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URGENT… BREAKING NEWS… DEVELOPING… Voice of OC… Entity Launched by Joe Dunn… Girardi… Brosnahan …. Connection to Kinde Durkee … 1212 Victory Blvd….. DEVELOPING….. HUGE…..

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1.  On September 1, 2011,  according to sources seeking anonymity, YR had sent Voice of OC’s Norberto Santana and David Washburn a request to make available for inspection Voice of OC’s tax return as allowed by  rules and regulation issued by the IRS.

The request was absolutely necessary, as the documents requested were otherwise unavailable on sites such as or

According to these sources, YR wrote:

Re: Request for Production of IRS Form 990, Form 990 Schedule A, Form 1023 to Voice of OC and Orange County’s Nonprofit Investigative News Agency

Dear Mr. Santana and Mr. Washburn:

Consistent with U.S.Internal Revenue Service Regulations, please consider this communication a formal request to the “Voice of OC” and the “Orange County Nonprofit Investigative News Agency” to produce their IRS Form 990, Form 990 Schedule A, as well  Form 1023.  This request is for all documents submitted to the IRS within the past three years, which generally means the three most recent returns.

Said regulations require that these documents be produced within 30 days.  The Voice of OC and Orange County’s Nonprofit Investigative News Agency are entitled to charge reasonable costs for any copying and mailing costs incurred in relation to this request.  Alternatively, you can email the documents to me as PDF attachments.  I prefer the latter method.  However, if for some reason, you prefer to copy and mail the documents, please send them to the following address:

In that California State Bar Executive-Director Senator Joseph Dunn established the Voice of OC, and as I conduct my business in the open, several individuals associated with the State Bar are also cc:d on this list.  I ask that you please ignore the CC list for any other purpose.

I also ask that you draw no conclusion or develop any concern from the mere fact that this request is being made about you, the Voice of OC, Senator Dunn, or any other individual or entity.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

2.    Voice of OC ignored the above request, and around December of 2011, YR sumitted a formal complanit to the IRS.  See below:

Internal Revenue Service
Exempt Organizations Unit
1100 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75242-1198

Re: A referral for noncompliance with tax laws against exempt organization “Orange County’s Nonprofit Investigative News Agency” (dba “Voice of OC”):


In lieu of using IRS Form 13909 (Tax-Exempt Organization Referral Form), please consider this communication a formal complaint (referral) against an Orange County, California not-for-profit entity known as “Orange County Nonprofit Investigative News Agency,” which operates an online publication under the name “Voice of OC” (located at

On September 1, 2011, Orange County’s Nonprofit Investigative News Agency and Voice of OC (collectively, “Voice of OC”) were duly served with a request for production of IRS Form 990, Form 990 Schedule A, and Form 1023. (See Exhibit 1.) To date, this request to produce Voice of OC’s tax returns has been ignored, despite the clear mandate by the Internal Revenue Service to fully comply with such requests within 30 days. As such, reluctantly, the undersigned makes this referral.


1. Mr. Joe Dunn in his role as the creator of online publication “Voice of OC” – Orange County’s Nonprofit Investigative News Agency.

2. Mr. Joe Dunn in his role as Trustee of the UCI Foundation (an entity which obtained funds from a separate charitable entity known as CaliforniaALL (FEIN Number 51-0656213).

3. Mr. Joe Dunn in his role as Executive Director of the State Bar of California – an entity which also controls and maintains a foundation known as the California Bar Foundation. The California Bar Foundation very quietly transferred close to $780,000 to CaliforniaALL.

4. Mr. Joe Dunn in his role as a politician and business partner of Martha Escutia, who was involved in matters relating to utility companies operating in California.

5. Ms. Gwen Moore – a former Assembly member in the California legislature. Ms. Moore has “clout” over the CPUC and utility companies. Ms. Moore presently serves as a member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors; she has previously been the subject of an FBI sting operation.

6. Mr. Geoffrey Brown – a former commissioner with the CPUC and former board member of the California Bar Foundation. During his tenure as a board member of the California Bar Foundation, a hush-hush transfer of $780,000 was made to CaliforniaALL. Subsequent to this transfer, Mr. Brown abruptly quit his position as board member.

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