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Timeline 2010 – Stand Up for California: Cache Creek Casino: Traffic, crime, but oh the money [ TLR Note: 1- Practically speaking, Cache Creek Casino – controlled by Howard Dickstein and UC Davis Foundation’s Tribal Chairman Marshall McKay of Beverly Hills — pays salaries of Bruce Naliboff, Michael Cabral and RICO Defendant Jeff Reisig 2- If tribe a sovereign entity — what, if any, constitutional provision gives Yolo County power to seek payments in mitigation? 3- Are payments reason Bruce Naliboff / Jeff Reisig did not criminally charge fraternity members for hate crimes / attempted extortion of Ryan Clifford — attempted extortion in re subsequent alleged threat of violence against Ryan Clifford if will not remain quiet]

Cache Creek Casino: Traffic, crime, but oh the money

Cache Creek Casino has brought some prosperity to the region, but the grand jury noted the negatives in its report. By ERIN TRACY / Daily Democrat 07/09/2010

The Cache Creek Casino Resort attracted patrons who fueled the economy, which led to improved emergency services, but ultimately traffic congestion, noise, and crime beyond remediation, according to a 2009-10 Yolo County grand jury report.

The grand jury, which released its report last week, found better communication between Yolo County and the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, as well as stronger oversight of tribal mitigation dollars, would likely improve the situation.
It’s hard to deny the economic impact of the 414,110 square-foot facility, which is the county’s largest employer. The tribe annually awards $200 million in vendor contracts, $40 million in payments to the county and state, and $3 million in donations to local civic organizations, the report stated.
The casino’s annual earnings, which go to YDWN members, are kept confidential by the sovereign nation but the grand jury estimated the reservation is home to fewer than 25 members and their children.
“These individuals are the direct and highly-compensated beneficiaries of the profits from the casino,” the report states.
Representatives of the Tribe declined to be interviewed or answer written questions submitted by the grand jury, citing sovereignty rights. Representatives also did not respond to inquires about the report before deadline.


UC Davis Foundation

UC Davis MIND Institute

Chris Young -- Mark Friedman, Kim Mack,  Kevin Johnson
Sacramento Mayoral Campaign: Chris Young, Mark Friedman, Kim Mack, Kevin Johnson

Chris Young, Mark Friedman, Alison Turner, CaliforniaALL
CaliforniaALL: Chris Young, Mark Friedman, Alison Turner, 1600H / F65

Chris Young . McGeorge School of Law
McGeorge School of Law – “Pacific Pathways” – Make Believe Launching of SAL – Manoa Law School Hawaii Summit June 2007: Chris Young, Kevin Johnson, CaliforniaALL’s Sarah E. Redfield, CaliforniaALL’s Judge Morrison England, CaliforniaALL’s Torie Flournoy-England, CaliforniaALL’s Ruthe Catolico Ashley, CaliforniaALL’s Larissa Parecki.
See HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE . Manoa Law School Hawaii Summit See HERE (Judy Johnson – not shown)

Chris Young - Mark Friedman, Kim Mack, Sacramento for Obama

OBAMA FOR AMERICA: Chris Young, Mark Friedman, and Kim Mack

kvn 3cm
Three-Card-Monte: John Keker, Elliot Peters, Jan Little, Matt Werdegar, Jon Streeter, Chris Young.  Hoping to conceal the identity and past actions of Chris Young , Keker & Van Nest removed Chris Young’s attorney profile from its website.  Only after YR managed to unearth Young’s identity and only after YR filed an ethics complaint against John Keker, Jon Streeter, and Chris Young in connection with the attempt to defraud the public by concealing Young’s association with Keker & Van Nest, Young’s attorney profile has been restored to the firm’s site. See story HERE

John Keker, Jon Streeter, District Attorney of Yolo County Jeff Reisig, Twice Rico defendant Jeannine English.   Hoping to retaliate against Yolo County’s YR and to otherwise sabotage his inquiry into CaliforniaALL, subsequent to the removal of Chris Young’s attorney profile from Keker & Van Nest website —  and allegedly acting in their capacity as members of the State Bar of California Board of Governors  — Jon Streeter, Jeannine English, Gwen Moore, Dennis Mangers, Voice of OC’s Joe Dunn, as well as others conspired to press false criminal charges against YR with the District Attorney of Yolo County. See story HERE


Increased road use

Perhaps the biggest complaint among residents in the Capay Valley is the increase in traffic along Highway 16. Saturdays are the busiest day for travel, with more than 13,000 travelers heading to the casino, the report stated, which is a 69 percent increase between 2002 and 2006.
All casino feeder roads meet capacity limits established by the state and county and studies conducted for the 2030 General Plan and by the citizens group, Capay Valley Vision, expect traffic on the roads will exceed capacity by 2013.
In a 2002 Memorandum of Understanding between the tribe and county, YDWN promised to implement a shuttle service to mitigate traffic issues. The tribe agreed to pay the county to construct a park and rides facility for patrons and employees, and make the use of its service mandatory for workers. Neither the service nor the policy has been implemented and only 18 percent of employees currently use public transportation, according to the report.
The influx of casino visitors yielded a doubling of Sheriff’s deputies in the area, but the majority of casino related crimes continue to increase. According to the report, between 2002 and 2006 DUI arrests increased 1,050 percent, assaults and weapons arrests increased 2,900 percent and Felony Burglary increased 900 percent.
How the cash is divided

