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The Story of Mike Knell — CPUC Corruption Buster Extraordinarre (TLR Note:Knell unofficially endorsed by Don Bauder; Knell familiar with antics of Peevey,Brown and comrades;not familiar with Continental Forge V. Sempra)

Don Bauder to Mike Knell:

I do remember our conversations and the emails you sent me. They were helpful in putting the article together. You have been given a hard time because you are willing to stand up against the CPUC corruption. Good luck. And please continue keeping me informed. Best, Don Bauder


Mike Knell to Don Bauder:

Thanks for an excellent article. I spoke to you awhile back regarding corruption at the CPUC. An email request to meet with the Executive Director of the CPUC resulted in the State Police showing up at my front door. Later, the FBI contacted me to ask about, “the corruption at the CPUC.”

I was suppose to have a phone meeting today (April 25) with the Executive Director of the CPUC, regarding Utility documents I photographed, which can be used to prove a Utility committed numerous frauds to conceal problems in its underground infrastructure. One of the frauds the Utility committed, was to declare that a phone number in a document has the last five digits of “85093.” I claim the number has the last five digits of “25093.” It’s an important phone number, google “a fictional phone number.”

As a result of the FBI inquiry, Mr. Clanon, the Executive Directory of the CPUC, agreed to speak with me on August 22, 2011. Mr. Clanon told me he would look at the documents. An Email from Commissioner Peevey’s Chief of Staff, dated August 22, 2011, prevents anybody at the CPUC from investigating the problems, and requires Mr. Clanon, and only Mr. Clanon, to deal with the issues I have complained about.

From what I have been told by CPUC employees, Peevey is intentionally covering up problems in a Utility’s infrastructure.

The email I received today stated, “We will need to reschedule your phonecall with Mr. Clanon. There is a budget crisis & he has been called to travel to Sacramento.”


Per Mike Knell “I have first hand experience with the corruption at the CPUC. In 2001, I filed a Formal Complaint, in part, because the company now known as AT&T, was knowingly using defective phone lines to my business.

AT&T Answered the Complaint, denying there were problems in the underground infrastructure. A few days later, 5 phone company trucks showed up on my street. I photographed the documents the technicians were using. The documents proved that AT&T was knowingly using defective phone lines on my street, and also, to my residence.

The CPUC refused to acknowledge the existence of the documents I photographed.

After the San Bruno disaster, I contacted the Executive Director of the CPUC, requesting to meet with him about problems at the CPUC. About ten days later, the State Police showed up at my front door. I have posted the Police report on this link:

Afterwards, the FBI contacted me, asking about the “corruption at the CPUC.” I believe the State Police contacted the FBI on my behalf.
After I made it clear to the CPUC that the FBI contacted me, the Executive Director agreed to talk to me. On August 22, 2011, the Executive Director agreed to look at some documents I provided, which proved AT&T committed perjury to conceal problems in its underground infrastructure.
When I asked the Executive Director if he was involved in sending the State Police to my house, he told me he did not want to discuss it. He said, “Oh, I’m not going to talk about — anything that we might have done over the last year or so. I’m offering to look through the documents that you sent me.”

These are the links to the documents I sent to the Executive Director:

If the CPUC Executive Director were to acknowledge that AT&T lied to the Commission in a Formal Complaint, AT&T could be fined over $200 million, all of which would go to the California State General Fund. This money could be used to prevent laying off teachers, firefighters, police officers and other vital employees of the State.

After I spoke to the Executive Director, I received an email from Commissioner Michael Peevey’s Office, which stated,
” Hello Mr. Knell:
President Peevey has been informed by Executive Director Clanon that you and Mr. Clanon are working/communicating now on your issues and President Peevey is confident that this is the best avenue for you to pursue at this time.
Executive Director Clanon will keep President Peevey and the rest of the commissioners up to date on your issues and any progress made.
Thank you,
Carol Brown”





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