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Alliance of California Judges Assails Tani Cantil-Sakauye Selective Selection Process (TLR Note: Diversity Anyone? Notice Persistent Presence of Nefarious Dave Rosenberg of Yolo County Superior Court)

It should come as no surprise that when a working group is formed (the Judicial Council and the AOC’s favorite sleight-of-hand gesture at addressing anything) that it would be the loyal soldiers of the Chief Justice that would be getting the nod to speak with one voice. Most of these loyalists have been in the judicial branch for less than 10 years themselves so they have an ideal point of reference to make recommendations and discuss the impact on a law that is 15 years old.

While we feel that such a group has no relevance at the discussion table because they lack a frame of reference, apparently our Chief Justice feels differently.

Of course, items that probably won’t come up for discussion are things like committing 1.8 billion dollars to one courthouse over the course of 35 years while two dozen other courthouses and well over 200 courtrooms are mothballed across the state.

Maybe they will not bring up how hundred thousand dollar embezzlements in the AOC go unprosecuted and how that might affect judicial branch efficiencies by sending a clear, unambiguous message that anything goes with the publics money.

Or maybe they will not bring up how centralization has brought us $2,000.00 light bulbs, $409.00 clock batteries and unlicensed contractors maintaining every courthouse from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. But they weren’t really unlicensed. A sham lawsuit wherein if they lose, they are innocent of the crime and if they win, they are guilty of committing numerous crimes proved that!

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October 16, 2012Dear Members and Others,

We include an article by reporter Cheryl Miller concerning the creation by the Governor of a working group which will evaluate the 15-year-old State Trial Court Funding Act.

The Chief Justice has selected the following justices, judges and others to represent the judicial branch on this committee: Justice Harry Hull, Los Angeles attorney Angela Davis, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Emilie Elias, Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Mary Ann O’Malley, Yolo County Superior Court Judge David Rosenberg and Santa Clara Superior Court Executive Officer David Yamasaki. You should note that all of these appointees are also current hand-selected members of the Judicial Council.

Since the demise of the AOC E-News we believe it is important to keep you apprised of current events affecting the judicial branch. Please feel free to forward this along to your colleagues.

Directors, Alliance of California Judges


As mentioned recently, following on the heels of allegations of duplicity and manipulations by Judge Dave Rosenberg of Yolo County Superior Court, Judicial Council Watcher now promises to further expose his past misdeeds.

Specifically, Judicial Council Watcher stated: “We’ve mentioned that some get appointed to the star chamber because they did something wrong or illegal and rather than face prosecution, they are selected as malleable tools to be used by the power brokers. In our ongoing investigation of how some of these compromised players got to the star chamber, we’re working on the story that will illustrate how our favorite hockey puck, Judge Dave Rosenberg got there. “

Recently, Judge Daniel Goldstein of San Diego commented with some disbelief on the judges who voted for supporting reform.  He called Rosenberg’s methodology for counting the vote “erroneous.”

Commentators on Judicial Council Watcher were similarly taken aback by Rosenberg’s antics. The OBT wrote: Judge Rosenberg aka Judge Rosenblab , who our CJ appointed to the JC is out only for himself. His misuse of his position as Chair of the Presiding Judges group is “transparent” . Thanks to Presiding Judges Earl,Ellsworth and Judge Goldstein for seeking to do what is right and calling him on his blatant attempts at obfuscation. Said obfuscation only allows the JC to delay the reforms the SEC report makes clear are necessary.The bottom line is we need to implement the SEC report recommendations and move on to see that the branch works for the benefit of the public we serve.We need to pass 1208 and democratize the JC to avoid the mess we are now mired in.



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