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Judicial Council Watcher on Diversity as Tool to Sabotage SEC Report ; Is Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig Assisting Keker & Van Nest and Client Dickstein to Sabotage Inquiry of Yolo County-Based Rabbi Into CaliforniaALL; Tony West Asked to Admit

You see, the AOC didn’t employ many african americans or latinos to begin with. So when the layoffs came down recently, african americans were disproportionately let go by huge percentage points. This was confirmed by one special AOC employee that submitted a comment about diversity with respect to the SEC report and unintentionally undermined all of the hard work of the Ministry of Truthiness, duly earning himself a position in Judicial Council Watcher’s Hall of Fame by accident no less.

Michael Roosevelt, please stand up and discuss AOC diversity.

Well as you were made aware in the last communique from the Alliance of California judges and the 10 news report, the Ministry of Truthiness is too busy with the budget cuts to talk to any television reporters but Leanne Kozak has the time to respond to the news report with a crock of B.S about telecommuting “facts” that would and should never apply to anyone like Todd Torr.

What is it that has the AOC’s Ministry of Truthiness so busy?

It would be untoward for judges and justices that sit on the judicial council and chair its various committees to come out and directly torpedo the SEC report to protect their own self-interests. The best alternative any media consultancy will tell you is to torpedo the SEC report by proxy so that your hands appear clean.  This is what currently has the Ministry of Truthiness and a few committee chairs and co-chairs on the judicial council so busy. They only have seventeen days left to torpedo this report so they’re pulling out all of the stops.

The Judicial Council and the AOC’s media arm has a considerable reach because they, much like us, have worked in media and communications. So the best thing they can do is get media coverage for outside opposition to the SEC report and get it airtime and web time. Get people all freaked out that implementing the SEC’s recommendations will cut off your access to the courts and lawyers, result in unfairness and give us a bunch of WASP judges.

Right now, they’re trying to sell this story in advance to their loyal media outlets. Meanwhile, the committee chairs, co-chairs and liaisons are enlisting the state bar members to torpedo the SEC report and create the very news that the AOC is trying to sell.




The great irony as you will note are the grounds chosen. Access, fairness and the diversity of our courts with the AOC leading by example. Oh the irony.  And we can thank Joe Dunn and the  the Judicial Council’s Access and Fairness Committee for being so willing to raise the alarm flag about access, fairness and diversity being at risk and needing to be preserved by the AOC’s people and programs.

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Is Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig Assisting Keker & Van Nest and Client Dickstein to Sabotage Inquiry of Yolo County-Based Rabbi Into CaliforniaALL – Potential Criminal Conduct by Tony West,Jeffrey Bleich, Kamala Harris,Chris Young? Tony West Asked to Admit! — Below:


Message from YR to Messrs. Jeff Reisig and Michael Cabral of Yolo County District Attorney, below:

At the time my property was seized in February 2012, your
investigators told me that your office would be making a copy of the
hard drive and then promptly return the items. That has not occurred
Also, by my estimate, the 140 day period from the execution of the
search warrant runs this week. Do you by any chance know when I will
get my property back?

The property is needed because months before you were contacted by Jon
Streeter, I had notified various authorities about myriad suspected
financial schemes and ethical breaches (i.e. matters involving In Re
Thomas Girardi, CCPF, Voice of OC, Howard Dickstein, Jeannine English,
Fogel vs. Farmers, CaliforniaALL, etc.).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has already contacted me twice
within the past few weeks seeking information, and I had no choice but
to inform them to expect delays. (mainly because of recent new
discoveries, and because your office is still in possession of
important evidence I had gathered which may criminally implicate Tony
West, Jeffrey Bleich, Kamala Harris, Geoffrey Brown, Joe Dunn, Jim
Brosnahan, Ruthe Catolico Ashley — a close personal friend of Chief
Justice Tani Cantil, Jon Streeter, and Jon Streeter’s associate from
Keker & Van Nest, Chris Young)

Also, please note that if and when the materials are returned , I ask
that special arrangement will be made. Simply put, the fact that Jon
Streeter asked your office to file criminal charges against me and
went to such lengths to ensure that a search warrant is executed, and
my suspicion that at least one of the investigators who were at my
home was from a separate agency (most likely Tom Layton), serves as
further proof that I have stumbled upon something important.

As such, after the execution of the search warrant I continued with
the inquiry only to unearth the suspected involvement of Tony West and
Jeffrey Bleich, and later Kamala Harris and Chris Young. As such,
since the stakes are high, I want to take all necessary precautions
and not use any computers which your office seized, and would like to
arrange for the materials to be returned to a computer shop at which I
will only copy various files, and will arrange for destruction of all
those computers that may have been infected with viruses, spywares,

Additionally, in the event that third parties came into possession of
any of the seized property or information (i.e. agents of California
Attorney General Kamala Harris or the State Bar of California, such
as Tom Layton), or any copies of the materials, please let me know.

