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TLR Mulls Urging Anti-Defamation League to Speak-Up Against Defamation and Mistreatment of White-Christian, Native-American Courtesy of Jewish-American Howard Dickstein, Jeffrey Bleich, Kathryn Werdegar, Jerome Fishkin, and Operatives From Bet Tzedek

Amid calls for an examination of myriad abuses inflicted by Jews against fellow Americans, and consistent with our commitment to promote equal justice for all; The Leslie Brodie Report (TLR) mulls urging US-based Anti-Defamation League to use its resources to combat such atrocities, to wit:


Simply put, Mr. Fishkin engaged in discriminatory practices and speech that demonstrate invidious animosity toward a group different from that to which he belongs, namely White Christians.  This is particularly true if the individuals in question are members of the working class and appear to be people of faith.

As is evident from Mr. Fishkin’ Facebook postings, the average middle-class Christian white family is an irritant to him, and he holds in his heart enormous animosity and contempt toward them.

Jerome Fishkin Making Fun of Redneck. - Copy


As such, he often uses pejorative and demeaning stereotypes to describe them. For example, on one of his Facebook pages, Mr. Fishkin mocks women from Virginia, their virginity and their vaginas. He sets forth the stereotypes that exist in his own mind, including that women from Virginia tend to be prudent in the area of sexuality; he then attempts to make a joke about their virginity, and wonders if do or do not have vaginas. He ultimately concludes that they must, in fact, have vaginas.

Mr. Jerome Fishkin making fun of redneck - Copy


Yet another example of Mr. Fishkin’ leanings is an offensive photograph posted on his Facebook page. The photo, referred to as “REDNECK  is clearly intended to make fun of “REDNECKS” as lower-class, beer-drinking idiots.

By taking such cheap shots, Mr. Fishkin amuses himself and some of his Facebook friends, including Susan Margolis.



As necessary background, it should be mentioned that Mr. Bleich is a Jew. He lives in Berkeley, and is quite liberal in his politics. Nothing mentioned in this paragraph as part of Mr. Bleich’ background presents any problem. Rather, the information is included to provide context for his actions described below.

In 2008, Jeffrey Bleich, Tony West of Morrison & Foerster, and Jon Streeter of Keker & Van Nest (all major fundraisers for Barack Obama) were in attendance during a speech by which Senator Barack Obama uttered the following:

  ” And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Mr. Jeffrey Bleich.  In an editorial dated September 30, 2008, Metropolitan News-Enterprise’s Roger Grace wrote:  “But in light of the proclivities he (Bleich) evinced in connection with his Sept. 26 political fundraiser, a question is raised in my mind as to his fitness for the high stations in the federal government which I suspect that he covets and for which he might well be destined .” Grace’s editiorial HERE (Image:courtesy of Wikipedia)

Separately, as matters presently stand, prima facie evidence creates the appearance of a sophisticated financial scheme executed in 2008 involving Democratic party operatives James Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster, Jeffrey Bleich of Munger Tulles & Olson (the current U.S. Ambassador to Australasia and friend of President Obama), Assistant Attorney General Derek Anthony West (aka Tony West), and Chris Young, as well as others to misuse the $780,000 originating from the California Bar Foundation.

According to the sources, in 2007-2008:

–James Brosnahan, the self proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party” (and former prosecutor of Caspar Weinberger), while associated with  Morrison & Foerster executed from behind the scenes a scheme known as CaliforniaALL, which collected “hush-hush” sub rosa funds totaling approximately $780,000 from the Foundation of the  State Bar of California.

–Chris Young, while associated with Morrison & Foerster, served as Barack Obama’s Northern California Deputy Finance Director.

–Tony West, while associated with Morrison & Foerster, served as Barack Obama’s California Co-Chair of the California Finance Committee.

–Susan MacCormac, while associated with Morrison & Foerster, legally created the entity known as CaliforniaALL and served as its legal counsel.

–Annette Carnegie, while associated with Morrison & Foerster, served as a board member of the California Bar Foundation during the period of the sub rosa transfer of the above-referenced $780,000.

–Jeffrey Bleich, while associated with Munger Tolles & Olsen, served as a member of both the Board of Governors and the California Bar Foundation’s board during the period of the sub rosa transfer of $780,000.  Bleich is a friend of President Obama who presently serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Australia.    Verizon Communications (which heavily contributed to CaliforniaALL) is a client of Munger Tules & Olson, where Bleich serves as partner.

