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Debbie Schlussel: Starbucks Jihad — Iranian Chick Poisons San Jose Starbucks Drinks with Lethal Mix

Ramineh Behbehanian, a Johnson & Johnson pharmacist of Iranian descent, decided to fill some orange juice bottles with lethal doses of rubbing alcohol and put them on the Starbucks shelves. But, hey, I’m sure the fact that she’s Iranian had nothin’ to do with it, right? Can’t possibly be jihad . . . if you’re in fantasyland. Police have predictably already uttered the usual “no motive surfaced” BS line. When someone from Iran poisons orange juice at Starbucks, trying to murder random Americans and hurt the business of pro-Israel Jew/Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (whom Muslims are boycotting for speaking out against anti-Semitism and supporting Israel), I’m sure all those crescent-aligned facts are “just a coinkydink.” Gotta be. (Not the first time, by the way, that Starbucks has been targeted by some sort of extremists.) Oh, and you might wanna check your Johnson & Johnson meds. Just sayin’. I’m sure we’ll also be told more of the usual: that she’s just mentally disturbed or something.

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