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News Update on Criminal Defendant Lauren Redfern / Civil-RICO Defendants Howard Dickstein and Spouse (Jeannine English) as The Leslie Brodie Report Launches Inquiry to Investigate Persistent Rumors Dickstein Officially Employed at Obama’s White House

Lauren Redfern

 Lauren Redfern, a former female Basalt High School gym teacher who had been charged with sexual assault on a student, was sentenced, but faces no prison time.

Lauren Redfern Basalt High

Lauren Redfern, 26, was sentenced Tuesday.

Redfern, 26, was arrested after she was caught by the school’s athletic director having sex with a student in the teacher’s restroom. At the time Redfern was charged with two felony counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust with a pattern of sexual abuse, a class 3 felony.

“They were caught in a room they shouldn’t have been in together and that’s what started this investigation. And they admitted what was going on,” Eagle County Undersheriff Mike McWilliams told CBS4 shortly after Redfern’s arrest. Please continue @:

Howard Dickstein / Jeannine English

Sacramento-based lobbyist Jeannine English — who served as a “public member” of the State Bar of California Board of Governors since 2006 — is no longer part of the board, TLR has learned.

English is married to Howard Dickstein –  a widely-known but controversial figure within California’s Tribal Gambling industry.

Recently, both Dickstein and English were named as defendants in two separate RICO suits —  advanced by  Spire Law Group and Dan Dydzak.

Dickstein , who is no stranger to litigation, has been previously named a defendant in a suit advanced by his client, members of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nations (formerly known as the Ramsey Band of Wintun Indians), which owns and operates the Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, California, an unincorporated community in Yolo County.

In that action, the plaintiffs — who were represented by Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy and legal ethics expert Michael Boli — alleged that Dickstein engaged in myriad fraudulent conduct, concealment, conversion (i.e. a non-criminal term referring to the act of theft), breaches of fiduciary duties, misrepresentations, and unjustly enriching himself with tribal money by defrauding the tribe of millions of dollars over more than a decade.

J STREET PAC: Richard Blum — Regent of the University of California and husband of United States Senator from California Dianne Feinstein; Controversial Indian gambling attorney RICO defendant Howard Dickstein — member of both Anti-Israel’s J Street PAC and J Street Gang of Greed, alongside Jerry Brown ; Dickstein’s wife, State Bar of California Board of Governors Public Member RICO defendant Jeannine English – Dickstein of AARP.

STATION CASINOS: Richard Blum — Regent of the University of California and husband of United States Senator from California Dianne Feinstein; Controversial Indian gambling attorney RICO defendant Howard Dickstein — member of both anti-Israel J Street PAC and J Street Gang of Greed, alongside Jerry Brown ; Dickstein’s wife, State Bar of California Board of Governors Public Member RICO Defendant Jeannine English – Dickstein of AARP.

Richard Lehman of Lehman Levi Pappas & SadlerJeannine Dickstein AKA Jeannine EnglishDuke EnergyReliant Energy
(L-R) Richard Lehman and Jeannine English of Sacramento-based lobbying firm Lehman English Kelly & O’Keefe which represented Duke Energy and Reliant Energy (Image: courtesy photos)

Richard Lehman of Lehman Levi Pappas & Sadler
(L-R) Richard Lehman and Howard Dickstein . Both Lehman and Dickstein are part of a team working for North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians (Image: courtesy photos)

Howard Dicstein, Jerry Brown, Mark Friedman, Doug Elmets
Members of the “J Street Gang of Greed” (L-R ) California Governor Jerry Brown, Howard Dickstein of Dickstein & Zerbi, Mark Friedman of Fulcrum Property and Doug Elmets. Currently, the Elliott Building is occupied on separate floors by the offices of Howard Dickstein of Dickstein & Zerbi, Fulcrum Property’s Mark Friedman, Arlen Opper, Doug Elmets, Paula Lorenzo of Cache Creek Casino, and The California Tribal Business Alliance (CTBA). Dickstein, Friedman, and Opper were all named defendants in the matter of Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians / Cache Creek Casino v. Howard Dickstein. The penthouse unit is the official residence of California’s first couple — Governor Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr.  and his wife. (Image: courtesy photo) (Image:courtesy photos)


Senator Barack Obama addresses a rather small group of people at the Law Offices of Howard Dickstein and Mark Friedman in Sacramento, California. 8/08/07

Host William Wagener Discusses Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Suit Against Joseph Dunn, Ronald George, Howard Dickstein, Jeannine English, Starr Babcock

Spire Law Group RICO Act Suit Against Alleged Racketeers Howard Dickstein, Spouse Jeannine Dickstein (AKA Jeannine English) , Douglas Winthrop, and Tom Girardi of Girardi & Keese

Rumsey Band Rancheria vs. Howard Dickstein In a civil action filed against Attorney Howard Dickstein, spouse of State Bar of California BOG member Jeannine English, it was alleged Dickstein engaged in “a course of dealing that involved breaches of trust and violations of duties of the most basic, and, indeed, sacred kind.” Including, but not limited to, using the client’s plane for personal trips to the south of France, Big Sur and Grand Prix events in Monte Carlo and Montreal for which he owes the client $1.2 million. In statements to the media, Howard Dickstein referred to the allegations as a “pack of lies,” while disparaging his client. Dickstein also stated that he plans to fight the suit and “fight hard.” Appearing on behalf of defendant Dickstein was Elliot Peters of Keker & Van Nest.

Lastly, amid conflicting reports and unanswered questions, The Leslie Brodie Report has launched a journalistic inquiry into persistent rumors Howard Dickstein was extended an offer to join Barack Obama’s White House.



About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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