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LIST OF UC BERKELEY FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES (TLR Note: Notice name of Freada Kapor Klein AKA Freada Klein of Sham Non-profit CaliforniaALL which was unearthed as tool to financially support “Obama for America”; Married to Mitch Kapor of 435 Howard

Board of Trustees


Khalid A. Y. Z. Alireza
William F. Ausfahl
Edward D. Baker III
Maria C. Banatao
Dwight L. Barker
Frank E. Baxter
Richard H. Beahrs
Robert B. Beim
D. Clayton Bentley II
Mark A. Bertelsen

Mark Biestman
Robert J. Birgeneau
William K. Bowes, Jr.
James W. Bruner Jr.
Laura Burton Capps
Susan C. Chamberlin
Anthony Y. Chan
Jeffrey C. F. Chan
Lister T. S. Chang
Earl F. Cheit

Richard Y. Chen
Li-chiang Chu
Karen L. Clancy
Kathleen G. Correia
David Corvo
Karen W. Dabby
Frithjof J. Dale
Nathaniel E. David
David L. desJardins
Marc J. Desoer

James S. Fetherston
William S. Floyd
H. Gifford Fong
Pamela P. Fong
Gary A. Freedman
David A. Friedman
Howard Friesen
Michael M. Garland
Jonathan M. Glaser
Andrew Goldfarb

Douglas E. Goldman
Catherine Hutto Gordon
Richard L. Greene
Joseph E. Griffin
Kathryn Walt Hall
Harry L. Hathaway
Clifford H. Higgerson
Rick Holmstrom
Thomas R. Hornaday
John F. Hotchkis

Bradford R. Howard
Grant M. Inman
Jeffrey A. Jacobs
Proverb G. Jacobs Jr.
Stacy Bracken Jacobs
Kevin M. Johnson
S. Allan Johnson
Stephen F. Keller
David E. Kepler II

Freada Kapor Klein
James M. Koshland
Wanda M. Kownacki
Kathy A. Kwan
Robert J. Lalanne
Katherine S. Lau
Nicole E. Lederer
Doris S. Lee
Georgia Lee
John S. Lewis

Charlene Conrad Liebau
Lester John Lloyd
Nancy K. Lusk
Elizabeth G. Lutz
Irving F. Lyons III
Colleen C. McAndrews
Jeffrey A. McDermott
Thomas K. McKissick
James McManis
Thomas D. Mead

Alan C. Mendelson
Jane Metcalfe
Carol M. Meyer
George A. Miller
Joon S. Moon
Judith C. Moorad
William B. Morrish
Noel W. Nellis
Robert G. O’Donnell
Nancy S. Olson

Maureen A. Orth
David H. Osborne
Barbro S. Osher
Richard K. Palmer
Jay L. Paxton
Edward E. Penhoet
Anne Baxter Perrin
Edward H. Peterson
J. Leighton Read, M.D.
David L. Redo

Mark J. Robinson
Pamela H. Rosenberg
Andrea Roth
Andrew T. Rudd
Glen L. Ryland
Theodore J. Saenger
Shirley A. Sanderson
Richard V. Sandler
Rummi A. Sarin
John E. Scharffenberger

Thomas C. Schneider
Michelle J. Schwartz
James C. Sha
Steven M. Shafran
Christopher G. Silbermann
Stephen M. Silberstein
Arnold N. Silverman
Barclay Simpson
Carol F. Spieker

Richard E. Steiny
Carl J. Stoney Jr.
Diana S. Strandberg
Myron G. Sugarman
Ronald K. Tanemura
Nadine M. Tang
Alfredo Terrazas Jr.
Katharine Wallace Thompson
Michael Torres

Charles N. Travers
Cheryl Ann Valentine
James D. A. van Hoften
Judy L. Wade
David B. Walrod
Judy C. Webb
Ramsay Wiesenfeld
H. Michael Williams
Sheryl L. Wong
Michael C. Wood

Laura Wen-yu Young
Lea K. Zaffaroni
Theo S. Zaninovich
Midge Zischke

Ex Officio Trustees

Sandy Barbour, Director, Athletics
Gibor Basri, Vice Chancellor, Equity and Inclusion
Henry Brady,  Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy
George W. Breslauer, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Janet Broughton, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs and Faculty Welfare
Anthony Cascardi, Dean of the Arts and Humanities, College of L&S
Jefferson Coombs, Executive Director, California Alumni Association
Edward J. Denton, Vice Chancellor, Facilities Services
Sam Davis, Interim Dean, School of Social Welfare

Christopher Edley, Jr., Dean, Berkeley Law
Graham Fleming, Vice Chancellor for Research
J. Keith Gilless, Dean, College of Natural Resources
Tom Goldstein, Interim Dean, Graduate School of Journalism

Carla A. Hesse, Dean of Social Sciences, College of L&S
Robert Jacobsen, Chair, Berkeley Division, Academic Senate

Catherine Koshland, Vice Provost, Teaching, Learning, Academic Planning and Facilities
Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Thomas C. Leonard, University Librarian, The Library
Dennis Levi, Dean, School of Optometry
Judith Warren Little, Dean, Graduate School of Education
Vishalli Loomba, President, ASUC

Richard K. Lyons, Dean, Walter A. Haas School of Business
G. Steven Martin, Interim Dean of the Biological Sciences, College of L&S
Richard A. Mathies, Dean, College of Chemistry
Mark A. Richards, Executive Dean, College of L&S; Dean, Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Lawrence Rinder, Director, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Shankar Sastry, Dean, College of Engineering
AnnaLee Saxenian, Dean, School of Information
Stephen M. Shortell, Dean, School of Public Health

Tyler E. Stovall, Dean of the Undergraduate Division, College of L&S
Andrew Szeri, Dean, Graduate Division
Matias Tarnopolsky, Director, Cal Performances
John Wilton, Vice Chancellor, Administration & Finance

Jennifer Wolch, Dean, College of Environmental Design
Diana Wu, Dean, University Extension
Frank D. Yeary, Vice Chancellor


About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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