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Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169: Davis Odd Fellow Jonathan Raven — Yolo County Chief Deputy District Attorney — Honored As Prosecutor Of The Year [ TLR Note: Per YR, received “Google Alert” re Jeff Reisig — story of Davis Odd Fellow Jonathan Raven Honored As Prosecutor Of The Year . As reminder, Davis Odd Fellow — and related entities (Davis Rebekah Lodge, etc) subject of IRS complaint submitted by YR. Entities are under intense scrutiny due to PRELIMINARY evidence of suspected money laundering/bribery of Barbara Sommer vis-a-vis Progress Ranch and other APPEARANCES of misconduct involving Lea and Dave Rosenberg, Vic Bucher, David Reed. Per YR, emphasis on ONGOING, PRELIMINARY , and APPEARANCES. Once YR gathers enough evidence to fully substantiate suspicion, FBI will be immediately notified ]

Yolo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven displays the Prosecutor of the Year  award

Yolo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven displays the Prosecutor of the Year award

At the recent Law Enforcement and Community Recognition Dinner, District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) named Yolo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven as the inaugural recipient of the Prosecutor of the Year award. The MADD California Prosecutor of the Year award is presented to one prosecutor who has made a significant impact in one or multiple cases and worked closely with MADD.

Judy Utter, MADD Senior Victim Services Specialist, spoke highly of Mr Raven’s efforts and the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office’s contributions to furthering MADD’s mission and theme of the night – eradicating DUIs one step at a time.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig, who is a strong proponent of MADD and who is committed to eliminating the risk that DUI drivers pose to the community, stated, “Jonathan’s continuing commitment to the fight against impaired drivers and his deep compassion for victims of crime are just a few of the reasons this award was so deserved. The entire Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is extremely proud of Jonathan!”

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May 22, 2013

Internal Revenue Service
Exempt Organizations Unit
1100 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75242-1198

Re: A referral against exempt organizations 1) Davis Odd Fellows; 2)Soroptimist International of Davis; and 3) Davis Rebekah Lodge

In lieu of using the IRS’s Tax Exempt Organization Referral Form, please consider this communication a formal complaint (referral) against Yolo County, California not-for-profit entities known as 1) the Independent Order of Odd Fellows — Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 (“Davis Odd Fellows”); 2)Soroptimist International of Davis; and 3) Davis Rebekah Lodge.

On April 4 , 2013, the Davis Odd Fellows, Soroptimist International of Davis, and Davis Rebekah Lodge were duly served with a request for production of the three latest IRS Form 990, Form 990 Schedule A, as well as Form 1023.

David RosenbergLea Rosenberg aka Lea Ellen Pepper
Davis Odd Fellows Operatives: Lea Rossenberg, Judge Dave Rosenberg, Judge Dave Reed, and Volunteer —  Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Cabral (Image: courtesy photos)

Said requests were emailed to Mrs. Lea Rosenberg (wife of David Rosenberg aka Dave Rosenberg), and included a proviso by which the undersigned offered to pay for reasonable costs for any copying and mailing costs incurred in relation to this request.

To date, no responses have been received by me to this request to produce the tax returns, despite the clear mandate by the Internal Revenue Service to fully comply with such requests within 30 days.

As such, reluctantly, the undersigned makes this referral based on grave concerns dealing with suspicious circumstances surrounding Davis Odd Fellows’ board of directors (see ), President – Dave Rosenberg ,Vice President – Dave Reed, Treasurer – Barb Geisler, Secretary – Lea Rosenberg, as well as other non-profit entities controlled by Lea and David Rosenberg to wit, Soroptimist International of Davis, Davis Rebekah Lodge, Davis Sunrise Rotary Club , and the newly form non-profit entity Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc./Orphan Scholarship Fund.

More specifically, the concern relates to the fact that in recent years almost all the non profits entities controlled by Lea and Dave Rosenberg began to almost exclusively raise funds for “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” in Yolo County.

For example, Davis Odd Fellows held an event to benefit foster youth known as ” Breakfast with Santa”. Soroptimist International of Davis held an event to benefit foster youth known as “Texas Hold ‘Em”. Davis Rebekah Lodge held an event to benefit foster youth known as “Crab Feed.”

As mentioned above, In addition to “Breakfast with Santa”, Davis Odd Fellows recently launched an ad hoc non-profit to benefit foster youth known as Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc./Orphan Scholarship Fund.

While certainly the cause of supporting orphans and foster youth is worthy of praise, grave concerns exist that under the auspices of helping foster youth, money is instead actually laundered and being used for improper purposes, including , but not limited, to bribing or attempting to gain the favor of the foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury (Barbara Sommer) who, coincidently, also heads a non-profit entity designated to house “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” known as Progress Ranch.

Additional facts that raise suspicions are that both Dave Rosenberg and Dave Reed are judges of Yolo County Superior Court; Dave Rosenberg is a close confederate of an attorney (Howard Dickstein) who represents an Indian Casino located in Yolo County (Cache Creek Casino); Cache Creek Casino also recently developed an unexplained desire to benefit “foster youth” through a huge donation to benefit “foster youth”; and that in recent years Yolo County’s Grand Jury (headed by Barbara Sommer of Progress Ranch) was investigating Cache Creek Casino.

As such, I urge you to investigate this matter and impose appropriate sanctions against any and all involved, if supported by the results of your investigation.

I look forward to your response. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.


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