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Charles Horan — Founder of Alliance of California Judges — Hereby Asked to Admit or Deny Matters Re: United States Department of Justice Tony West, Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich and California Attorney General Kamala Harris

CaliforniaALL -- Team Barack Obama
CaliforniaALL– Team Barack Obama (L-R) USDOJ’s Tony West, Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, HUD’s Ophelia Basgal, Judy Johnson, Chris Young, Annette Carnegie, James Brosnahan, and Kamala Harris


Admit that around 2007-2008 James J. Brosnahan was associated with the firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that around 2007-2008 one Derek Anthony West AKA D. Anthony West AKA Tony West. was associated with the firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that around 2007-2008 one Chris J. Young was associated with the firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that around 2007-2008 one Annette Carnegie was associated with the firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that the self-proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party” is non other than Sir James J. Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Tony West served as Co-Chair of “Obama for America” California Finance Committee.



Admit that around 2007-2008 Chris J. Young served as “Obama for America” Northern California Deputy Finance Director.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Kamala Harris served as California Chair of “Obama for America”

Admit that around 2007-2008 Jeffrey Bleich founded and Co-Chaired “Obama for America”‘s National Finance Committee.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Annette Carnegie was a director with the California Bar Foundation.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Jeffery Bleich served as president of the State Bar of California and as director with the California Bar Foundation.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Susan Mac Cormac and Eric Tate of Morrison & Foerster created ad hoc sham non-profit entity CaliforniaALL.

Admit that around 2007-2008 the California Bar Foundation funneled “hush-hush” sub-rosa $ 774,247.00 to CaliforniaALL.


Admit that CaliforniaALL never acknowledged receipt of the approximate $774,247.00 from the California Bar Foundation in any of its publications.

Admit that the California Bar Journal and the Newsroom of the California Bar Foundation never acknowledged the largest grant ever bestowed.


Foundation News Room 2008 - Copy



Admit that Mr. Mario Camara served as president of the California Bar Foundation in 2008.

Admit that Ms. Leslie Hatamiya served as executive-director of the California Bar Foundation in 2008.

Admit that A joint letter published and signed by Camara and Hatamiya also made no mention of the hush-hush transfer.


Mario Camara 2008 Foundation - Copy



Admit that Kamala Harris was part of CaliforniaALL.

Admit that subsequent to the election of Barack Obama, CaliforniaALL begun slowly but surely to dissolve itself.

Admit that the current president of the State Bar of California — Jon Streeter of Keker & Van Nest — is African-American.

Admit that around 2007-2008 Jon Streeter (similar to Tony West, Kamala Harris, Jeffrey Bleich, and Chris Young) was also raising funds for “Obama for America.”


Jim Brosnahan, Jon Streetr, Jeff Bleich


Admit that on June 2, 2007 Tony West, Chris Young, Jeffrey Bleich, Jim Brosnahan, and Jon Streeter (as well as Jon Streeter’s spouse, Dorine) hosted a fundraising on behalf of “Obama for America.”

Admit that subsequent to his employment with Morrison & Foerster and “Obama for America,” Chris J. Young commenced employment with Keker & Van Nest.


 Keker & Van Nest - Elliot Peters -- Chris Young -- March 2012



Admit that subsequent to the appointment of Tony West as Acting Assistant Attorney General, and once his name appeared for the first time on The Leslie Brodie Report as potential wrongdoer, Keker & Van Nest immediately removed the name of Chris J. Young from its web-site.


 Keker & Van Nest /MIA Name of Chris Young


Admit that the California Bar Foundation recently appointed Sonia Gonzales as its new executive-director as the prior executive-director had abruptly quit.

Admit that the spouse of Tony West (Ms. Maya Harris) is a former co-worker and close friend of Sonia Gonzales.

Admit that Mr. Willie Brown had stated that he is the mentor of Tony West.

Admit that Willie Brown is the ex-paramour of Tony West’s sister-in-law, Kamala Harris.

Admit that John Keker of Keker & Van Nest is the mentor of Kamala Harris.

(L-R) John Keker, Kamala Harris, Maya Harris, Tony West and Willie Brown.  John Keker is a long time mentor of Kamala Harris who is the sister of Maya Harris who is married to Tony West who is  “mentee” of Willie Brown who is Kamala Harris’ former paramour. (Sources please see HERE and HERE and HERE)


Admit that executive-director of the State Bar of California (Ms. Judy Johnson) was part of CaliforniaALL –  which was in partnership agreement with the State Bar of California.

Admit that both United States District Court Judge Hon. Morrison England and his spouse Torie Flournoy-England were part of CaliforniaALL.




California ALL Advisory CouncilCalifornia ALL BOD



Admit that between 2008 – 2009 CaliforniaALL was housed Pro-Bono at the Law Offices of DLA Piper in Sacramento.




Admit that CaliforniaALL represented to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that in 2008 it had an expesne of $ 16, 457.00 for “Occupancy.”


Occupancy 990 of California ALL



Admit that CaliforniaALL funneled funds to the UCI Foundation, where executive-director of the State Bar of California — Voice of OC’s Joe Dunn — serves as member of the audit committee.


Senator Joseph Dunn


Admit that the UCI Foundation allegedly used the money to launch SALUCI — Saturday Academy of Law at UC Irvine around 2009.


SAL Our Work

Admit that Sarah Redfield alleges that between 2008 and 2009 she “launched” CaliforniaALL, participated in RFP, and “launched” the Saturday Academy of Law at U. C. Irvine.

Sara E. Redfield SAL


Admit the below photo was taken on January 24, 2007 during SALUCI visit to the Law Office of Allen Matkins.



SAL Visit to Allen Matkins

In 2007, UCISAL paid a visit to Allen Matkins. (See below.) TLR intentionally blurred the photo to maintain the students’ privacy. Seated on the right is Robert Hamilton. On the far right is Karina Hamilton, a former Allen Matkins associate, wife of Robert Hamilton, and Director of UCISAL.


Admit the below photo below was taken in 2005, when UCISAL group visited the law offices of Sheppard Mullin.





Admit that as matters presently stand, prima facie evidence creates the appearance of a sophisticated financial scheme executed in 2008 involving Democratic party operatives James Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster, Jeffrey Bleich of Munger Tulles & Olson (the current U.S. Ambassador to Australasia and friend of President Obama), Assistant Attorney General Derek Anthony West (aka Tony West), Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Chris Young, as well as others to misuse the $780,000 originating from the California Bar Foundation.

The California Bar Foundation is maintained and controlled by the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California — which is largely comprised of California Democratic Party operatives such as “Shakedown Artist” Gwen Moore of Shrimpscam ; Jeannine English — the wife of controversial gambling attorney and Democratic Party operative Howard Dickstein; “Gay Godfather” Dennis Mangers; Democratic Party operative Joseph Lawrence Dunn (aka Joe Dunn) of Voice of OC; Nancy Fineman, a partner at the firm of Democratic party operative Joe Cotchett; and Jon Streeter, President of the California State Bar Board of Governors and a partner at the firm of Democratic Party operative John Keker.

About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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