with his Bar-connected attorneys to get me prosecuted. Schwab is also being sued in my lawsuit and has been served.

Three, a former AOC employee and others have given me evidence of major misappropriation of AOC funds. That is why my lawsuit is VERIFIED. I have been informed by various sources that Ronald M. George with Vickrey and Overholt used government funds time and again for their personal use. Ronald M. George can explain in deposition how he managed to make so much money and his extravagant lifestyle.

If Ronald M. George, Eric George and others can produce discovery that all sums were legitimately earned, they are free to do so. Given their “STALL” tactics to date in responding to the lawsuit, I doubt very much that they will meet that burden. As well, the son of Matthew Werdegar has been sued and served. He can explain in deposition how his mother, Kathryn Werdegar, can justify why she and George did not disqualify themselves, due to their financial conflicts of interests with respectively Charles Schwab and First Century Bank.

Many of the comments posted by Judicial Council commentators are corroborating and expanding upon much of the allegations in my verified lawsuit. I take extremely seriously the filing of any lawsuit and have a reasonable basis in fact and law for my allegations.

I knew Melvin Belli, one of the greatest attorneys of this state, and the Bar officials tried to get him disbarred twice–once over a scotch ad. Mr. Belli would have been appalled that the former Chief Justice George is accused of financial improprieties and the conversion of state funds.

It would be nice to see a honest Plaintiff’s attorney on the Judicial Council but I doubt that will happen.”


Please see sources @:…



TLR Note:

Dydzak clearly neglected to mention:

Enmenshment between Ronald George, Eric George, Thomas Girardi (of Ninth Circuit matter of In Re Girardi) and Howard Rice. 

For benefits Thomas Girardi had bestowed on Ronald George vis a-vis Eric George, please see @:…

AND @:…


Singer Paul Anka serenades Former California Chief Justice Ronald George courtesy of Thomas Girardi of Girardi & Keese. (Image: courtesy of LA Lawyers Phil. )


Howard Rice and Eric George in honey worth billions matter of Winnie the Pooh, please see @:


Unsettling circumstances relating to Bet Tzedek, Holly Fujie, Mike Feuer, Alan Rothenberg, Eric George, and Bonnie Rubin, please see @:

AND @:



Howard Rice’s Jerome Falk (defense lawyer who was chosen to act as special prosecutor against his clients Thomas Girardi and Walter Lack)  in the matter of In Re Girardi, please see @:…



Skadden Arps colludes with Girardi & Keese in the matter of Fogel vs. Farmers Group, Inc. to the detriment of 14 million Americans, please see @:…









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