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TLR set to launch defense of Orly Taitz amid accusation of racism in re Judge Morrison England, CaliforniaALL, OBAMA FOR AMERICA, Ambassadors Bleich – Roos, DOJ’s Tony West, Mitch Kapor – Part 2 – Kevin Davidson: “Orly draws black judge”

imageWhen I hear about one of Orly Taitz’ cases, one of the things not on my list is to look up details on the judge. I make the general assumption that a federal judge is competent and unless something really odd happens, I don’t dig further. Orly Taitz on the other hand does look into the biographies of the judges assigned to her cases (which is not odd) but she also posts this on her web site along with a photo, and this is how I know judge England is black.

Now I could be jumping to conclusions here, but the first reader comment out of the gate by “Ricky Nelson” was:

Uh oh. Is there time to get another judge?

Given the strong suggestion that the Taitz’ website is infested by troll commenters, I wouldn’t necessarily consider that remark important, but I do think Orly’s response is:

I hope he will be a decent person and will uphold the Constitution

She didn’t bite, which is no surprise, although she didn’t chide the commenter either. I daresay that she will have come choice words for the judge after he inevitably dismisses Grinols v. Electoral College. But the plot thickens. Another commenter said this:

Ut oh! Is this Judge going to be looking out for HIS own best interest?

Found this on Wikipedia:

“In May 2011 England was accused of judicial misconduct for failing to reveal a conflict of interest in relation to an organization he help set-up which among other things was accused of severe accounting fraud. England dismissed the case against himself.”

Don’t bother looking on the Wikipedia for this because it’s gone now, and that’s all there was anyway, and Judge England certainly didn’t dismiss a case against himself–it was against the California Bar Association. The reader comment certainly got Orly going because she published this new title in response:

Now I am concerned, whether plaintiffs in Grinols will receive justice. Report below is worrisome, as it shows a case of conflict of interest that was swept under the rug. We’ll have to wait an see what happens in our case.

The original Wikipedia article linked to an article (read that for details on the controversy) at the Lawless America web site, a site that sensationalizes stories of public corruption. The story is about a leaked confidential judicial conflict of interest complaint. Orly links to The Leslie Brodie Report that reports the same complaint, and also photographically tells us not only that Judge England is black, but that his wife is white.

Anyway, in Orly’s world, allegations are the same as facts, so the allegation that Judge England did not disclose that he had a close relationship with the State Bar of California to a plaintiff suing the Bar in his court, probably makes him a Muslim. It doesn’t matter. There’s not a judge in the entire federal judiciary that wouldn’t dismiss the Grinols case for lack of standing, sovereign immunity and because of the political question doctrine.

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