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“Odd Fellows Homes of California” Revisited Amid Revelation Re Yolo County Judge David Reed [ TLR Note: 1. Notice current BOD Members Roster Does NOT include Judge Dave Reed. However, current roster is fraudulent as Judge Dave Reed is part of entity — per admission made to YR. Name of Judge Reed is not listed pursuant to a conspiracy involving President Dave Rosenberg to conceal name of Reed in order to mislead YR 2. Also, notice evasive/hair-splitting Judge Dave Reed seeks to mislead YR re claim “David Odd Fellow” has no connection to Odd Fellows Homes of California. YR also managed to extract admission from Judge Reed re Grand Lodge 3- More on story re disqualification of Judge Dave Reed — soon]

Odd Fellows Homes

Odd Fellows Homes of California

Saratoga Retirement Home - IOOF

Saratoga Retirement Community

An Impressive History is claimed by the Odd Fellows Homes of California dating back to 1893 when provisions were made for the establishment of the first Odd Fellows Home in California. That first Home was located at Thermalito, Butte County, three miles from Oroville. The move from Thermalito to a new Odd Fellows Home in Saratoga, Santa Clara County, occurred on November 18, 1912. For nearly 100 years Odd Fellows, their widows and Rebekahs have resided at the Saratoga Home.

Originally Two Home Boards – With the purchase in 1992 of The Meadows of Napa Valley, the Odd Fellows of California became owners of two retirement homes managed and operated by two separate non-profit corporations – Odd Fellows Homes of California and Odd Fellows Housing of Napa.

The Meadows in Napa Valley

The Meadows of Napa Valley

The Home Boards Merge into one corporation as the Odd Fellows Homes of California, incorporated as a 501 (3) (c) non-profit corporation. The combined board originally had 17 Directors, but the number of Directors has been reduced gradually until there are now 13 Directors including the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer.

Visit the Saratoga Retirement Community website and the Meadows of Napa Valley website for detailed information about the two retirement Homes operated by the Odd Fellows Homes of California

Additional information on both facilities may also be obtained by contacting one of the following Directors of the Odd Fellows Homes of California:

Judge David Rosenberg – Board Chair (2014)
(530) 756-0697
Gerald Poarch – Board Vice Chair (2014)
Costa Mesa
(714) 850-0607
Dorothy Handy – Board Member (2011)
(707) 255-4492
Ray Link – Board Secretary (2014)
(408) 867-0231
Lynn Hill – Board Member (2012)
(707) 253-2324
Don R. Smith -Board Member (2013)
(209) 887-3829
Vic Bucher – Board Member (2014)
(530) 220-6077
Jay Johnson- Board Treasurer (2016)
(510) 794-0708
Robin Oliver – Board Member (2013)
Mill Valley
(415) 388-3806
Mary Ann Tschernoscha – Board Member (2013)
San Pedro
(310) 749-8905 (mobile)
Gerald D. Worth – Board Member (2013)
(707) 224-5659

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In Re Disqualify Judge David Reed
In Re Disqualify Judge David Reed 4

In Re Disqualify Judge David Reed 1
In Re Disqualify Judge David Reed 3


Complaint to IRS against Lea Rosenberg, Davis Odd Fellow, and Davis Rebekah Lodge (which mutually own David Odd Fellow Hall), please see @:



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