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Shrimpscam’s Gwen Moore, Howard Dickstein’s Spouse, Proxies of Democratic Party Operatives John Keker /Joe Cotchett, Silk-Mafia Godfather, Fraudster Susan Friery’s Ex Partner Are All Set to Vote on New State Bar of California President Amid Controversy

Members of the State Bar of California Board of Trustees (formerly known as the Board of Governors) will be casting ballots today to elect a new State Bar of California president.

According to California Bar Journal, the Board of Trustees will vote by secret ballot to determine whether Wells Lyman, Patrick Kelly or Loren Kieve will succeed Jon Streeter as president.

“There were so many problems when I was on the board that first year,” said Lyman, a past president of the San Diego County and Foothills bar associations who is in his third year on the Board of Trustees. “I’ve just seen the board move towards such progress that I want to be involved in it and see it through.”

“Shakedown Artist” Gwen Moore of Shrimpscam ; Jeannine English — wife of controversial gambling attorney and Democratic Party operative Howard Dickstein; “Gay Godfather” Dennis Mangers; Democratic Party operative Joseph Lawrence Dunn (aka Joe Dunn) of Voice of OC; Nancy Fineman — proxy of Democratic party operative Joe Cotchett; Gretchen Nelson of Kreindler & Kreindler — former business partner of fraudster Susan Friery; and Jon Streeter, President of the California State Bar Board of Governors and proxy of Democratic Party operative John Keker are among twenty-one members eligible to vote.

The casting of ballots comes on the heels of growing controversy surrounding embattled Streeter and attorney Chris Young — both of Keker & Van Nest. 

As public service to the community, TLR publishes an ethics complaint YR  recently submitted naming John Keker, Jon Streeter and Chris Young, below:



Dear Ms. Kim:

Please register a formal ethics complaint against Keker & Van Nest attorneys Chris Young (# 239518), Jon Streeter ( # 101970), and John Keker (# 49092) for conspiring to defraud myself and others through a failed attempt to conceal attorney Chris Young’s current employment with Keker & Van Nest.

Not surprisingly, just as I managed to unearth the potential involvement of Tony West in the scheme known as CaliforniaALL, respondents quickly arranged for the removal of Young’s profile from the web site of Keker & Van Nest (KVN.COM). Even to date, official records of The State Bar of California reflect that Chris Young is associated with Keker & Van Nest. However, this representation is not in agreement with misleading records found on KVN.COM.

Unfortunately, as matters presently stand, it appears that in 2008 Morrison & Foerster attorneys James Brosnahan (self-proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party.), Tony West (Barack Obama’s Chair of California Finance Committee), Chris Young (“Obama for America” Northern California Deputy Finance Director) and Annette Carnegie (former director with the California Bar Foundation) in conjunction with Kamala Harris (Co-Chair, Obama for America ; member of CaliforniaALL) , Jeffrey Bleich (president of the State Bar of California, director with the California Bar Foundation, founding member and Chair of Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee) may have executed a sophisticated financial scheme to misuse all or part of the “hush-hush” $780,000.00 originating from the California Bar Foundation by improperly transferring the money to Barack Obama’s coffers via a separate foundation created ad hoc by Susan Mac Cormac of Morrison & Foerster, CaliforniaALL.

In seeking to conceal Young’s present association with Keker & Van Nest, respondents were clearly motivated by the totality of the circumstances surrounding Young, especially around 2007-8. Specifically, similar to Tony West, Mr. Young was associated with Morrison & Foerster, as well as serving as Obama for America, Northern California Deputy Finance Director.

In addition, respondents’ zeal in seeking to conceal Young’s present association with Keker & Van Nest was also motivated by the totality of the circumstances surrounding a conspiracy by which members of the State Bar of California Board of Governors (including president Streeter) knowingly agreed to press false criminal charges against me with the Yolo County District Attorney alleging, among others, that an ethics complaint I had filed (dealing with CaliforniaALL – UC Davis law student Sara Granda) was “false and malicious.”

Since at the time members of the board of governors conspired to knowingly file false criminal charges (around January of 2012), they were operating under the assumption that my inquiry into CaliforniaALL was headed in the wrong direction (which it was), the identity and past actions of Chris Young were irrelevant. As a matter of fact, I myself was unaware of Chris Young, or his past involvements.

However, once I managed to unearth the identity of Tony West, respondents and members of the Board of Governors sought to further mislead myself and others in hope none would be able to unearth the identity of Young, including his past involvement with Morrison & Foerster (and by extension, CaliforniaALL) , his involvement with Obama for America, his current association with Keker & Van Nest, as well as his association with Jon Streeter (also a 2008 “bundler” for Obama for America). As such, Young’s profile was abruptly removed from KVN.COM for the additional purpose of covering-up members of the Board of Governors’ own misconduct.

In summary, respondents’ conspiracy to defraud by seeking to conceal Young’s association with Keker & Van Nest was motivated by:

1. An overall desire by Keker & Van Nest and respondents to suppress the truth concerning Young’s past involvement with Obama for America, Morrison & Foerster, and CaliforniaALL. Including , but not limited to, Jon Streeter own potential misconduct as “bundler” for Obama for America.

2. A specific desire by respondent Streeter and members of the Board of Governors to suppress the truth in order to cover-up their own misconduct.

Please note that pursuant to specific instructions and representations made by your office, this complaint is submitted through the use of electronic mail. In the event a new policy was implemented, please let me know ASAP, that I shall submit the complaint through the use of traditional mail.

Thank you for your time.


About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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