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Addendum to “UPDATE to “Something is Rotten in Yolo County : Deconstructing Shyster or Saint Dave Rosenberg” : Geoffrey Brown – Oral Sex Scandal [ TLR Note: In original post, TLR examined potential connections between Yolo County Superior Court Judge Dave Rosenberg and Jerry Brown / Geoffrey Brown in the context of unlawful search executed at resident of Yolo County’s YR , as well as unlawful pretextual seizure of material dealing with CaliforniaALL and California Consumer Protection Foundation (“CCPF”). CCPF — secretly headed by Cal Bar executive director Judy Johnson. CCPF obtained millions in fines and “settlements” imposed by the CPUC on utility companies. CCPF funneled millions primarily to dubious entities located @ “Gwen Moore Territory” in South Los Angeles i.e. ACORN and ACORN-like entities, as well as entities associated with Mitch Kapor / Gwen Moore i.e ZeroDivide. Farmer Ron Olson, Jeff Bleich, and Henry Weissmann of Munger Tolles primarily responsible for those “settlements” as legal representative of utility companies i.e. Verizon). Utility companies (Edison, Richard Tom), utility lawyers (i.e. Keker, Howard Rice, MoFo, MTO, Gibson Dunn) , California Democratic Party operatives (i.e. Gwen Moore, Dennis Manger, Laura Chick ), utility lobbyist (i.e. Jeannine English — who represented Ross Perot during Cal Energy Crisis), CPUC executives (i.e. Geoffrey Brown, Peter Arth), utility politician (i.e. Joe Dunn), utility APIA (Asian Pacific-Islander American i.e. Holly Fujie, Leslie Hatamiya, Ruthe Catolico Ashley) have gotten brazen and begun to congregate with impunity around the State Bar of California / California Bar Foundation. “Oral Sex Scandal” deals with events surrounding legal representation of female attorney by a “legal team” consisting of Dean Peter Keane, Geoffrey Brown, and Cal Bar Deputy Executive-Director Robert Hawley (and by extension Judy Johnson) before State Bar Court judge – Hon.Patricie McElroy. In order to conceal the shady financial transactions involving the above and in order to conceal the relationship between Judy Johnson/Geoffrey Brown, said “legal team” resorted to a) Oral Sex Scandal — during deposition of female attorney, member of the “legal team” argued, unconvincingly, email to female attorney constituted sexual harassment because it contained references to cunnilingus. This, despite the fact email was welcomed by the recipient, indeed. b) Bribing Pat- legal team bestowed an undisclosed trip oversees upon Judge McElroy in consideration for favorable rulings i.e. McElroy denied motion to disallow Keane’s representation of female attorney, denied motion to re-open discovery in order to depose law clerk of Donald Steedman who urged female attorney to allege sexual harassment, “lightly” admonished member of legal team who uttered “Son of a Bitch” during deposition c) “UCLA Law Professor Richard Sander Scandal” — when sued in San Francisco Superior Court, Cal Bar took position opposite to that it had taken in the matter involving UCLA Law Professor Richard Sander. Judge Warren admonished Cal Bar. TLR obtained advance notice State Bar Court matter will be re-opened in order to fully examine the above mentioned transactions/actors — especially Judy Johnson, Robert Hawley, Geoffrey Brown, MTO in the context of CCPF and Cal Energy Crisis settlements.

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