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TIMELINE 2006: See CPAs on Bikes as Murietans Aaron and Alison Turner Raise Funds for UC Davis MIND Institute (TLR Note: Published to establish early relationship between Fulcrum’s Mark Friedman – chief fund raiser for MIND – and Alison Turner who assumed control of CaliforniaALL when it moved to 1600H)

The same intrepid group that cycled over a thousand miles from Vancouver, Canada, to Mendocino in 2004 is picking up where they left off and pedaling 850 miles from Mendocino to Tijuana, Mexico, in 10 days.

The 2004 trip was inspired by Murietan Kathy Somerton, a cancer survivor, and raised $105,000 for the Sutter Cancer Center. This time, the goal is to raise $125,000 to benefit the cancer center and also the UC Davis MIND Institute, to help raise awareness of developmental disorders such as autism.

The Van-to-Cino Ride Group now numbers 19, including all the original members and a few new ones. Of the nine Murieta members, there are six cyclists — Kathy and Larry Somerton, Aaron Turner, Jim Pryor, Richard Dubey and Tom Landwehr. Murietans Bev and Floyd Lumen and Julie Pryor are part of the support team.

Just as she did two years ago, Julie Pryor is providing readers with daily updates on the trip, which takes the group through Bodega Bay, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Cambria, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and San Clemente as they make their way down the coast. The group arrived in Mendocino June 19 to begin the journey that will conclude June 30 in Tijuana.

The group began the trip with pledges of $97,000 towards their goal. Donations can be made to Sutter Cancer Center and to UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute

Within walking distance of our Coast Hotel in Santa Cruz, we had a fabulous dinner at Casablanca Restaurant. Joining us were Tom Landwehr and Rob Wallace, who will be just beginning their ride with us starting tomorrow. Also along for a couple of days were Aaron’s wife, Alison…

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