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More on Prima Facie Evidence of Financial Fundraising Machinations Involving Lea and Dave Rosenberg [ TLR Notes: 1- Notice Davis Odd Fellows 2012 “Breakfast with Santa” — as TLR/ YR established, funds are forwarded to support “Foster Youth / Emancipated Foster Youth” — in other words probably money to Barbara Sommer’s Progress Ranch 2- IMPORTANT — Notice names of Assistant Distract Attorney Mike Cabral and spouse. Reminder, Cabral attorney behind sham search warrant / seizure of all CaliforniaALL material from home YR pursuant to a criminal conspiracy, by among others, California Bar operatives: Keker & Van Nest’s Jon Streeter (attorney for Howard Dickstein ; KVN’s Chris Young of CaliforniaALL – including Three-Card-Monte trick) , Voice of OC’s Joe Dunn, Southern California Edison’s Richard Tom, Jeannine English — spouse of Howard Dickstein, MTO’s Mary Ann Todd, Gwen Moore, Doug Winthrop, Alec Chang,Holly Fujie, etc to press false criminal charges against YR for purpose of suppressing truth in re CaliforniaALL, CCPF, Utility Companies $ 2 Asians/Blacks 4 Injustices, In Re Girardi, Fogel v. Farmers Collusion. Per YR, during 3-4 hours search/seizure by armed investigators of Yolo DA, panicky Mike Cabral constantly on phone with justifiably confused investigators for further instructions, asking why search/seizure takes long time.]

Santa and his Elves get ready for the hundreds of people coming to breakfast at the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

Breakfast With Santa Delivers Lots Of Fun

Today the Davis Odd Fellows completed our seventh annual Breakfast with Santa in downtown Davis. It was a great success. We heard nothing but compliments and saw nothing but smiles from the 350 children and families who enjoyed the morning. Folks in Davis, CA really look forward to Breakfast with Santa – tickets all sell out in two weeks or less.

We have so many people to thank, but especially the world’s best Santa, our own Doug Hatton. Thank you also to his wife and Santa Manager Margee, and the 8 young ladies who were the elves. The kitchen and cooking crew headed by John Geisler and Barb Geisler were just great – hard-working from 6 a.m. and constantly cranking out the pancakes, sausages and other goodies. Thank you to our excellent photographer, Ernesto Sandoval, and Dee Clark from Woodstock’s who served her famous Cinna-Bread. We had some 50 volunteers from our Lodges who worked in shifts from 7 this morning till about 1 p.m. this afternoon. Thank you to Sharla Cheney who, once again, was our volunteer coordinator, and Dave Rosenberg, once again our volunteer wrangler and PR guy. Everyone pitched in filling goodie bags, decorating the tables, serving, cleaning, and doing all the tasks that need to be done to pull off this event. This year we tried something different and had three volunteer shifts, rather than two – thus involving even more members of our Lodges. We also had a special clean-up crew of volunteers to handle the kitchen. It takes MANY hands to put on this big show. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the volunteers:

Doug Hatton
Dave Reed
Sheryl Cambron
Jonathan Raven
Vita Salmieri
Lewis Kimble
David Hafter
Gina Daleiden
Arun Sen
Debbie Friend
Kathy White
Kati Cole-Leathers
Hannah Cole-Leathers
Marc Langlais
JuDee Archuleta
Tim Ainsworth
Joyce Trujillo
Shyamli Sah
Bill Grabert
Matt DeMoura
Alekka Fullerton
Michael Fullerton
Mike Cabral
Margie Cabral
Duff Devine
Irene Fecht
Penny Smith
Jean-Paul Montreuil
John Geisler
Peter Pascoe
Brodie Hamilton
Sharon Schauer
Joyce Puntillo
Mark Spencer
Dennis Corcoran
Vickie Kretsinger
David Cougevan
Tim Carroll
Ann Carroll
Ernesto Sandoval
Dee Clark
Dave Rosenberg
Sharla Cheney
Barb Geisler
Lea Rosenberg

And, once again, we received applications from folks who attended Breakfast with Santa, and now want to join the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodges. They want to join because they see the great community spirit of our Lodges and members.