The sheriff’s department has received the lion’s share of mitigation funding to county department, with $3.46 million since 2002. Despite this majority funding, the county estimates its law enforcement related workload — comprised of efforts from the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney and Public Defender’s office — is under-funded by about $600,000.
In total, the tribe has paid $32.9 million to the county: $10.6 million has gone to specific departments, $15.5 million to the general fund, $6.4 million to community residents and specified projects along the Highway 16 corridor, and $.4 million to reserves. The department allocations also include $1.2 million for negotiations and arbitration over the tribes proposed 2008 expansion, which was abandoned in October 2009.

The distribution and oversight of those funds for community projects were called into question by the Yolo County grand jury.
The Advisory Committee on Tribal Matters was established by the Board of Supervisors to recommend applications for tribal mitigation. The grand jury found questionable spending and conflicts of interest among its nine members.
At least two of the board members voted on proposals either because they, or their spouse, “held a leadership role in a recipient organization.”
The Board of Supervisors also took recommendations that limited funding to residents between Interstate 505 and the casino, precluding mitigation for many other towns along the Highway 16 corridor, including Woodland. The majority, 38 percent, of the funds went to Esparto and the were increasingly used for economic and community development rather than mitigation like road repair.
According to the report, the committee’s board minutes reflect that its members, “inaccurately believe ACTM funds are theirs to control … ignoring other county priorities or other casino-related mitigation needs outside the valley.”
County Tribe Coordinator Christopher Lee said, “The county is taking the findings of the grand jury seriously and will respond the them in full and we will have more information at that time.”

Please continue @:


Jeff Reisig:

In an almost unprecedented turn of events and somewhat ironically, a local official in the State of California who represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses is now accused of criminal conduct.

Jeff Reisig
Shown above is Mr. Jeff Reisig — an alleged “accomplice” to both a criminal and civil conspiracy who cooperated, jointly and severally, in the commission of two or more RICO activities (image: courtesy photo)

Court documents filed with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia reveal that the highly controversial District Attorney of Yolo County Jeff Reisig is accused of violating the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

RICO is a federal law that authorizes a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. RICO focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows for the leaders of a syndicate to be held civilly liable for the crimes that they ordered others to commit or which they assisted in committing.

The lawsuit, filed as a civil-racketeering action by Marina Del Rey-based legal scholar Daniel Dydzak, alleges that Jeff Reisig and his deputies/investigators engaged in an “unlawful search and seizure” and that Mr. Reisig and State Bar of California employee Tom Layton (who according to sources is part of an ongoing “ambulance chasing” scheme the Girardi Syndicate operates in San Bernardino County vis-a-vis a satellite office located in San Bernardino and managed by Thomas Girardi’s son-in-law, David Lira) shared with third parties materials obtained during the search.

The suit further alleges that Reisig conspired to participate in a RICO enterprise, as well as participated in the commission of two or more racketeering activities acting as “accomplice.”

Bruce Naliboff:

* The Leslie Brodie Report urges the readers to exercise caution and not jump to conclusions regarding misconduct by anyone.

A big red flag has been reluctantly raised over Yolo County District Attorney Chief Investigator, Bruce David Naliboff.

The rapidly expanding multi-prong civil inquiry, conducted by Yolo County’s YR, views Naliboff  —  an Ex-Lieutenant  of  UC Davis Police Department — as someone who may potentially have a played a greater role than had been perceived up to now.

Bruce Naliboff and Jeff Reisig of Yolo County District Attorney
Yolo County District Attorney Chief Investigator Bruce Naliboff and Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig — an alleged “accomplice” to both a criminal and civil conspiracy who cooperated, jointly and severally, in the commission of two or more RICO activities according to court documents filed with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (image:courtesy Daily Democrat)

YR maintains that one aspect of the inquiry into CaliforniaALL /  University of California  involves 4 subparts:

1) Circumstances surrounding events relating to UC Davis / UC Davis Foundation operatives Cruz Reynoso, Mark Friedman , Gilles Attia.

2) Circumstances surrounding events relating to UC Irvine / UC Irvine Foundation operatives Joe Dunn of Cal Bar/ Voice of OC, Judicial Council’s Mark Robinson, Erwin Chemerinsky of Voice of OC, Michael Drake, and Karina Hamilton.

3) Circumstances surrounding events relating UC Berkeley / UC Berkeley Foundation operatives Freada Kapor Klein and Gibor Basri.

4) Circumstances surrounding prima-facie evidence of criminal conduct by Bruce Naliboff, Michael Cabral, and Jeff Reisig.

In connection with Sub-Part  #4, special attention is being paid to the examination of fraud on the court, obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of justice, and related irregularities.

Per YR, Sub-Part #4 is being carefully reviewed because it involves “Public Corruption,” which poses a fundamental threat to our way of life. Such wrongdoing impacts everything from how well our community is protected to verdicts handed down in courts, as well as the quality of governmental services. This, YR maintains, can take a significant toll on the American way of life.


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