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Three-Card Monte Game Over as John Keker and Diverse Proxies Jon Streeter, Chris Young Reinstate Profile of OBAMA FOR AMERICA Chris Young on Keker & Van Nest Website

Three-card Monte, also known as the Three-card marney, Three-card trick, Three-Way, Three-card shuffle, Menage-a-card, Triplets, Follow the lady, Les Trois Perdants (French for Three Losers), le Bonneteau, Find the lady, Bola bola or Follow the Bee is a confidence game in which the victim, or mark, is tricked into betting a sum of money, on the assumption that they can find the money card among three face-down playing cards. It is the same as the shell game except that cards are used instead of “shells”.  (Source: )

3 card monty

These old school hustlers brought out the 3 Card Monty setup and got this dude for his grip. This is a variation on the ‘shell game’ where a pebble is hidden under a shell and the confidence man managing the game moves the pebble around discreetly so that you never correctly guess the shell it is under. (Image and nerrative credit: )

gambling pictures

The tosser shows the player all three cards. So is there any way to win these games? In most cases, no — the games are rigged so you can’t win. (credit:  )

Three Card Monte in Las Vegas

There was the three card monte on the pavement. (source: )

Just put down 3% and you’ll make a fortune (source:  )


Chris Young of Keker & Van Nest (image: courtesy)

Christopher Jacob Young, commonly known as “Chris Young,” is currently listed on the State Bar of California’s database as an associate with Keker & Van Nest. Around 2007-2008, Mr. Young was an associate at Morrison & Foerster.

Christopher Young -- Morrison & Foerster 2008

Around 2007-2008, Mr. Young served as “Northern California Deputy Finance Director” for OBAMA FOR AMERICA.   Dereck Anthony West, who goes by the name “Tony West,” presently serves as third in command within the Department of Justice below Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer.  Around 2007-2008, West served as Chair of the “California Finance Committee” of OBAMA FOR AMERICA .

Tony West, Chris Young


Sir James J. Brosnahan
Brosnahan, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the Democratic Party and spouse of Alameda County Superior Court Judge Carol Brosnahan, gained fame after his own psychiatrist — Berkeley-based Scyzophrenia specialist Dr. Bruce Africa — threaten to kill him due to an alleged sexual affair between Brosnahan and Dr. Africa’s wife —  Marty Africa of Major Lindsey & Africa. In September of 2009, once Ruthe Ashley existed CaliforniaALL, Dunn (with the help of Escutia, Girardi and Brosnahan) launched online publication “Voice of OC.” Dunn is also a trustee of UCI Foundation — an entity which absorbed most of the grants CaliforniaALL collected from utility companies Senator Dunn officially investigated during California energy crisis.(Image: courtesy photos)

Martha Fay Africa (AKA Marty Africa), managing director at Major, Lindsey & Africa. Formerly Director of Law Placement at the University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law, and a founder of ABA Women Rainmakers, she is Co-Chair of the ABA LPM Section’s Management Core Group Standing Committee on Diversity. According to Schizophrenia specialist — Berkeley-based psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Africa — former patient James Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster and Marty Africa were involved in an illicit love affair.  Recently Morrison & Foerster’s Susan Mac Cormac was nominated by Marty Africa as Rainmaker of the Year.  Incidentally, both Brosnahan and Mac Cormac are under scrutiny in connection with non-profit entity CaliforniaALL for the alleged suspicious activities of laundering money to State Bar of California Executive-Director Joe Dunn of Voice of OC and OBAMA FOR AMERICA via California Bar Foundation — Please see HERE and HERE for additional information. (image: courtesy of Major, Lindsey & Africa)

James Brosnahan is presently a senior partner at the San Francisco office of Morrison & Foerster. He considers himself to be the “mastermind behind the Democratic Party.” CaliforniaALL was created by Morrison & Foerster, under the supervision of Mr. Brosnahan. Specifically Susan Mac Cormac and Eric Tate assisted with the legal aspects of creating the entity.

