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Red-Flag Over Controversial Gambling Attorney Howard Dickstein and Spouse Jeannine English

A red flag has been raised over Howard Dickstein and spouse Jeannine English, TLR has learned.

Sources with knowledge of the inquiry, speaking on condition of anonymity, maintain an
indifference YR raised a red-flag over both Dickstein and English due to the overall circumstances surrounding the sub-rosa transfer of whopping $780,000.00 from the California Bar Foundation, as well as Howard Dickstein fundraising activities in support of then Senator Barack Obama in 2008.


Senator Barack Obama addresses a rather small group of people at the Law Offices of Howard Dickstein and Mark Friedman in Sacramento, California. 8/08/07

As matters presently stand, it appears that Jeffrey Bleich -a founding member and co-chair of Obama’s national finance committee; Tony West –  Barack Obama’s Chair of California Finance Committee; Annette Carnegie — while associated with Morrison & Foerster, served as a board member of the California Bar Foundation during the period of the sub rosa transfer of the above-referenced $780,000; Chris Young — while associated with Morrison & Foerster, served as Barack Obama’s Northern California Deputy Finance Director; Kamala Harris — Co-Chair of Obama of America, and Jim Brosnahan — the self proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party” executed a sophisticated financial scheme to misuse the $780,000 originating from the Foundation of the State Bar of California by improperly transferring funds to Barack Obama’s coffers via a separate foundation created ad hoc by Morrison & Foerster dubbed CaliforniaALL. Specifically, Susan Mac Cormac and Eric Tate assisted with the legal aspects of creating the entity per instruction from Brosnahan

Since 2006, Jeannine English has served as a “public member” of the State Bar of California Board of Governors, an otherwise governmental entity primarily responsible to disciplining errant lawyers.  Despite allegations that Dickstein has committed countless acts of grave misconduct and ethical breaches, Dickstein has never been disciplined by the State Bar of California.  English’s appointment as a public member was courtesy of her California Democratic Party confederates who control California’s legislative branch.

The California Bar Foundation is maintained and controlled by the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California — which is largely comprised of California Democratic Party operatives such as “Shakedown Artist” Gwen Moore of Shrimpscam ; Jeannine English — the wife of controversial gambling attorney and Democratic Party operative Howard Dickstein; “Gay Godfather” Dennis Mangers; Democratic Party operative Joseph Lawrence Dunn (aka Joe Dunn) of Voice of OC; Nancy Fineman, a partner at the firm of Democratic party operative Joe Cotchett; and Jon Streeter, President of the California State Bar Board of Governors and a partner at the firm of Democratic Party operative John Keker —  former prosecutor of Oliver North — who now represents Howard Dickstein.

Per the sources, and in addition to the above, other suspicious and unsettling circumstances surrounding CaliforniaALL have caused some to speculate about the possibility that the quintet of Brosnahan/West/Young/Carnegie/Bleich was somehow involved in improperly transferring money from Cal Bar Foundation to Barack Obama’s coffers, via CaliforniaALL.

In particular, sources have referenced as examples of suspicious circumstances the false and misleading claim by CaliforniaALL that it was the force behind the creation of the Saturday Academy of Law at UC Irvine known as SAL UCI.  (This claim has been refuted by The Leslie Brodie Report.  Please see “The Make Believe Launching of SAL,” HERE).

The State Bar of California has been involved in numerous financial scandals, the most notable of which involved the prolonged embezzlement of close to $900,000 by employee Sherri Pearl (who many believed was in cahoots with Executive Director Judy Johnson) , as well as the scandal involving Geoffrey Brown (former CPUC Commissioner) and Judy Johnson, as a result of which close to $30 million in  fines and settlements the CPUC imposed on utility companies was funneled to the California Consumer Protection Foundation (“CCPF”), an entity for which Judy Johnson secretly served as its president.  From there, CCPF funneled most of the money to ACORN-like entities in South Los Angeles — Gwen Moore’s territory — and to an entity associated with Michael Shames in San Diego which is presently under grand jury investigation.

Seperataly,  sources close to the inquiry, speaking on condition of anonymity, maintain the multi-prong inquiry into Jon Streeter and Keker & Van Nest is rapidly expanding and encompasses broader inquiries than had been acknowledged, with “major breakthroughs” the sources describe as “alarming.”

More specifically, TLR has learned that special consideration is afforded to the examination of the relationship between Jon Streeter and the campaign for Barack Obama around 2007-2008, as well as subsequent actions (and/or lack thereof)  taken by Keker & Van Nest and Jon Streeter.

Jon Streeter of Keker & Van Nest -- Cal Bar Journal Article Re Fund Raising for Obama


Jim Brosnahan, Jon Streetr, Jeff Bleich







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