The California Bar Foundation is maintained and controlled by the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California — which is largely comprised of California Democratic Party operatives such as “Shakedown Artist” Gwen Moore of Shrimpscam ; Jeannine English — the wife of controversial gambling attorney and Democratic Party operative Howard Dickstein; “Gay Godfather” Dennis Mangers; Democratic Party operative Joseph Lawrence Dunn (aka Joe Dunn) of Voice of OC; Nancy Fineman, a partner at the firm of Democratic party operative Joe Cotchett; and Jon Streeter, President of the California State Bar Board of Governors and a partner at the firm of Democratic Party operative John Keker,  former prosecutor of Oliver North.



In approximately 2004, as part of an effort to revitalize its downtown area, the city of Sacramento poured three million dollars into subsidies for the renovation of the “Elliott Building” located at 1530 J Street in Sacramento.  The project was initiated by Mark Friedman of Sacramento-based Fulcrum Property Group and a few of his business partners.

Howard Dicstein, Jerry Brown, Mark Friedman, Doug Elmets
(L-R) California Governor Jerry Brown, Howard Dickstein of Dickstein & Zerbi, Mark Friedman of Fulcrum Property and Doug Elmets (Image:courtesy photos)

Friedman, a man of despicable character, may be a stranger to readers, but he is no stranger to The Leslie Brodie Report given that he was one of the  named defendants in the case of Rumsey vs. Dickstein, which deals primarily with allegations of years of fraud and deceit by Dickstein against his client, the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.

One example of such a scheme allegedly perpetrated by Dickstein and Friedman against the tribe deals with a parcel of land situated in West-Sacramento  known as “The Triangle,” an otherwise prime location facing the Sacramento River.

The tribe was urged by defendants Dickstein and its financial advisor Arlen Opper to enter into yet another business relationship with Friedman, through which a parcel of land in “The Triangle” was purchased.  The tribe would own 50% and Friedman and his extended would own 50% of the property.

At one point, Mark Friedman asked the tribe for a favor (or as he put it, an “accommodation”), by which the tribe would sell and Friedman would purchase the tribe’s 50% share in “The Triangle.”

Friedman’s excuse  for seeking the “accommodation” was very simple — he wanted to reduce the amount of money he would  owe the Internal Revenue Service.  Friedman had just sold a different piece of real estate, and  needed to quickly invest the money in real estate (or as he referred to it, to “park” the money ) in a separate property for a period of several years as is allowed by IRS rules; at the period, the tribe would be allowed to buy the property back for the same price for which it was sold to Friedman per a “buy back option.”

Dickstein and Opper recommended that the tribe “accommodate” Friedman, and Friedman consequently purchased the property from the tribe.

Per their written agreement, the tribe was given the option to buy back the property within one year.  However, the tribe did not buy back the property within one as  a result of a failure by Arlen Opper and Howard Dickstein — the attorney for the tribe who was in possession of the written agreement — to inform the tribe when the time period expired so that the tribe could buy back the property.  Notably, the property had increased in value “exponentially” during this period.

Later,  after the “buy back option” had expired, the tribe realized that it had missed the deadline to buy back its 50% share of the property, and sought to do so at that time.  However, Mark Friedman refused to sell it back, claiming that the tribe had missed its deadline.



Rabbi Stan Levy, Co-Founder of Bet Tzedek

Using a law originally enacted to combat the mafia, a Marina Del Rey-based legal scholar recently took the rare step of suing “Bet Tzedek,” a Los Angeles-based Jewish non-profit entity, under the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law (“RICO”).

Also named as part of the alleged racketeering enterprise were banker Alan Rothenberg, David Pasternak, Sandor Samuels, Ronald George, and his son Eric George (who serves as a member of Bet Tzedek’s Board of Directors).

RICO is a federal law that authorizes a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. RICO focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows for the leaders of a syndicate to be held civilly liable for the crimes that they ordered others to commit or which they assisted in committing.

The lawsuit alleges that various defendants misused Bet Tzedek as vehicle for the purpose of bribery, embezzlement, money laundering and tax-evasion with the intended outcome of siphoning the money into off-shore accounts. According to sources, the various accounts are located in Switzerland and at the Vatican.

Specifically, and in connection with some of Bet Tzedek’s alleged racketeering activities, the suit maintains that Sandor Samuels — CEO and President of Bet Tzedek and former Chief Trial Counsel at embattled Countywide Financial Services — was appointed President and CEO of Bet Tzedek largely due to his working knowledge of how to operate an enterprise which engages in myriad financial crimes.

