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The Leslie Brodie Report Search Terms for 7 days ending 2013-05-03 (Summarized) [TLR Note: Notice tip re davis odd fellow gives to judge rosenberg’s campaign ; YR – roger that]

2013-04-03 to Today
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leslie brodie    155
promiscuous kamala harris    26
maya harris daughter meena    14
kamala harris husband    14
maya harris first husband    14
kamala harris    13
leslie brodie report    10
maya harris daughter    10
maya harris west    10
jon alexander district attorney    9
+1 executive director 2013    7
cowboys 4 angels    7
kamala harris willie brown    7
douglas “,” 2013    6
kamala harris husband boyfriend willie brown leslie brodie    6
pearlperry reich    5
susan friery california pets    5
kamala harris husband boyfriend willie brown lesliebrodie    5
california driver’s license    5
steve ipsen    5
bettina neuefeind    5
maya harris husband    5
kamala harris mistress    5,    5
maya harris child    5
peter leslie dutton    5
davis odd fellow gives to judge rosenberg’s campaign    4
jeffery dalcerro fresno    4
hon elwood lui political    4
erin nicole umberg    4
+1 ana “,,” -spam 2012..2013    4
“matthew africa” parents    4
shannon schmieder    4
kamala harris willie brown affair    4
john orozco sentenced 40 months escrow fraud steve knupp title company il    4
mccarthy +1 industrial contractors inc    4
eman pahlevani    4
sonya molodetskaya    4
yoloan rabbi has his computer confiscated    4 2012/2013    4
daniel dydzak    4
howard dickstein    4
judge holly fujie    4
robin umberg misappropriation of funds    4
+1,, email list april 2013 managing director -scam    4
jon alexander del norte    4
philip edward kay    4
2013 +1 perry text    4
+1 medical officers and alumni email    4
leslie brodie deberry    4
marc r. lubin skadden, arps, slate, meagher & flom llp    4
ninth circuit case no. 12-16255    3
lelsie brodie    3
michael shames ucan    3
nancy lonsdale    3
ron burkle and thomas vincent girardi    3
maya harris and tony west    3
nancy fineman and judith kleinberg    3
+1 johnson andy, 2013    3
initiative legal group and capstone law apc    3
wilfredo neuefeind    3
loretta giorgi    3
sonya molodetskaya wikipedia    3
state bar chief assistant jeff dalcerro fired    3
local 250 grievances and complaints against emcor    3
larissa parecki    3
barnsley hospital logo    3
state bar complaint against chief jayne kim octc    3
“nicholas s johnson “inglewood ca    3
john alexander,da    3
phone number venessa grullon, deputy clerk, circuit court of the ninth judicial circuit, florida    3
leslie brodie contact reportet    3
daru kawalkowski    3
laura kaeppeler    3
lucy armendariz    3
“harry e. hull, jr.”    3
smyser kaplan sanctions    3
yolo county attorney death 80 years 2013    3    3
ernie marugg    3
michael colantuono chancery club    3
judge coughenour chambers    3 2013    3
what religion is judge alice oliver-parrott    3
greenberg traurig partner marc randazza    3
kamala harris and barack obama    3
nikki swartz teacher sexual assault    3
united auburn indian community employee tamatha    3
email contacts of newport church +1 2013    3
john p. shook + aviva k. bobb    3
peevey chairman ccpf    3
“jeff trowbridge” santa rosa teacher    2
jugde dan mcguire yolo    2
stuart price bryan cave    2
ryan clifford uc davis    2
+1 mino 2013    2
loren kieve    2
beverly hillside preservation v. city of berkeley    2
colin . wong state bar office general counsel    2
10001 gambing california    2
hillary clinton valerie jarrett akemi arakaki    2
levi haag tn    2
allintext : tobacco distributors “+1″    2
pg&e liability for poluted land in state of califonria and diminuation of value of property    2
willie brown girlfriend    2
richard h davis pegasus capital advisers    2
louise kip lipper    2
prakashpalan foundation    2
counsellor counsellee non medical- simpson    2
johnbelton “”    2
tyrrell & “patton boggs”    2
ein number for ernesto sandival    2
+320 + nissen + + + 2013    2
orly taitz    2
anthony crisp police    2
jason simpson killed nicole    2
+81+ a&    2
faysal nuri    2
anne rubin aka nude    2
zen hospice project non profit report    2
david scott joseph chang hsbc    2
“carolyn jones dwyer” and money laundering or fraud or theft or crime or bribe or charged or accused or embezzle or scandal or terror    2
amer boukai continental food    2
+1 mitchell 2013    2
betsy andreu    2
thomas p. branigan    2
philipedward kay dead    2
assistant district attorney sanaz nikaein    2
montgomery county assistant state’s attorney +robert hill    2
213 california +2012/2013    2
junie hoang wikipedia    2
eric greenberg munger tolles    2
philip edward kay obituary    2
engstrom lipscomb and lack    2
lawrence jeffery dalcerro fresno    2
howard bluestein gmail +1    2
meena harris harvard law    2
kapor deberry leslie brodie    2
phillip kaye attorney    2
“sacramento county superior court”, “mercury vs. jones”, “rate making”, “advertising”    2
scott steiner judge    2
yolo count answer to pertition gore    2
