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Ben and Shauna Pilgreen of San Francisco’s Epic Church at 543 Howard Revisited — Church Launched on Barack Obama’s Inaaguration Day — YR Alleges to Mask Fingerprints of Kapor/OSAP/CaliforniaALL/Obama for America

ben could be still only so long –


i could for too long.
so together, we went out on the boats


our favorite meal? sushi.

Ben Pilgreen

Lead Pastor

Tim Milner

Executive Pastor

Brad Keel

Worship Pastor

Lindsey Lee

Director of City Life

Ben Lee

Director of Media



Furnishing Epic’s New Space at 543 Howard  source:

We are so excited about moving into our new space.  To make our space ready, we are going to have to buy quite a few things we haven’t needed before.  This is due to the fact that the W Hotel provided many of the things that we must now provide ourselves.  It is also due to the fact that our new space was set up for office use, not so much for a church.  I would love for you to consider giving towards the 543 Howard Fund.  Listed below, you will see the categories of things we’re going to have to purchase and what each area will cost.  You can see giving instructions at the bottom of this page.  Thanks so much for making an investment in Epic Church.

Chairs: $14,533.75

This includes the manufacturing and shipping costs for 230 chairs.  Each chair comes out to a little over $60.  The W Hotel gave us chairs to use while we were meeting there.  We must provide our own chairs in this new space.

Staging: $6,575.00

The W Hotel provided a stage to use while we were meeting there.  We must provide our own stage in this new space.

Audio/Visual: $17,620.00

To turn this office space into church space, we have to convert the current lighting system in the main room.  Because this space has different dimensions than our space we have been using, we must also order new display screens.  We must provide sound panels to help out with the acoustics in the room.

Epic Kids: $3,500.00

We are purchasing a video monitor system for security purposes for our kids ministry.  We are also purchasing TV screens for two of the kids rooms in which we will be using DVD curriculum.  We will also be adding whiteboards for each room, a changing table, storage shelves, and other items to make these rooms kid-friendly.

Supplies/Signage: $2,000.00

Because we have our own space now, there are certain supplies we’ll have to buy for the first time (vacuum cleaner, other cleaning supplies, plunger, coffee maker, trash cans, etc.).  We will also be ordering new signage that will help direct people where to go.  This also includes a wall sign in our new lobby that indicates the space belongs to Epic Church.

Giving Instructions

Giving by Check: Please be sure to put what it’s for in the memo line. Make checks payable to Epic Church and mail to:

Epic Church
PO Box 77604
San Francisco, CA 94107





Saturday, May 19, 2012




how to enjoy the island of oahu all while encouraging a future church planting family:


say goodbye to routine as you know it.



say aloha to an island and culture where being laid back isn’t viewed as negative, 
rather viewed as a value.


see the island from a local’s point of view, rather than a tourist’s point of view.
henry’s place has been moved around as commercialism has taken over waikiki. yet he still makes homemade fresh fruit ice cream served in styrofoam cups in the back room of his small store tucked in the shadow of donald trump’s hotel. 



stay on your time zone and wake up long before the rest of the island. this gives you the beaches and the roads to your exploring. 


rent a jeep online before you go. it’s the same rate as a midsize car, but way more fun. we both were happy. ben got to tour the island with the top off and i got my sun that way instead of laying dormant on the beach. 




we were told to hike diamondhead but it was closed the week we were there. so we drove along the windward side of the island. 


walk along sandy beach park where the waves crash against the mighty rock.


drive to the north shore where the surfers hang and wait for the perfect wave. they say they’re much higher in january. 


collect sea glass. that’s the only treasure from the beach you can legally bring home. 


every few minutes, stand still wherever you find yourself on the island and take in His creation. every mountain, every wave, every coral reef is alive and under His submission.


A Little About our Adoption





the timeline as it happens:


November 2011-January 2012: Praying and seeking about our family’s involvement with adoption


April 4.2012: Filled out international adoption registration online


April 12.2012: Filled out AWAA paperwork; paid $300 application fee


April 24.2012: Called and had questions answered by AWAA


May 4.2012: Approved for India adoption program with AWAA


May 5.2012: Paid initial placement fee of $2200


May 4-6.2012: We share with our family about this great news


May 13.2012: We share with our church family about our adoption


May 19.2012: Wrote our 2-4 page autobiographies

May 19.2012: Signed international adoption disclaimer
May 19.2012: Signed adoption agreement
May 19.2012: Signed duty of candor
May 19.2012: Signed financial disclosure statement
May 19.2012: Signed clearance questionnaire, each of us
May 19.2012: Filled out verification of residency


May 20.2012: Filled out and signed letter of guardianship


May 21.2012: Sent off for birth certificates (ordering Ben’s BC $47.95, Shauna’s BC $22)

May 21.2012: Sent off for marriage certificate ($41.36)
May 21.2012: Obtained employment verification letter from Epic Church.


May 22.2012: Accomplished live scan fingerprinting ($178)


May 25.2012: Received Ben’s birth certificate


May 28.2012: Signed reading agreement after choosing 5 books we         will read.