Carnegie is presently employed at the Kaiser Foundation. Around 2007-2008, she was a partner at Morrison & Foerster and served as a director of the Foundation. In 2007-2008, the Foundation poured into CaliforniaALL the large sum of $774,247; by comparison, most other donations were around $10,000 to $20,000. As shown below, the transfer of said money appears to be imbued with fraud and secrecy, especially in connection with four utility companies (Verizon, PG&E, Edison, and AT&T)

In 2007, Jeffrey Bleich of Munger Tolles & Olson launched and co-chaired the national finance committee of OBAMA FOR AMERICA. Other attorneys from law firms representing utility companies seeking to place Obama in office because they hoped he would support the Smart-Grid and clean energy initiatives followed suit , including James Brosnahan (self-proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party” ) Tony West (OBAMA FOR AMERICA’s Chair of California Finance Committee) Chris Young (“OBAMA FOR AMERICA” Northern California Deputy Finance Director) Annette Carnegie (former director with the California Bar Foundation) Kamala Harris (Co-Chair, OBAMA FOR AMERICA ; member of CaliforniaALL) Steven Churchwell ( DLA Piper, Treasurer, draft committee of OBAMA FOR AMERICA )

Bleich — while serving as member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors and as director of the California Bar Foundation (alongside another attorney from Munger Tolles, Bradley Phillips) — was a man on a mission.

Ruthe Catolico Ashley served as member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors alongside Jeffrey Bleich,  came up with the idea to create CaliforniaALL during a meeting with Sarah Redfield and Peter Arth, (the assistant to CPUC President Michael Peevey).

CaliforniaALL was conveniently housed free of charge at the offices of DLA Piper in Sacramento, alongside the draft committee of OBAMA FOR AMERICA, where Steve Churchwell of DLA Piper in Sacramento served as Treasurer of the draft committee of OBAMA FOR AMERICA.

Subsequent to the election of Barack Obama, CaliforniaALL was dissolved.

Once CaliforniaALL was exposed as sham entity, including on and by The Leslie Brodie Report, Keker & Van Nest abruptly removed Chris Young’s name from its web-site.  In seeking to conceal Young’s present association with Keker & Van Nest, John Keker sought to protect his own pecuniary interests and was clearly motivated by the totality of the circumstances surrounding Young, especially around 2007-8.


 Keker & Van Nest /MIA Name of Chris Young

Pleadings submiited by Keker & Van Nest bearing the name of Chris Young

 Keker & Van Nest - Elliot Peters -- Chris Young -- March 2012

State Bar of California profile of Chris Young


Chris Young of Keker & Van Nest

See original story @:

See also subsequent ethics complaint @:

However, in an almost unprecedented turn of events and somewhat ironically, within the last few days, Keker & Van Nest reinstated the profile of Chris Young on its website.

Said profile reads: Chris Young devotes himself to his client’s success, ushering them through confounding and often overwhelming situations where personal freedom, reputations, and significant damages are often at stake. Whether handling white collar, intellectual property, professional liability, class action or commercial litigation, he works alongside his clients to achieve their short and long-term goals.   Please see @:

As to John Keker’s other diverse proxy, see below:

Jim Brosnahan, Jon Streetr, Jeff Bleich

Above (L-R) Mr. David Werdegar of IOA; State Bar of California BOG Member Jeannine English; Mr. Thomas Girardi of embattled Voice of OC; Executive Director of State Bar of California Joe Dunn of embattled Voice of OC; California Supreme Court Associate Justice Hon. Kathryn Werdegar; really special prosecutor in matter of In Re Girardi and controversial judicial aspirant Prof. Rory Little; controversial gambling attorney Howard Dickstein (spouse of Jeannine English and a client of Keker & Van Nest), MoFo’s James Brosnahan of embattled Voice of OC; Keker & Van Nest partner Matthew Werdegar – son of David and Kathryn Werdegar; Keker & Van Nest partner Jan Little (spouse of Rory Little); Keker & Van Nest partner Elliot Peters — attorney for Howard Dickstein; California Democratic Party operative and mentor to Willie Brown’s former paramour — Mr. John Keker; Keker & Van Nest partner, attorney for Howard Dickstein, controversial judicial aspirant, and President of the State Bar of California — Mr. Jon Streeter. (Image:courtesy photo)


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