during the quality audit the auditor has given me an aoc for which should i rasise a preventive action or what ?    2
lauren redfern    2
kamala devi harris and willie brown    2
peter keane    2
ron burkle girlfriend    2
lorna patton brown    2
sempra energy crisis long beach gas 2000 2001 causes    2
lisa kentzell    2
james towery judge    2
jon alexander district attorney 2013    2 “dan dydzak”    2
maya harris first husband wrench    2
allintext : face cap manufacturers “+1″    2
karl velikanje    2
contra costa oliver north    2
leslie brodie report contact    2
judge yvette m palazuelos wiki encyclopedia    2
erika carlton    2
maya harris meena    2
tony west, maya’s husband    2
ms sonya molodetskaya    2
kamala harris images    2
maya harris married    2
maya harris daughter meena father    2
“paul o’brien” “state bar”    2
kamala harris boyfriend    2
willie brown and kamala harris    2
1st century bank los angeles rating    2
george tsunis norway    2
kamala harris and willie brown    2
diana cowboys 4 angels blog    2
california school board association legal alliance    2
allintext : slippers importers “+1″    2
kamala harris/college    2
“bruce africa” biochemistry    2
sanaz nikaein 2013    2
tony layton tennis    2
greg nitzkowski elena baca    2
robert l. bostick judge alameda county    2
kathleen lipscomb murder photos    2
pala indians howard dickstein    2
can an inactive lawyer sign a pleading filed with the cpuc california    2
california supreme court & octc state bar politics    2
erika girardi singer    2
fein number hart communication protocol and coro address    2
angelo williams csba    2
fogal v    2
debra murphy lawson    2
lore neuefeind-finke    2
how to contact judge rosenberg yolo county    2
gretchen peralta    2
diane feinstein’s husband brokers sales of usps bluds.    2
ginny foat fraud llc    2
john v. roos political contributions    2
mary ellen samuels daughter    2
kathleen lipscomb murder    2
assembly “richard robinson”    2
forced nudity club london    2
pearlperry reich pictures    2
oliver north wikipedia    2
salvador sarmiento judge address    2
pearl perry reich    2
ross chanin reputation defender    2
inters edison paris livre tom peters pdf reader    2
rabbi david aaron    2
darrell palmer objector    2
dan dyzdak    2
judge scott a. steiner investigation    2
yityish aynaw    2
“jon alexander” “district attorney”    2
sonnenschein nath & rosenthal, los angeles+aviva bobb    2
bnora @ @ @ @ @ txt 2013    2
paul o’brien of west covina    2
shanel ann stasz    2
+1 newyork ceo directory@yahoo,hotmail, 2013    2
llc companies ltd san francisco ca 94103 california or or    2
hugo quackenbush stasz    2
frithjof dale uc berkeley    2
obama-taitz sac. ca. 4/22/2013 morrison c england    2
susan friery    2
walter lack suspended    2
708.1–236.2    2
matthew john leathers    2
win tun tattoo    2
+1 richard teachers school    2
87 company administration and meetings    2
ron burkle girlfriend 2012    2
cowboys for angels steven    2
bill lockyer agai    2
o’grady v. superior court    2
colin weid past state bar of california treasury    2
ca brian tavares    2
tammy albertson state bar octc employees    2
grossman pearl peri    2
pearlperry reich 2013    2
dean van nest    2
leslie brodiie    2
carissa lawson    2
theresa garcia california    2
wilfredo neuefeind photos    2
men searching women for marriage, 2012-2013    2
ken billingsley nigc photos    2
tani robinson irvine    2
carolyn s. scarola, as trustee of the dry creek ranches trust more:legalweb    2
lisa woodman ban    2
investment management – south america company & group. fig-sac email in    2
“jay f chen ” money laundering    2
2011 patrick kirk v first american corporation    2
+1 rick reaitors 2013    2
sarah pasternak +1    2
chantelle mowbray    2
jean de maissy    2
+1 racheal reaitors 2013    2
lesbian israeli    2
nancy roberts lonsdale    2
ernest marugg    2
malcolm wittenberg attorney    2
holly fujie    2
philip kay died    2
de moura yolo county    2
sherilene supermodel of canada    2
haydee diaz santa clara greenlining harvard education    1
wiki maya harris    1
kcarina and robert hamilton    1
spire law group    1
drudge reportkamala harris    1
donna hershkowitz    1
finn caspersen tax evasion    1
“dennis hunter” lockheed homeland    1
alan rothenberg state bar treasury    1
latham and watkins mission    1
meena harris tony west    1
melinda samuels flight attendant    1
association of oil and gas owners in texas email contacts and directory? @ +fax +1    1
barbara hoffmann, montague, nj    1
san luis obispo district attorney investigator aj santana    1
wanetta gibson    1
deberry kapor leslie brodie    1
dershowtz randazza    1 +44    1
kamala harris and willie brown dnc convention    1
holly toups nude    1
political consultant for joe dunn    1
is kamala harris married willie brown    1
judge doug gummo    1
lord chief justice watkins    1
sexy pictures of kamala harris    1
maya harris marraige    1
is kamala harris married    1
kamala haris nude pic    1
how old is maya harris’s daughter    1
+1 operators 2013    1
samuel tunnell “theresa cho”    1
leslie brodie tom pack    1
jerome falk jacksonville fl    1
ca drivers license    1
