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Davis Vanguard’s David Greenwald Commentary on State Bar of California Prosecution of Clint Parish ; More on Background Data on Judge Dave Rosenberg and Wife Lea Rosenberg ; Errata Re Judge Rosenberg [TLR Note: Data in re Judge Rosenberg and distinguished wife Lea Rosenberg for background purposes and cross-reference of information only i.e. to ascertain whether any wrongdoer may be “pulling a Werdegar” i.e. various parties bestowed benefits on spouse of AJ Kathryn Werdegar (David Werdegar’s Institute on Aging). In re Rosenbergs, an “intense” inquiry is being re-conducted, again, by YR especially due to 1) recent revelations implicating UC Davis MIND Institute’s Mark Friedman of Fulcrum Property in CalALL scheme 2) re-examining Judge Rosenberg’s connection to UC Davis, Cruz Reynoso. Generally speaking, since CalALL financial scheme involved UC Irvine Foundation’s Joe Dunn and Mark Robinson — entire UC system is presumed hostile to YR. Otherwise, ceteris paribus, Rosenbergs first-class citizens with unparalleled contributions to Yolo County)

Clinton Parish showed appallingly poor judgment last year in authorizing attacks against incumbent Judge Dan Maguire.  Even if those attacks had been accurate, it is questionable for one to play that sort of politics in a judicial race that is supposed to be about experience and neutrality, not politics.

How easily the charges were systematically dismantled under the least amount of inquiry, however, casts the situation in a very different light.  It calls into question Mr. Parish’s ability not only to be a judge, but also to be a prosecuting attorney.  After all, if you cast baseless charges against your political opponent, why would you not cast the same charges against a poor, defenseless defendant?

It is for those reasons, I think, that most people think Clinton Parish deserves whatever punishment befalls him by the State Bar.  And, while disbarment is unlikely, it is not necessarily unwarranted.

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Errata– Judge Rosenberg No Longer Presiding Judge of Yolo County

The Yolo Superior Court announced that the Steven M. Basha has been elected to serve as presiding judge upon the completion by current presiding judge David R. Rosenberg of his term on September 15, 2012.

Rosenberg has served for more than four years as presiding fudge with his term extended to permit him to fulfill his statewide responsibilities as Chair of the Trial Court Presiding Judges Advisory Committee. Those responsibilities end on September 15.

Basha is the current assistant presiding judge and has been responsible for the day-to-day judicial oversight of the Yolo Superior Court since January 1, 2012. In addition to the election of Basha as presiding judge, the Yolo Superior Court judges elected Kathleen M. White to be the assistant presiding judge, also effective September 15, 2012.

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Lea Rosenberg is a community activist currently serving as Co-President of Soroptimist International of Davis, Noble Grand (President) of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and as a member of the Board of the Yolo County SPCA. Lea has opened her home to innumerable arts, education, political, charitable, and community events over the years.

Lea Rosenberg formerly served as President of the University Farm Circle, President of the Davis Art Center, President of the Davis PTA Council, President of the Davis School Arts Foundation, and Treasurer for numerous successful local political campaigns. She has been honored as Davis Citizen of the Year (the Covell Award). Lea Rosenberg has been chosen four times in an annual poll of readers of the Davis Enterprise as “Most Dedicated Community Volunteer.” She is a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, previously having served as Treasurer and as a Trustee of the Lodge, and having been chosen in 2006 as the “Member of the Year.” Currently, she serves as one of the three Trustees of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and also serves as one of six board members of the Hall Board Association of the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodges, managing all property of the two Lodges. She has served as a long-time member of the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee. She also served for five years as a member of the Yolo County Fair Board of Directors, having been appointed to that position by the Governor of California.

She is married to Judge David Rosenberg, has two adult children (Jason and Janis) and one grandson (Jonathon). Lea is also Davis’ foremost Avon Lady, having been selected to the Avon President’s Club for over 26 years.

Lea is also an Avon Representative

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About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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