The suit also asserts that other individuals engaged in racketeering activities, including David Pasternak — a Los-Angeles based “receiver,” as well as an officer of both Bet Tzedek and the Chancery Club — who allegedly used Bet Tzedek as forum to meet, collude, and otherwise bribe various judges and lawyers for the purpose of further appointing Pasternak as “receiver.”

The complaint also contains allegations that Ronald George — former Chief Justice of the State of California — unlawfully transferred funds from entities that were under his control (such as the California Administrative Office of the Courts (“AOC”) intended for the CCMS computer system) into various accounts that were specifically maintained in Alan Rothenberg’s bank — 1st Century — a bank which Eric George owns in part. Said funds, as the suit alleges, were later embezzled.

As part of maintaining the scheme, the suit alleges, AOC employees Ronald Overholt and William Vickery were bestowed with various gifts, trips, kickbacks, bribes, excessive salaries, and the like. Similarly, and also as part of guarding the scheme, the suit alleges that defendants, at times, resorted to utilizing the services of Tom Layton — a former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff/Senior State Bar of California investigator — to “illegally gather detrimental dirt” on various individuals who would oppose and/or object to the existence of said arrangements.

According to sources, Layton is part of an ongoing “ambulance chasing” scheme that the Girardi Syndicate operates in San Bernardino County vis-a-vis a satellite office located in San Bernardino and managed by Thomas Girardi’s son-in-law, David Lira.

Additionally, and per the sources, Layton has been previously utilized by the Girardi Syndicate to “assist” Sharon Major Lewis in selecting the names of nominees to be appointed as judges by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and to garner the support of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in endorsing judicial candidate the Girardi Syndicate deemed worthy of such an endorsement.

The suit also alleges that defendant Holly Fujie — an officer of both Bet Tzedek and the Chancery Club — engaged in various acts of misconduct while assisting Ronald and Eric George to transfer funds from both the California Bar Foundation (where she serves as vice-president) and the State Bar of California (where she served as a member of a committee responsible for distribution of funds) to Bet Tzedek totaling hundreds of thousand of dollars.

Bet Tzedek is based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1974, and is an affiliated agency of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Bet Tzedek is the exclusive provider of free legal services to low-income seniors through contracts with the City and County of Los Angeles.


As was reported earlier, in a lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court, prominent Marina Del Rey-based legal expert Dan Dydzak alleges that California Supreme Court Associate Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar obstructed justice by participating in a scheme to boost the financial well-being of an entity (the Institute on Aging or “IOA”) headed by her husband, David Werdegar.

David Werdegar, Kathlyn Mickle Werdegar, Matthew Werdegar
(L-R) Dr. David Werdegar of IOA; California Supreme Court Associate Justice Kathryn Werdegar; Matthew Werdegar of Keker & Van Nest Where Straw Man Jon Streeter Serves as the President of the State Bar of California.

The suit avers that Justice Werdegar failed to inform interested parties of the fact that entities such as brokerhouse Charles Schwab and law firm Morrison & Foerster, for example, are major donors to the IOA,  totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Dydzak alleges that he sustained legal injury due to his role in suing Charles Schwab on behalf of a client — a former paramour of Charles Schwab co-founder, Hugo Quackenbush — and subsequent retaliation by various entities that sought to silence him (and his client), including the now-defunct law firm of Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk & Rabkin which previously represented Charles Schwab.

According to Dydzak, once his allegations of retaliation by Howard Rice and others were presented for adjudication before Justice Werdegar, she had an absolute duty to either obtain a waiver from Dydzak or recuse herself because of Charles Schwab’s financial donations to IOA, neither of which she did.

Dydzak further alleges that Werdegar’s failure to take these steps stemmed from a civil conspiracy entered into by the various parties, and specifically Charles Schwab and David Werdegar, by which Justice Werdegar would rule against Dydzak, ipso facto preventing him from further developing the case against Charles Schwab because this would have exposed Charles Schwab’s various alleged unlawful activities while at the same time enriching her husband David Werdegar financially — and, by extension, enriching her as well.

Shortly before Dydzak filed his lawsuit, David Werdegar abruptly resigned from his post as the CEO of IOA.

The Institute on Aging is a San Francisco-based senior care facility. It started as part of Mount Zion hospital (a client of Howard Rice) , and metamorphosed into its current format.

The overwhelming majority of IOA funding is provided by the City and County of San Francisco, which has a contractual relationship with IOA, and by donations by primarily Jewish foundations, such as Lisa and Matthew Chanoff, the Rose and Eugene Kleiner Family Foundation, the Koret Foundation, Bernard and Barbro Osher, and the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund.




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