ronald vasii    1    1
elliot fogel    1
tom steyer meets with howard dickstein, attorney    1
“james g. parker ins assoc” “the bancorp bank” “just like a”    1
corp 2013    1
duke energy    1
brodie kapor    1
kamala & maya harris    1
david mitchell keyser    1
daniel dickstein davis    1
judge james towery    1
jennifer jackson moshe    1
fogel v farmers settlement taxable    1
petition for the writ of mandamus or prohibition+joan marie dean    1
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steve westly cabinet    1
edith matthai    1
hadi makarechian defrauded creditors    1
lori alan nude    1
pearlperry reich model photos    1
terry o’reilly lawyer daily journal    1
barbara babcock nude    1
vcard litigation attorney united states    1
“oldford group ltd” profits tax    1
la superior court judges holly fujie    1
published cases involving a sanction for violating ccp 128.7 subdivision b    1
betsy kramer andreu    1
dian grueneich    1
judge patrice e. mcelroy    1
+1 powell smith dr brown bell in atlanta,,    1
+1    1
duckhorn vineyards-cbre    1
dame ann leslie daily mail    1
an image of dan lampe the victim of ford pinto    1
ca supreme court v richard tom 2012    1
patricia j barry reputation    1
dr. mary oda    1
pam coughenour teacher    1
kamala harris willie brown relationship    1
pearl perry reich pictures    1
los angeles superior court department 80 rafael ongkeko    1
jon alexander del norte ciounty bar decision april 2013    1
“frank wu” bribe or corrupt or allege or criminal or unethical    1
kamala harris obama affair rumor    1
johnstone skadden desk died    1
patricia kinaga law firm los angeles better business bureau complaints    1
maya harris and husband tony west    1
helly hamad    1
ms kimberly mack    1
richard blum sells government buildings    1
urban legends: richard blum to buy post office buildings?    1
wild mushrooms of san diego county, ca, images    1
fraudster chuck carr brown    1
carol burke uci    1
benjamin dreszer fulcrum property group    1
asian colin . wong state bar office general counsel    1
california statute setting forth civil rico    1
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pg&e records management “leslie”    1
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ken kachold    1
“technology group” “al haig”    1
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nancy criden vet west side el paso, tx    1
fairness hearing for the southeast antitrust settlement    1
ferc cc’d on all tag    1
richie ross consultant dunn    1
kamala harris young    1
is kamala harris married?    1
kamala harris and montel williams    1
kamala harris ethnic background    1
maya harris and daughter    1
ladies day epsom    1
federal judge john coughenour    1
ben and shauna oilgreen    1
the mistress of mr. willie brown    1
chevron sue dozinger for racketeering for amount    1
willie brown kamala harris    1
michael y roos lobbyist criminal indictment    1
marsha rebney’s of oc california photo    1
engstrom lipscomb & lack    1
reich perry nude    1
“lucy armendariz”    1
lisa kays teacher    1
del norte county district attorney’s office    1
attorney general kamala d. harris affair with willie brown    1
state bar california office of the executive director robert a. hawley    1
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photos of yityish aynaw    1
arizona department of real estate disapline beth jo zeitzer    1
magistrate judge jacqueline scott corley    1
guido richard saveri    1
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tdy chang    1
i have a tv cabinate d-72 whse10 seq180of450 who built it in 1993    1
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ivo labar san francisco    1
pg&e smartmeter installation schedual by zip code    1
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gerald galaway trial    1
mark friedman campaign kevin johnson    1
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western states wholesale gas antitrust    1
aimee and alex scribner    1
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victoria bjorklund maiden name    1
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mark friedman meets with howard dickstein    1
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female physicians: women    1
chevron v. donziger judgment on the pleadings august 31    1
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cache:<!–cache–>:    1
california public utilities comm complaints against verizon for improper billing practices    1
selling cookies to belmont students was definitely a good idea. you are a huge success. not only is your bank account flush with cash, but you are president of the entrepreneurship club and have been asked to advise the dean on any number of matters.    1
joseph bosco’s article oj simpson    1
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Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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    Whites Ordered to Back of Crowd at Black March...(First column, 3rd story, link)Related stories:DAY 2: DEMS FINALLY GET US FLAGS!ASSANGE: 'A LOT MORE MATERIAL COMING'...Shock Video...
