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Monica Walsh — Owner of Manika Jewelry and Friend of Bettina Neuefeind — Hereby Asked to Comment on Matters Relating to Peculiar Involvement with Two Non-Profit Entities Known as Democracy Fund, Inc.

Monica Walsh
Joe Trippi Lester LessigAaron Swartz
In March 2008, Larry Lessig, Joe Trippi, Aaron Swartz, and Manika Jewelry’s Monica Walsh launched a Section 501(C)(4) non-profit entity known as “Change Congress.” Simultaneously, they also launched a Section 501(C)(3) non-profit entity known as “Change V2 Foundation,” the purpose of which was to fund-raise on behalf of and financially support “Change Congress.” Prior to the 2009 relocation to Manika Jewelry’s store, both Change Congress and Change V2 Foundation were conveniently housed at The Kapor Center, located at 543 Howard St., 5th. Floor, in San Francisco. From left are Monica Walsh, Joe Trippi, Larry Lessig, and Aaron Swartz. (image: courtesy photo)

Consistent with The Leslie Brodie Report’s commitment to integrity and adherence to the highest level of ethical journalism, and in order to report on both sides of a controversy while affording those involved the opportunity to comment, Manika Jewelry’s Monica Walsh of Change Congress / Change V2 Foundation hereby asked to comment on peculiar phenomenon by which she was concurrently involved with two separate non-profit entities known as Democracy Fund, Inc.

In 2010 Larry Lessig,  Manika Jewelry’s Monica Walsh, and others launched a whole new Section 501(C) non-profit entity known as “Democracy Fund, Inc.”  — EIN 27-2439840

Larry Lessig and Monica Walsh Democracy Fund Inc of MA


Strangely, on 6/6/2011 Larry Lessig, Manika Jewelry’s Monica Walsh, and others caused Change V2 Foundation (which was launched in 2008) to also operate under the name “Democracy Fund, Inc.” — EIN 26-3088283

Chane V2 Foundation Name Change to Democracy Fund Inc




Mitch Kapor
Mitchell Kapor, the spouse of CaliforniaALL’s Freada Klein Kapor and overseer of the many foundations and businesses housed at The Kapor Center, located at 543 Howard St., 5th. Floor, in San Francisco. Although other potential explanations certainly exist, as matters presently stand, it appears that operatives participated in what appears to be a sophisticated financial scheme to misuse the California Bar Foundation and non-profit entity CaliforniaALL as a vehicle to embezzle and launder funds originated from major utility companies and the California Bar Foundation to push for the election of Barack Obama in general, and on behalf of those seeking to promote green energy in particular.  Presently, viewed as potential wrongdoers are Jeffrey Bleich, Ron Olson, Brad Phillips (of Munger Tolles & Olson) John Roos and Mark Parnes (of Wilson Sonsini) James Brosnahan, Tony West, Chris Young, Annette Carnegie (of Morrison & Foerster) Steven Churchwell (of DLA Piper in Sacramento) Kamala Harris and Freada Klein Kapor of CaliforniaALL.(Image:courtesy photo)

Bettina NeuefeindMitch Kapor's Open Source Applications Foundation Phone Banking to Swing States for Obama
Bettina Neuefeind (on right) — spouse of Larry Lessig and office manager of OBAMA FOR AMERICA in San Francisco — shown above at The Kapor Center, located at 543 Howard St., 5th. Floor, in San Francisco. During the 2008 presidential election, the phone banks situated at The Kapor Center and generally used to fund-raise on behalf of the many foundations located there, were additionally used to contact potential voters and encourage them to vote for then candidate Barack Obama.(image: courtesy)

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