May 28.2012: Ordered 3 books from our list from amazon. Checked one out from the local library. Borrowed one from friend.


May 29.2012: Paid $2889 for home study and travel fee
May 29.2012: Gathered copy of marriage license, insurance cards, most recent tax documents (for past two years – first and last pages) and birth certificates


June 1.2012: Physicals complete and form notarized (Shauna $789; Ben $699; notary $20)


June 4.2012: Received letter of guardianship from family 


June 11.2012: Received our marriage certificate


June 30.2012: Completed the first home study – a walk around the house and get-to-know you with social worker


July 5.2012: Paid $195 for Hague online training


July 6.2012: Started watching the 10 hours of Hague online training videos


July 11.2012: Boys had their physicals


July 14.2012: Completed the second home study – interview with us and the kids by same social worker


July 15.2012: Wow! Finished our 10 hours of Hague online training


July 21.2012: Completed the third and final home study 


July 27.2012: Received finalized and approved home study from AWAA

August 1.2012: AWAA sought to register us with CARA (India’s adoption authority). We were one of the 100 applicants they received this month.

August 6.2012: Mailed USCIS I-800A form through Fed EX ($890+ $36)

August 8.2012: Mailed birth certificates, marriage certificates to be apostilled ($62.90)

August 13-15.2012: Mailed adoption packets; Posted adoption fundraising on blog ($250 for postage and printing)

August 22.2012: It’s official! We are registered and approved to adopt in India.

September 4.2012: We received our orphanage match! Northwest India.

September 5.2012: 12 documents notarized ($120); Overnighted marriage certificate to GA ($38.17); Police Clearance Letters/Mobile Notary ($50).

September 10.2012: We received apostilled marriage license in from Secretary of State in GA.

September 10.2012: USCIS biometrics (fingerprinting) appointment for us here in our city.

September 11.2012: Ben drove to Sacramento to get all of our documents (17) apostilled (state seal by the Secretary of State of California). ($382)

September 11.2012: Shauna made 365 copies of the completed dossier. ($38)

September 12.2012: Mailed dossier to AWAA, overnighted through FedEx. (dossier submission = $7,335)



our family – me, ben, elijah, sam, and asher have the capacity to love another. 


two of our said purposes as a family are to share our joy-filled home and to embark daily on this faith adventure.


so once again, hand in hand, all five of us, step out in faith to pursue the heartbeat of God. 
His heart beats passionately for the orphans.
mine and ben’s hearts are heavy and stirring.
in prayerful obedience we pursue adoption.
with our three boys at our side we trust God.


a girl.
american world adoption.


we seek to do for this child what God has done through Christ for us all – He calls us His very own.


we seek to pour into her life, to invest in her life.


we seek to love her as our own. 


we seek to give her a home within our home. 
to invite her in as family. as our daughter.


for me, i long to embrace the honor of nurturing this precious girl to know her value and worth in Jesus Christ.


for ben, he looks forward to seeing her respond to being loved to pieces by all 5 of us. he can’t wait to be a dad to this sweet princess.


for our boys, they are happy to have another sibling. to have a Pilgreen girl. to teach her baseball. to demonstrate kindness delicately.


many uncertainties encompass this journey.
many what ifs. 
we’ve never pursued adoption. this is a first.
india is a pilot program for awaa. 
they have unanswered questions.
how long?
how old will she be?
what is her story as of now?


our story together is infused with faith.
faith that she has someone who loves her deeply and is coming for her.
faith that we will pursue God’s heart daily as He directs our steps towards her.
we live on different continents today.
but soon, our lives will be shared under one roof. 


until then, we invite you into the story.
you’ve walked with us in prayer and support to start a church in san francisco. 
He’s been faithful.
walk with us some more. to india and back.








Mitchell KaporFreada Kapor Klein 

(L) Mitch Kapor, confederate of FBI’s Shrimpscam Gwen Moore and Judy Johnson, recently dubbed “Michael Shames of Northern California” because of a propensity to operate through a foundation, and than some. For example, in 2008, the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF)– a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by Mitch Kapor whose purpose was to effect widespread adoption of free software/open-source software — was purposefully used to effect political propaganda on behalf of “OBAMA FOR AMERICA.” Presently, both he and his spouse, CaliforniaALL director Freada Kapor Klein(R), are under extreme scrutiny in connection with the unsettling financial transactions involving the California Bar Foundation and CaliforniaALL. (image:courtesy)

Mitch Kapor's Open Source Applications Foundation Phone Banking to Swing States for Obama


CaliforniaALL’s Kamala Harris of OBAMA FOR AMERICA visits the Kapor Center located at 543 Howard Street in San Francisco.


Bettina Neuefeind
In 2008, serving as San Francisco “office-manager” of OBAMA FOR AMERICA was Bettina Neuefeind, shown above at “The Kapor Center.” Neuefeind is married to Larry Lessig — a known confederate of Mitch Kapor. (image:courtesy)





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