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UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy Roster of Advisors(TLR Note:1-PUC’s Peevey/ PG&E’s McFadden 2-In past, IRS ?ed Peevey re UC Ber 3- Goldman $$$ >> Werdegar’s IOA 4. Circle of Goldman/Haas/Zellerbach/Blum-Feinstein/Kapors/Basri/Edley/Fletcher


The Board of Advisors

as of 09/25/2012
  • James D. Marver (MPP ’74, Ph.D. ’78)
    Co-Founder and Managing Partner,
    VantagePoint Venture Partners
    Chair, Goldman School Board of Advisors
  • Maren Anderson (MPP ’79)
    President, MDA Consulting, Inc.
  • Henry E. Brady, Ex-officio
    Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy
    Class of 1941 Monroe Deutsch Chair
    of Political Science and Public Policy
  • John De Luca, Ph.D
    Chairman of the Board, UCSF Gallo Research Center
  • Todd Dipaola
    Co-founder and President of CheckPoints LLC
    Co-founder and former CFO Vantage Media
  • Stuart Drown (MPP ’86) Ex-officio
    Executive Director, The Little Hoover Commission
  • Joseph Epstein
    President, Sierra Steel Trading LLC
  • Robert Epstein, Ph.D
    Co-founder, Environmental Entrepeneurs
    Co-founder and former EVP, Sybase
  • Honorable Dianne Feinstein
    Senator, United States Senate
  • Charles L. Frankel
    President, Frankel International Development Organization
  • John Gage, Ph.D
    Former Chief Researcher and Vice President of the Science Office, Sun Microsystems
  • Douglas E. Goldman, M.D., Ex-officio
    Chairman and Founder, Certain Software, Inc.
    Trustee, University of California, Berkeley
  • Garrett Gruener
    Co-Founder and Director Alta Partners
    Executive Chairman and CEO Nanomix, Inc.
    Founder Ask Jeeves, now Ask.Com
  • Thomas P. Grumbly (MPP ’74)
    Vice Pres., Civil Government Programs, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Peter D. Hart
    Chairman, Peter D. Hart Research Associates
  • Elizabeth Hill (MPP ’75)
    Retired Legislative Analyst, California State Legislature
  • Nancy Hult Ganis
    Producer, Out of the Blue Entertainment
  • Noelle Leca
    KQED Board of Directors; Emerge Board of Directors
  • Mel Levine
    Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LL, Former US Representative, 27th Congressional District
  • Jim Losi
    Founder & Chair, Kundebana Foundation
  • Nancy McFadden
    Executive Secretary for Legislation, Appointments and Policy, Office of the Governor, State of CA
  • Michael Nacht, Ex-officio
    Thomas and Alison Schneider Chair, Goldman School of Public Policy
    Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Michael Peevey
    President, California Public Utilities Commission
    Former President of NewEnergy Inc., Edison International and Southern California Edison Company
  • Gary B. Pruitt (MPP ’81)
    President and CEO, McClatchy Newspapers
  • Thomas C. Schneider
    Retired Advisory Director, Morgan Stanley
    Trustee, University of California, Berkeley
  • Michelle Schwartz (MPP/MPH ’88)
    Director, Mila Fine Arts
    Trustee, University of California, Berkeley
  • Budd Shenkin, M.D. (MPP ’71)
    President, Bayside Medical Group
  • Steve Silberstein
    Retired Co-Founder of Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
    Trustee, University of California, Berkeley
  • John Wilton
    Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, UC Berkeley
  • Jerry Yoon
    Managing Director/Head of Equity Derivative Flow, RBS

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Richard Goldman Ronald George


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