  • Shock Video... 2016/07/27
    Shock Video...(First column, 4th story, link)Related stories:DAY 2: DEMS FINALLY GET US FLAGS!ASSANGE: 'A LOT MORE MATERIAL COMING'...Whites Ordered to Back of Crowd at Black March...
  • Kremlin dismisses DNC email hack claims as 'absurd'... 2016/07/27
    Kremlin dismisses DNC email hack claims as 'absurd'...(First column, 5th story, link)Related stories:Clinton camp braces for another WIKILEAKS dump...Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate Holocaust...PELOSI: EASE UP ON THE WOMAN THING...JERRY BROWN: PANIC TIME!
  • Clinton camp braces for another WIKILEAKS dump... 2016/07/27
    Clinton camp braces for another WIKILEAKS dump...(First column, 6th story, link)Related stories:Kremlin dismisses DNC email hack claims as 'absurd'...Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate Holocaust...PELOSI: EASE UP ON THE WOMAN THING...JERRY BROWN: PANIC TIME!
  • Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate Holocaust... 2016/07/27
    Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate Holocaust...(First column, 7th story, link)Related stories:Kremlin dismisses DNC email hack claims as 'absurd'...Clinton camp braces for another WIKILEAKS dump...PELOSI: EASE UP ON THE WOMAN THING...JERRY BROWN: PANIC TIME!
    PELOSI: EASE UP ON THE WOMAN THING...(First column, 8th story, link)Related stories:Kremlin dismisses DNC email hack claims as 'absurd'...Clinton camp braces for another WIKILEAKS dump...Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate Holocaust...JERRY BROWN: PANIC TIME!
  • JERRY BROWN: PANIC TIME! 2016/07/27
    JERRY BROWN: PANIC TIME!(First column, 9th story, link)Related stories:Kremlin dismisses DNC email hack claims as 'absurd'...Clinton camp braces for another WIKILEAKS dump...Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate Holocaust...PELOSI: EASE UP ON THE WOMAN THING...
    WEINER: I'D BEAT TRUMP JR. LIKE 'RENTED MULE' IN MAYORAL RUN...(First column, 10th story, link)Related stories:Testy over Huma 'security clearance' question...
  • Testy over Huma 'security clearance' question... 2016/07/27
    Testy over Huma 'security clearance' question...(First column, 11th story, link)Related stories:WEINER: I'D BEAT TRUMP JR. LIKE 'RENTED MULE' IN MAYORAL RUN...
  • Violent Crime RISING... 2016/07/27
    Violent Crime RISING...(First column, 12th story, link)Related stories:Commuters 'Scared' By Growing Homeless Encampments At NYC Penn Station...
  • Commuters 'Scared' By Growing Homeless Encampments At NYC Penn Station... 2016/07/27
    Commuters 'Scared' By Growing Homeless Encampments At NYC Penn Station...(First column, 13th story, link)Related stories:Violent Crime RISING...
  • Keep Mouth Closed: Rio Olympians Face Toxic Stew... 2016/07/27
    Keep Mouth Closed: Rio Olympians Face Toxic Stew...(First column, 14th story, link)Related stories:Athlete Claims Kidnapped by Police...
  • Athlete Claims Kidnapped by Police... 2016/07/27
    Athlete Claims Kidnapped by Police...(First column, 15th story, link)Related stories:Keep Mouth Closed: Rio Olympians Face Toxic Stew...
  • 'Prenup house' can be split in two... 2016/07/27
    'Prenup house' can be split in two...(First column, 16th story, link)
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