We also appreciate the merchants, like the Davis Coop, Woodstock’s Pizza, Mezzeta Foods and Puroast Coffee, who donated all the food supplies. And thank you to the many donors who contributed over $3,000 to help our efforts – donors like Edward Jones Inc. and David Cougevan, the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, the Wochok Group, the Law Offices of Raquel Silva, the Law Offices of Roberta Savage, Supervisor Don Saylor, Retired Supervisor Helen Thomson, Davis Ace Hardware, Davis Waste Removal, First Northern Bank, Tandem Properties, Hanlees Nissan of Davis, and others. We also thank Avid Reader and Common Grounds who have sold tickets for us for many years.

The proceeds from Breakfast with Santa are used to benefit foster children in our community, and young adults who have recently left the foster system.

We look forward to the eighth annual Breakfast with Santa in 2013. (Once we rest up.)

F – L – T

Lea Rosenberg and Barb Geisler, Co-Chairs
Breakfast with Santa Committee

Source @:
 Cal Bar Actors
Partial list of Co-Conspirators/ Executives and Directors of State Bar of California and/or California Bar Foundation:  Joseph Dunn AKA Joe Dunn (of Voice of OC, UC Irvine Foundation, Judicial Council), Jon Streeter (of Keker & Van Nest ; connections to Obama for America, Keker & Van Nest’s associate Chris Young – major figure in CaliforniaALL scheme), Somnath Raj Chatterjee (of Morrison & Foerster), Gretchen Nelson (of Kreindler & Kreindler), Alec Chang (of Skadden Arps), Douglas Winthrop (of Arnold & Porter — formerly of Howard Rice), David Grove (of Vaquero Capital; connections to Mark Parnes and John Roos of WSGR; husband of Joilene Wood Grove of Cal Bar Foundation / WSGR) Holly Fujie (of Buchalter Nemer), Gwen Moore (of GeM Communication, connections to Eric Moore, CCPF, CPUC), Gay-Godfather Dennis Mangers (former aide to Darrell Steinberg  of CaliforniaALL), Jeannine English (wife of Howard Dickstein; connections to CPUC, AARP, Donna Lucas, Casinos) George Davis (of David Broadband), Richard Tom (of Southern California Edison ; Edison International ; proxy of Munger Tolles/ Ron Olson), Mary Ann Todd (of Munger Tolles — wrongdoer in re CaliforniaALL, CCPF; represents two utilities implicated in CaliforniaALL financial scheme-  Southern California Edison and Verizon )
As background to the above, and as was recently published: In the midst of a growing controversy over Lea and David Rosenberg, the former foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury has been identified as a potential wrongdoer in a civil inquiry into the peculiar circumstances surrounding familiar faces and a familiar casino in the context of a relatively unknown Davis-based non-profit entity, Progress Ranch
.Barbara Sommer
Barbara Sommer (image: courtesy)
Barbara Sommer (who currently serves as the president of Progress Ranch; President of California Grand Jurors’ Association – Yolo County Chapter) is being looked into for indications of whether she may have been the recipient of questionable gifts during a time period when she served concurrently as Treasurer of Progress Ranch and Foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury in order to influence the outcome of various legal proceedings, and especially a Grand Jury investigation of Cache Creek Casino located in Yolo County.The rapidly expanding multi-prong civil inquiry, conducted by TLR’s confederate — Yolo County’s YR –also views Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, Chairman Marshall McKay, and attorney Howard Dickstein as parties who may potentially have a played a role in the scheme, although this investigation is continuing.A source familiar with the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity, maintains that evidence shows that for a period of several years, four or five non-profits commandeered by Lea and David Rosenberg (Soroptimist International of Davis , Davis Rebekah Lodge, Davis Odd Fellows, Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc., and possibly Davis Sunrise Rotary Club) devoted unusual and, indeed, at times exclusive attention to financially benefit “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” in Yolo County.For example, Lea and David Rosenberg (at times, with the assistance of Judge David Reed and CPA Victor Bucher) raised funds to support foster youth by mobilizing Davis Odd Fellows (“Breakfast with Santa”), Soroptimist International of Davis (“Texas Hold ‘Em” ), Davis Rebekah Lodge (“Crab Feed”), and Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc. (“Orphan Scholarship Fund”).

Also being looked into are Gretchen Peralta and Allison and Robert Woolley. Both Peralta and Robert Wooley are directors of Progress Ranch. Allison Wooley sold tickets to “Texas Hold’ Em”.

Progress Ranch is a non-profit public benefit, Section 510(c)(3) agency providing residential treatment services for troubled children. It is licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. Fees for the children are received from the Department of Social Services of the county where the child’s family resides.


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