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Misc Media Articles In Re Former Officer of UC Davis Police Department / Yolo County District Attorney Chief Investigator Bruce Naliboff [TLR Note: As a reminder, Naliboff behind sham search/seizure of CalALL materials from home of YR. As TLR/YR are in search of the truth, all leads and possibilities are being thoroughly examined in fairness to all involved i.e. CalALL potentially misused in re “Rocky Mountain High” rather than “Obama for America”, etc. Since UC System H-E-A-V-I-L-Y involved in CalALL financial scheme i.e. Joe Dunn / Mark Robinson of UC Irvine, Freada Kapor Klein / Gibor Basri of UC Berkeley, Mark Friedman / Gilles Attia of UC Davis — Naliboff’s background as former officer with UC Davis Police Department relevant to inquiry]

November 1, 2000 :

Thirty-three police officers patrolled the parking lot at Hughes Stadium at Sacramento City College during the Causeway Classic Saturday, making sure that tailgaters did not have alcohol or start barbecue fires.

Lt. Bruce Naliboff, of UC Davis Police, said that the rules were in place in an attempt to control alcohol-related fights and to uphold the ban on drinking in public in the city of Sacramento. He also said that this year?s Classic was being treated as a UC Davis home game where alcohol is prohibited.

The decision to not allow barbecuing was made to prevent charcoal from being left in the parking lot, said Captain Mike Corkery of the UC Davis police.

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UC Scandal Causes Push for Fiscal Controls

February 8, 1996

The latest University of California accounting scandal — this one involving the radiology department at UC Davis Medical Center — has intensified calls for tighter fiscal controls throughout the system.

An array of top UC officials said yesterday that current measures designed to prevent financial mismanagement do not seem to be working.

“The good news is that university investigators uncovered the misappropriation of funds,” said Lieutenant Governor Gray Davis, a member of the UC board of regents. “The bad news is that once again, a university which is academically without peer comes across as a financial basket case.”

In a statement yesterday, UC Davis officials acknowledged that internal auditors, UC Davis police and the Sacramento County district attorney’s office have been looking into allegations that $330,000 was mishandled by radiology department employees.

The Chronicle, which disclosed the investigation in yesterday’s editions, has learned that the amount in question may approach $500,000. Sources have told the newspaper that three employees have been placed on paid administrative leave as a result of the investigation — though the university would not officially confirm that yesterday, citing state privacy laws.

University officials said $250,000 appears to have been inappropriately diverted to radiology accounts for department-related expenses, and another $80,000 was placed in “unauthorized accounts for social activities,” such as an annual Christmas party.

A UC Davis administrator said yesterday that authorities since July have conducted an exhaustive review of bank accounts and ledgers held by department employees.

“We’ve looked at all financial transactions and documents in the department over the last five years,” Janet Hamilton, vice chancellor for administration, said in an interview. “We’re still very actively engaged in all of the final interviews with all the department staff.”

The radiology department dipped into one of the accounts in question to pay honoraria ranging from $300 to $500 to visiting professors from UC San Francisco, but no policies were apparently violated, Hamilton said. The honoraria are illegal only if they are more than $1,000 or if they are paid with state money.

Hamilton said the university asked campus police officials to join the investigation because of allegations of criminal wrongdoing, but “from our standpoint, we don’t see that any criminal activity has occurred.”

UC Davis police Sergeant Bruce Naliboff said his department began looking into the case last August, a month after auditors began their investigation.

“We were initially investigating charges of embezzlement, but whether or not the facts end up showing that or not, only time will tell,” Naliboff said. He would not elaborate.

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