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More from California Consumer Activist Mike Knell on CPUC Corruption, Michael Peevey, Geoffrey Brown’s Girlfriend [TLR Note: 1. As reminder, R & R (rogue/repugnant) Geoffrey Brown appointed CPUC Commissioner by Gray Davis — one and same Davis who appointed Dave Rosenberg to California Lottery Commission 2. It is difficult to say whether such corruption was prevalent in prior years /other states, or is it a phenomenon which started around time Gwen Moore, California Democrats (i.e. Geoffrey Brown) saw an opportunity to launder utility money to Democratic Party causes. 3. TLR’s readers must internalize CPUC corruption impacts every Californian – not just Mike Knell. 4. In any event, soon TLR to publish story in re events surrounding Ron Olson and Company, CPUC, Klamath

Recently, a confidential report about the CPUC was leaked to the public. It is bad news for the CPUC. See:

I have first hand experience with Geoffrey Brown, as he was the Commissioner assigned to a Formal Complaint I filed against AT&T back in 2001 (it should be noted that I have never met or spoken to Geoffrey Brown). The Formal Complaint dragged on for over two years.

Initially, The Judge had scheduled 3-days for cross-examination.
As it became known that I had photographed proprietary AT&T documents (which proved AT&T committed frauds to conceal problems in its infrastructure), the Judge Ruled there would be no cross-examination, and that the Testimony and Briefs would be submitted in writing. When I asked her why, she replied, “It was not my Decision.” (I now believe Geoffrey Brown had made the Decision).

Among many other violations to law, I was able to prove AT&T was repeatedly altering records to conceal problems with its underground infrastructure, and that AT&T was knowingly using defective phone lines on my street.
The smoking gun, which proved AT&T had violated laws, was a photograph of my phone number, which received service through a phone line that was known to be defective.
The minimum fine for the violations linked to using defective phone line (and punishing me for complaining to the Commission), would would have exceeded $5 million, and the money would have gone to the State General Fund. The fines could have exceeded $100 million.

When the written Decision came out in 2003, I couldn’t believe what I was reading — the Commission ignored almost all of the evidence. It should be noted that Peevey became President of the CPUC a few months earlier.

I filed an Appeal. In response, AT&T declared that the phone number that received service from the defective phone line, was not my phone number.

After the Decision to the Appeal came out, a legal expert (who is now a CPUC Judge) sent an email, describing exactly what I needed to write in an Application for Rehearing, to address that the CPUC violated the Rule of Law, when it refused to impose fines for violations to my privacy.

See Application for Rehearing:

The CPUC denied my Application for Rehearing.

Initially, I thought the Judge and other long-time employees had hidden the information I presented, from the Commissioners.
In 2007, after a phone repair expert told me that AT&T lied about the meanings of the trouble codes on my business lines, I contacted the FBI. Long-story short, the FBI told me, “Attorneys lie, Judges are corrupt. Let it go.” I do have letters and emails from the FBI. See this one from 2008:

After the failures of the CPUC led to a gas pipeline failure that burned down a neighborhood and killed eight people, I contacted the Executive Director, requesting to meet with him.

Ten days later, the State Police showed up at my front door. The Police were professional, and I was not arrested. The police did tell me, “You need to be careful.” It was not a threat, it was a warning.

In reading through the “arrest report”, I saw evidence that the Judge had been coerced into filing a false report.
See arrest report:

One important line in the “arrest report” is the statement by the Judge:
“Also, the PUC normally does not impose fines for individual issues, unless a claim of the same nature is filed by numerous individuals.”

After the Yolo Rabbi discovered the money trail linked to CaliforniaALL and CCPF, I came to the conclusion that Geoffrey Brown and Michael Peevery are corrupt, and are responsible for the corrupt Decision, and the refusal to impose fines.

It should also be noted that Geoffrey Brown is the cousin of Governor Jerry Brown. Geoffrey Brown still hangs out at the CPUC with Peevey, and his Chief of Staff.
Peevey’s Chief of Staff is Geoffrey Brown’s girlfriend, and he travels with her and Peevey, when the Utilities pay for lavish trips.

Numerous people have been asking Governor Jerry Brown to replace Michael Peevey. Nobody can understand why Governor Brown has not done so. I believe the Yolo Rabbi discovered the reason when he discovered CaliforniaALL.
I will say for the record that Geoffrey Brown is corrupt, and he obstructed justice in the Formal Complaint I filed back in 2001, by refusing to follow the Rule of Law.


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