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JCW Assails California Deposed Chief Justice Ronald George, Mary Roberts (TLR Note: JCW Neglected to Mention George’s Confederates: Mark Leno, Mike Feuer, Bet Tzedek ; Kay Werdegar and Husband David Werdegar of Institute on Aging)

While there remains a significant presence of King George loyalists throughout the branch, we think it is safe to day that the so-called legacy of King George and his purported accomplishments amount to a 15 year game of three card monte. For every new central courthouse you open, several other courthouses will be closed down,  shuttered or fall into a state of unsafe disrepair due to a lack of  operating and maintenance  funds. We’ve shown just one example where millions were spent to fix a building and permitted to immediately fall into a state of disrepair. This is happening statewide. While Judges would get the benefit of salary increases and SBX211 exoneration, they would lose their ability to independently command the courtroom through a myriad of circumstance, relegating most to in-chamber mandatory settlement conferences and other tasks.

Thousands of court employees would lose their jobs serving the people in pursuit of funding the now failed legacy that is CCMS. Those in power wish to blame us for their failures, for if we just had remained silent and permitted them to siphon off up to 3 billion dollars to digitize every court record in the state, they would have been able to deliver to you the judicial nirvana of venue transparency.

There has been much discussion on this site, in comments on other sites and even in editorials referencing the man behind the curtain. Today’s Judicial Council, with a few notable and hopefully promising exceptions does not appear to deviate much from the Judicial Council of a few years ago. However, it is wholly conceivable that soon we might actually witness the assembly three dissenting votes! Huzzah! We’ve come a long way, baby!

While we no longer have people like Richard Huffman or King George sitting on the council openly insulting critics, I think it is important to note that they and others continue to remain the power brokers in Judicial Branch politics. Just appointed to the position of executive director of the AOC we have taking the helm the woefully under-qualified Mr. Steven Jahr who not too long ago basically indicated that judicial branch critics were so full of it that their eyes were brown. “But I did that as a private citizen” he tells us.

Nobody can investigate it, even though every major indicator is present going back for a dozen years. Nobody can prosecute it if no one can investigate it. Thus far, nobody has successfully argued the issues in any court of law and we all know it would be overturned by the “old court system” regardless of the decision anyways. This would only serve to paint the poor judge as a target for Judicial Council & power broker retaliation and AOC to court funding cuts.

What makes this all a fascinating story is that judges themselves cannot come out and say “Hey, that is illegal, unlawful or unconstitutional” so there exists this natural void between judges and mainstream media because if they are unwilling to say it, mainstream media is unwilling to investigate it. Yet you can and all have bared witness to all of the press and media building the media files of anecdotal evidence that all points to a series of  suspiciously monumental problems that are always solved by the time the media story breaks. Snapshots in time. New program management that is the same as the old program management. Situations resolved of actual impropriety by retaliating against those that brought it up. Software that works, just not in any court. $2,000.00 light bulbs, because your ignorance of real world maintenance costs permits it and they point out that you don’t understand.  And so on and so forth.

Would a few retired judges be able to outline the indictment, share it with the press and endure the fallout?

While the SEC report was a remarkable document, it is what it did not say that was as equally remarkable because it was largely composed by judges and justices. What we read in the SEC report with respect to Mary Roberts alone was carefully tiptoeing up to the line, thoroughly outlining the indictment in the most judiciously innocuous terms yet not being able to openly come out and say fire the b!

And it is because of this that Mary “The Lizard” Roberts is still there in the catbirds seat controlling outcomes by establishing and enforcing unwritten judicial branch policy much like any attorney for the mob would.

Imagine for a moment what a simultaneous report released by someone like, say, the Center for Investigative Reporting or Frontline might focus on if they were sitting in the same rooms and attending the same meetings and fact-finding sessions of the SEC committee.

Imagine how fast federal indictments would follow such a report. 

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Wendy Darling:

Case fixing at 455 Golden Gate Avenue? Sadly, not even surprising.

The State Legislature, or the Attorney General, of the U.S. Department of Justice, or any law enforcement agency, investigating the AOC for fraud or corruption? Now, THAT would be surprising. Given the Legislature’s, the Attorney General’s office, the U.S. Department of Justice’s, and law enforcement’s, demonstrated indifference over the last 4 or 5 years, however, to do any such thing, despite overwhelming evidence, chances are pigs will fly first and h*ll will freeze over – at the same time.

As they like to say at 455 Golden Gate Avenue: We can do whatever we want, because there’s no one to hold us accountable.

Long live the ACJ.


Legal Scholar Dan Dydzak:

Great commentary. Notwithstanding “past” fixing of cases, Mary Roberts and others will NOW be sued in a new lawsuit including RICO violations and a Class Action. Mel Belli, Esq. hired me and he would have done the same thing. Judges are already waking up across the state and elsewhere; where a judge or judges impermissibly and unethically talk with Ms. Roberts and/or Beth Jay and others to fix cases, a NEW Belliesque lawsuit is on its way. And it will be shortly filed and the U.S. Supreme Court will hear about it. I still believe that there are fair judges out there that do NOT want to continue the King George reign. And they are speaking out loud and clear. GET the legislature to either ABOLISH the AOC completely and start anew, or, in the alternative, CUT OFF THEIR FUNDING AND MONIES. Mary Roberts and company will not want to stick around when their fat paychecks are cut off. Again, Ms. ROBERTS knows that my lawsuit is coming–and since she is such an unethical attorney, she will be named as the FIRST DEFENDANT, then RONALD M. GEORGE et al.

Assemblyman CALDERSON should be contacted to abolish the AOC or cut off its funding. In fact,this weekend I will shoot off an email to his Chief of Staff asking him to do that. Mr. Jar, are you listening? Keep up the fight.



We’ve mentioned that some get appointed to the star chamber because they did something wrong or illegal and rather than face prosecution, they are selected as malleable tools to be used by the power brokers.

In our ongoing investigation of how some of these compromised players got to the star chamber, we’re working on the story that will illustrate how our favorite hockey puck, Judge Dave Rosenberg got there.










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