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Thursday with Legal Scholar Dan Dydzak: 1. Dydzak High on Ronald Goerge’s/ Girardi Syndicate “Hit List” 2. Copy of Dydzak’s Complaint Against Judge Ellen Huvelle



Ronald and Eric George. Disquieting ties to Tom Girardi, Girardi Syndicate, Howard Rice, Bet Tzedek, Alen Rothenberg, 1st. Century Bank. Eric George part of Mel Gibson extortion scheme.Charachteristics of MO: rely heavily on misuse of Asians, misuse of Tom Layton, vindictive, radioactive, my way or the highway. High on Ronald Goerge’s “Hit List” are: Judge David Lampe, Judge Maryanne Gillard, Yolo County-based Rabbi, Michael Paul, Leslie Brodie, Judicial Council Watcher, Peter Dion-Kindem and Dan Dydzak. Separately, when examining the circumstances surrounding the California Supreme Court Historical Society (“CSCHS”) and discovering the presence of PG&E; PG&E’s Ophelia Basgal of CaliforniaALL, who served as the “Treasurer” of CSCHS; Amy Margolin, and private judge Joseph Grodin, whose legal opinion Bill Lockyer and Jerry Brown relied upon in deciding to dismiss the case against PG&E, it is difficult not to question whether any misconduct has taken place in this setting given the prior history between Howard Rice and PG&E. Adding fuel to the fire is the recent discovery that CSCHS — while headed by the embattled Ronald George — seeks financial donations, some of which it later forwarded to an entity known as the Institute of Governmental Studies (“IGS”), where Eric George (son of Ronald George) serves as a director.  Previously, a RICO suit alleged that Ronald George unlawfully transferred funds from entities that were under his control (such as the California Administrative Office of the Courts (“AOC”) intended for the CCMS computer system) into various accounts that were specifically maintained in Alan Rothenberg’s bank — 1st Century,  a bank which Eric George owns in part. Said funds, as the suit alleged, were later embezzled.  As part of maintaining the scheme, the suit alleges, AOC employees Ronald Overholt and William Vickery were bestowed with various gifts, trips, kickbacks, bribes, excessive salaries, and the like. Similarly, and also as part of guarding the scheme, the suit alleges that defendants, at times, resorted to utilizing the services of Tom Layton — a former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff/Senior State Bar of California investigator — to “illegally gather detrimental dirt” on various individuals who would oppose and/or object to the existence of said arrangements.  According to sources, Tom Layton is part of an ongoing “ambulance chasing” scheme that the Girardi Syndicate operates in San Bernardino County vis-a-vis a satellite office located in San Bernardino and managed by Thomas Girardi’s son-in-law, David Lira.

Cynthia Pasternak of Pasternak Pasternak & Patton
David and Cynthia Pasternak of Pasternak Pasternak & Patton. Despite the fact that David Pasternak has been sued countless times (including twice for being an alleged “Racketeer”), The Leslie Brodie Report (“TLR”) urges the readers to exercise extreme caution and not jump to conclusions regarding misconduct by Cynthia and David Pasternak. In addition, to date, TLR hasn’t been made privy to any real evidence whatsoever which would tend to show Pasternaks engaged in any acts of misconduct. Nevertheless, Mr. Pasternak’s association with Bet Tzedek, as well as the appearance that he is part of the Girardi/George Syndicate is a source of concern.  In connection with some of Bet Tzedek’s alleged racketeering activities, a RICO suit by Dan Dydzak maintained that Sandor Samuels — CEO and President of Bet Tzedek and former Chief Trial Counsel at embattled Countywide Financial Services — was appointed President and CEO of Bet Tzedek largely due to his working knowledge of how to operate an enterprise which engages in myriad financial crimes.  The suit also asserted that other individuals engaged in racketeering activities, including David Pasternak — a Los-Angeles based “receiver,” as well as an officer of both Bet Tzedek and the Chancery Club — who allegedly used Bet Tzedek as forum to meet, collude, and otherwise bribe various judges and lawyers for the purpose of further appointing Pasternak as “receiver.”

David, Justice Kay and Matt Werdegar. RICO defendant David Werdegar is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Institute on Aging and husband of California Supreme Court Associate Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar (aka Kay Mickle). Prior to the commencement of the RICO action by Dan Dydzak, David Werdegar abruptly quit his position following reports on TLR of alleged improprieties involving himself, his wife, and his son Matt Werdegar – a partner at the litigation boutique Keker & Van Nest, headed by controversial litigator John Keker. Matt also part of Three-Card-Monte conspiracy by Keker & Van Nest to remove profile of degenerate associate Chris Young (of CaliforniaALL, to wit, Obama for America, Mark Friedman-Alison Turner-Kevin Johnson’s Mayoral Campaign, USDOJ’s Tony West, White-House Special Counsel Jeff Bleich) from firm’s web site. (images and narrative: courtesy)


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