Moreover, please note that due to the totality of the circumstances,
I am working under the assumption that the substantial monetary
payments clients of Howard Dickstein (Cache Creek Casino, Yocha Dehe
Tribe) contribute to your office interfered with your judgement.

Finally, this email is sent with a full reservation of all rights to
object in the future to the use of any of the materials and evidence
seized, including but not limited to objections as to various

Thank you for your cooperation.


Tony West asked to admit or deny the following by TLR, below:

Admit that you, Jeffrey Bleich, Kamala Harris, Annette Carnegie, and Jim Brosnahan had conspired to embezzle $ $774,247.00

Admit that your name is Derek Anthony West AKA D. Anthony West AKA Tony West.

Admit that your spouse is Ms. Maya Harris — sister of California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Admit that around 2007-2008 you were associated with the firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that around 2007-2008 one Chris J. Young was associated with the firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that around 2007-2008 one Annette Carnegie was associated with the firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that the self-proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party” is non other than James J. Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that you and James Brosnahan defended American Taliban John Walker Lindh.

Admit that you, Kamala Harris, Chris Young and Annette Carnegie are all African-American.

Admit that around 2007-2008 you served as Co-Chair of “Obama for America” California Finance Committee.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Chris J. Young served as “Obama for America” Northern California Deputy Finance Director.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Kamala Harris served as California Chair of “Obama for America”

Admit that around 2007-2008 Jeffrey Bleich founded and Co-Chaired “Obama for America”‘s National Finance Committee.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Annette Carnegie was a director with the California Bar Foundation.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Jeffery Bleich served as president of the State Bar of California and as director with the California Bar Foundation.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Susan Mac Cormac and Eric Tate of Morrison & Foerster created ad hoc sham non-profit entity CaliforniaALL.

Admit that around 2007-2008 the California Bar Foundation funneled “hush-hush” sub-rosa $ 774,247.00 to CaliforniaALL.

Admit that CaliforniaALL never acknowledged receipt of the approximate $774,247.00 from the California Bar Foundation in any of its publications.

Admit that the California Bar Journal and the Newsroom of the California Bar Foundation never acknowledged the largest grant ever bestowed.

Admit that Kamala Harris was part of CaliforniaALL.

Admit that subsequent to the election of Barack Obama, CaliforniaALL begun slowly but surely to dissolve itself.

Admit that the current president of the State Bar of California — Jon Streeter of Keker & Van Nest — is African-American.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Jon Streeter (similar to you, Kamala Harris, Jeffrey Bleich, and Chris Young) was also raising funds for “Obama for America.”

Admit that on June 2, 2007 you, Chris Young, Jeffrey Bleich, Jim Brosnahan, and Jon Streeter (as well as Jon Streeter’s spouse, Dorine) hosted a fundraising on behalf of “Obama for America.”

Admit that subsequent to his employment with Morrison & Foerster and “Obama for America,” Chris J. Young commenced employment with Keker & Van Nest.

Admit that from reading information posted “The Leslie Brodie Report” as well as from information a Yolo County-based Rabbi had submitted to the State Bar of California (including president Jon Streeter) you were under the wrong impression that some believed money from CaliforniaALL was misappropriated by Voice of OC.

Admit that prior to being appointed as Assistant Attorney General to Eric Holder, you and others desperately needed to know whether the aforementioned Rabbi was able to ascertain your involvement (as well as the involvement of Chris Young and Kamala Harris) in the scheme. As such, you had conspired with Keker & Van Nest, Jon Streeter and others to conceive yet a new scheme by which Jon Streeter would file a false criminal charges with Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig against said Rabbi for the purpose of confiscating his computers through the execution of a search warrant.

Admit that only subsequent to the execution of the search warrant , you were appointed third-in-command at the United States Department of Justice, and only as “Acting” Assistant Attorney General.

Admit that subsequent to your appointment as Acting Assistant Attorney General, and once your name appeared for the first time on The Leslie Brodie Report as potential wrongdoer, Keker & Van Nest immediately removed the name of Chris J. Young from its web-site.

Admit that the California Bar Foundation recently appointed Sonia Gonzales as its new executive-director as the prior executive-director had abruptly quit.

Admit that your spouse (Ms. Maya Harris) is a former co-worker and close friend of Sonia Gonzales.

Admit that Mr. Willie Brown had stated that he is your mentor.

Admit that Willie Brown is the ex-paramour of your sister-in-law, Kamala Harris.

Admit that John Keker of Keker & Van Nest is the mentor of your sister-in-law, Kamala Harris.

Admit that you, Lanny Breuer, and FBI Director Robert Mueller hope to somehow cover-up this scandal.

Admit that already in 2007-2008 then Senator Barack Obama was aware money was misappropriated from the California Bar Foundation to benefit “Obama for America”

In fact, admit that around 2007-2008 you, Jeffrey Bleich, Kamala Harris, Annette Carnegie, and Jim Brosnahan had conspired to embezzle and did if fact embezzle $774,247.00 from the California Bar Foundation to support “Obama for America”, via CaliforniaALL.


About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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