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Molly Munger — Daughter of Charlie Munger — calls Jerry Brown’s ads ‘utterly deceptive,’ plans to counter

Accusing Gov. Jerry Brown of running “utterly deceptive” ads in his campaign to raise taxes, Molly Munger said on a Los Angeles TV show this morning that her own tax campaign will air television ads making a “distinction” between her measure and Brown’s.

Munger, the chief proponent of Proposition 38, said on NBC 4’s “News Conference” that a series of ads released by Brown last week unfairly cast his initiative, Proposition 30, as the most helpful for schools.

“It is utterly deceptive,” she said. “And so you really can’t be in a situation where 30, which is really a budget patch, is going around saying that it’s the schools initiative, when we – who are really the schools initiative – you know, are being asked not to say anything.”

Munger said, “If you’re going to say that you’re something you’re not, we do have to say, ‘Well, actually, that’s not the case.'”

Munger, a civil rights attorney, has spent more than $30 million on her measure. Her brother, Republican physicist Chalres Munger Jr., has donated $23 million to a committee that aims to beat Brown’s measure and pass an anti-union campaign finance measure.

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