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Antonio Villaraigosa, Berkshire Hathaway, Jeffrey Bleich, Munger Tolles & Olson, Ronald Olson

TLR’s Inquiry Into Statements Re LGBT “Youth” by Bram Alden of Munger Tolles & Olson Headed By Charlie Munger and Ron Olson of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway – Part 3: Profile of ” Alliance” — LGBT Wing of LAYC – Again, No Mention of Bram

The LAYN Alliance mission is to build and sustain awareness and support from the LGBT community for our homeless youth, who comprise approximately 60% of youth participating in LAYN programs

To accomplish this mission, the committee hopes to hold ‘friend’ raising and ‘fund’raising events during the year.  The former will be to build community alliances, networks, and awareness of LAYN, it’s mission, purpose and the LAYN Alliance.  The latter to help raise funds to enhance and sustain the services provided by LAYN.



Leadership team of LAYN Alliance:

Mark Supper has over 20 years’ experience in the area of affordable housing, HIV/AIDS and program development for impoverished and low income individuals. Mark served as the Executive Director for Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing, building the first facility in the nation to address housing for low income elders. Mark was also Executive Director Habitat for Humanity and Foundation House Transitional Group, a facility whose mission was to transition individuals who were homeless and at risk of being homeless into permanent housing. Mark also served as Western Regional Director for Enterprise Community Partners to develop affordable housing; Vice President for the Autism Society of Los Angeles and Associate Executive Director with First Call For Help. Mark has collaborated with public and private entities, local government and community organizations.


Mark has been a leader in addressing the issues of equal rights, homelessness and poverty for all. Mark’s appearances on national television, as a guest speaker both domestically and internationally has given voice to the issues surrounding, youth, elders and human rights. He currently sits on a national round table for the Gay & Lesbian Task Force addressing the needs of LGBT elders. He has presented at the American Society on Aging Conference and numerous consortia throughout the country and internationally. Recently Mark was appointed to the planning committee for the California Statewide Conference on Healthy Aging.

Marquita S. Dorsey, Associate Executive Director

Marquita Dorsey joins LAYN with nearly thirteen years of experience working with non-profit agencies that serve youth that are gang involved or affiliated, youth living in disenfranchised communities, youth in foster care and system integrated youth. Marquita’s previous appointment with the Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development provided extensive experience with structuring appropriate services for youth that experience repeated trauma resulting from various environmental factors; furthermore, she has assisted agencies with developing appropriate processes toward service delivery for these youth. In addition, she also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work. As a volunteer and board member of local community organizations, Marquita is committed to supporting the growth and development of youth, specifically youth in transition. 


Angela Leonard, Director of Finance and Operations

Mayra Camarillo, Director of Administration

Mayra Camarillo has been with the Los Angeles Youth Network since 2001, and through her experience has filled many positions including Child Care Worker, Office Manager and now stands as the Director of Administration. Says Mayra,  “It has been very rewarding working for the Los Angeles Youth Network especially witnessing all the youth’s accomplishments despite their current circumstances.  I feel honored to work for such a great organization as the Los Angeles Youth Network.“





Dr. Brian Coughlin, Clinical Director

?Dr. Coughlin joins LAYN with over ten years of experience working with high-risk populations in Atlanta, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles. Before joining the LAYN team, Dr. Coughlin gained extensive experience working in hospitals, clinics, schools and shelters. At LAYN he oversees the case management team, supervises interns, and provides psychotherapy for the youth in the transitional living facility. Dr. Coughlin holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and specializes in working with diverse populations and youth.



Ann McConville, Director of Compliance

Ann McConville has been with the Los Angeles Youth Network since January 2009, starting as a case manager at the Beachwood Group Home.  She has received both her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in the field of Social Work and has experience working in its many different fields, including: the homeless youth/adult population, long-term health care and law and social work.  During her time at LAYN she has also covered such positions as the Taft House case manager, the WOOW Independent Living Program case manager and the Director of Case Management.  Due to her great organizational skills, attention to detail and vast knowledge of program functioning, she was recently promoted to a new agency position as the Director of Compliance.  In this position, Ann will be in charge of making sure the agency is complying with all contracts and grants as well as incorporate quality assurance into the day to day functioning of the various programs.


Ena Volic, Director of Education and Enrichment

Bringing 5 years of experience with inner city youth, Ena Volic has created a comprehensive educational program addressing the unique needs and situations of LAYN’s youth. Together with her team, Ena is responsible for educational standards and enrichment activities in addition to vital life skills and employment training. Ena joins LAYN with hands-on experience in the field of urban education and second language acquisition. She holds a Masters of Education and has worked as a Teach for America teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition to her teaching experience, Ena has worked as an Instructional Coach and has experience with program development, curriculum building and professional development.


Jessica Witt, Director of Community Relations

Jessica Witt is campaign director of Los Angeles Youth Network’s street team. In this position, she manages a team that is devoted to raise awareness of the crisis of youth homelessness in Los Angeles. She has had a long time passion in helping the homeless. Jessica has worked with the CEO of the interagency council to help those in need in her home town before moving to Los Angeles. Says Jessica, “I was completely blown away by the fact that LA is the nation’s capital of homelessness, so I definitely wanted to do something about it. I did a lot of research and found LAYN.” She has been with the organization since 2009.




About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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