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Dr. Joseph Zernik Thanks Yolo County-Based Rabbi (“YR”)

Please thank the Yolo Rabbi on my behalf for the information.I was trying for a long time to figure out, who in fact controls Sustain corporation.

Please also inform the Rabbi and all my other contacts in California and beyond that I am at present in Barcelona, for about a month, having a good time and getting a lot of work done.
I presented papers, which were subjected to especially rigorous peer-review by academic scholars (I guess because of the sensitivity of the matters and the preposterous claims made), then published by Data Analytics.

Joseph Zernik, PhD

Professor Joseph Zernik, D.M.D. PhD. (AKA Doc Zernik) a critic of dishonest and ineffectual US banking regulation, he alleged tight relationship between the current Financial/Integrity Crisis and widespread corruption of the US justice system.

Previously, the often vacationing doctor joined us over the net, and we shall publish selected part of the fascinating interview, below:

TLR: Doc Zernik, Good Morning, thank you for joining us.

DZ: Thank you Leslie, good morning to you as well.

TLR: The rampant corruption of the state and US courts is fully documented from coast to coast, thanks to your endless efforts. However, and as you stated, studying and quantifying corruption remains difficult. Regardless, it is estimated that Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles Superior Court remain one of the most corrupt in the nation, and we were hoping you can help us understand why such is the case?

DZ: Los Angeles County was notoriously corrupt already in the early 20th century, during the “Water Wars,” remembered by the public primarily through the movie Chinatown. In 2006, the Blue Ribbon Review Panel published its report, following a 3-year study. The report opined that corruption in Los Angeles County at that time (2006) was higher than during the Water Wars. The report also pointed out specifically the LASC as a key to the corruption.

TLR: The question, why Los Angeles, and not San Diego or Sacramento? What is so unique about Los Angeles?

DZ: A surge took place beginning in 1982 with the Iran-Contra Scandal. It was a key period in corruption of the LASC. During the period between 1982 to 1995, federal agencies engaged in wholesale trafficking and distribution of cocaine in LA County. Local and state law enforcement, as well as the courts, had to collude in such corruption, which effectively designated Los Angeles County as an extra-constitutional zone.

In the aftermath of Iran-Contra, LAPD and some federal agencies continued to control and profit from drug trade in LA, as documented in reports from the Rampart Scandal – the largest court corruption scandal in the history of the United States. However, following their conduct during the Iran-Contra Scandal, federal agencies were not ready, willing, and able to address corruption of the LAPD and the LASC. Therefore, they left the corrupt LAPD, DA, and LASC to investigate, prosecute, and adjudge themselves. The outcome was a cover up, with the resulting ongoing false imprisonment of thousands of Rampart FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons).

The public and media ignored the corruption, since they it pertained primarily to the criminal courts, and the victims were almost exclusively blacks and Latinos. However, whoever thought that the same judges could be corrupt in the morning in a criminal case, and honest in the afternoon in a civil case, must have been deluded.

TLR: Any other factors?

DZ: It is claimed that already in the late 1990’s the LASC moved on from control of the drug trade to real estate and financial institution fraud as its core business. It is claimed that it was the synergy between the two corrupt organizations – LASC and Countrywide – that created the “epicenter of the epidemic.”

The current financial crisis in its core reflects widespread corruption of the US justice system, and the breakdown of any semblance of due process in deprivation of life, liberty and property.

TLR: It has been fascinating communicating with you,

DZ: Thanks. It was great to be here.


About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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