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Addendum to Coverage of State Bar of California v. Clint Parish : Audio of Yolo County Superior Court Judge Dave Rosenberg RoboCall to Residents of Yolo County In Re Clint Parish / Judge Dan Maguire [TLR Note: use of robocall alone — if legally allowed — not necessarily problematic i.e. “I am Judge A, I call to let you know that I am endorsing Judge B.” Judge Rosenberg, however, crossed line by lending prestige of his name and office (which demonstrates authority) by taking side of dispute between Parish and Maguire i.e. Rosenberg heard stating mailer full of factual inaccuracies. Argument also can be made Maguire equally culpable in re content of robocall by agreeing-urging Rosenberg / paying cost. Of course, readers also need not forget Rosenberg very serious misconduct re threat “phlegm” will backfire ]

(Image: courtesy of DAVISVANGUARD.ORG)

The Leslie Brodie Report has learned that the State Bar of California seeks to impose professional discipline on former Yolo County Assistant District Attorney Clint Parish.

Clint Parish
Clinton E. Parish, 41, is accused of making misrepresentations about himself and his opponent — Judge Dan Maguire — in the May 2012 election for Yolo County Superior Court.

Acccording to the State Bar of California, “Parish’s campaign materials falsely asserted, among other things, that his opponent was “involved in a sordid case of corporate fraud that involved payment of bribes in Russia.” Parish’s campaign website erroneously claimed that he had been endorsed by the Winters Police Department and his yard signs gave the false impression that he had judicial experience.”

 Robert A. Hawley
Mr. Robert Hawley, California State Bar Deputy Executive Director and an adjunct ethics professor at McGeorge School of Law, stated to the Sacramento Bee: “This is a serious charge…If the allegations are proved true, Parish could face penalties that range from a reprimand to disbarment.”

According to the Bee, “The State Bar’s disciplinary filing is rare. Just 28 such misconduct cases – including the one against Parish – have been filed by the bar since 2000, say State Bar officials. Of those, 21 cases were closed without an investigation. The Parish case is one of only two since 2000 to proceed to a hearing.”

California Judicial Council members Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye (“best friend” of Ruthe Ashley of financial scheme CaliforniaALL), Yolo County Superior Court PJ Dave Rosenberg, UC Irvine Foundation’s Mark Robinson of Robinson Calcagnie & Robinson (confederate of Cal Bar executive director Joe Dunn of UC Irvine Foundation / Voice of OC / CaliforniaALL ), Assistant US Attorney Angela Davis. Subsequent to an allegedly inaccurate mailer sent by Yolo County Deputy District Attorney Clinton Parish , who was running for Yolo Superior Court judge against incumbent Judge Dan Maguire, Judge Dave Rosenberg issued the following veil threat against Parish: “This sort of phlegm tends to backfire. It flies back in the face of the expectorant.” (image:courtesy photos)

State Bar’s spokeswoman Laura Ernde stated to The Davis Enterprise that “the charges arose from a complaint that was filed with the State Bar, but the identity of the complainant is confidential at this point.”

As we mentioned previously, in response to the mailer sent by Parish’s campaign, a highly perturbed Judge Rosenberg launched an unprecedented attack on Parish. This, despite knowing full well that California Canons of Judicial Ethics permit a judicial officers only to “endorse” candidates for judicial office. Specifically, and consistent with his new role, Judge Rosenberg, inappropriately so, resorted to sending a robocall out to many voters “to set the record straight” of what he called, “a nasty political hit piece” which “contains flat out lies and deceptions about a highly respected Judge here in Yolo County, Judge Dan Maguire.” Judge Rosenberg also promised, inappropriately so, to retaliate against Clint Parish and issued a thinly veiled threat against him by stating: “This sort of phlegm tends to backfire. It flies back in the face of the expectorant.”

According to Yolo County-based Rabbi (“YR”), he is “shocked and disappointed” by the prosecution of Clint Parish and surrounding circumstances.

YR stated: “As a resident of Yolo County, I was exposed to the campaign material of both Parish and Judge Dan Maguire — who is by all accounts, a gentleman.”

“The circulated political propaganda made it very clear that Parish is a prosecutor and not a judge, and as such, I was never led to believe that Parish had prior judicial experience, as the State Bar falsely alleges. Any other unfortunate alleged misstatements concerning Judge Maguire were the fault of Parish’s campaign manager, and once those alleged inaccuracies were brought to the attention of Parish, he immidetly disavowed them,” YR continued.

“At the risk of sounding kitschy, everyone needs to remember that we don’t live in an error-free world, and I call on the person who filed the complaint against Clint Parish with the State Bar of California to withdraw it — be it, as I speculate, Judge Dave Rosenberg or our spineless DA Jeff Reisig,” YR concluded.

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Audio of Yolo County Judge Dave Rosenberg Robo-Call


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