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TIMELINE January, 2013: Lea Rosenberg installed as Noble Grand of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, Dave Rosenberg installed as Secretary, Sheryl Cambron (wife of Judge David Reed) installed as Conductor (TLR Notes: relevant to Fraud on Court by Judge Reed who defrauded YR as well as Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Valli Israels by not disclosing the role of his wife 2. This is the third act of fraud perpetrated by Judge Reed. The first act of fraud deals with the fact that Reed never disclosed his role as “Grand Conductor” of the Grand Lodge. The second act of fraud deals with the fact that Judge Reed never disclosed his role of a 2010-12 President of Davis Odd Fellows — the time period which was the subject of a complaint to the IRS)

Lea Rosenberg has been installed as Noble Grand of the Davis Rebekah Lodge by District Deputy President Donna Morrison at a meeting of the Lodge on January 28.

Other elected officers of the Davis Rebekah Lodge installed that evening were Vice Grand Lin Spangler, Secretary Dave Rosenberg, Treasurer Diana Schmiegel and Financial Secretary Sharla Cheney.   All appointed officers of the Lodge were present as well, and were installed into office:  Warden Barb Geisler, Conductor Sheryl Cambron, Chaplain Joyce Trujillo, Right Supporter of the Noble Grand Jeannie Pytel…..

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Sheryl Cambron
Shown above is Judge Dave Reed’s spouse Sheryl Cambron who serves as Conductor of Davis Rebekah Lodge ( recently subject of IRS complaint and where Lea Rosenberg serves as president) and as the High Priestess of Davis Encampment #21 (where Judge David Rosenberg serves as Chief Patriarch). Strangely, Cambron is employed as an attorney for Yolo County Counsel.(image:courtesy photo)

YR’s complaint to IRS and YR’s SECOND C.C.P. section 170.1 Verified Challenge to Judge David Reed, below:

May 22, 2013

Internal Revenue Service
Exempt Organizations Unit
1100 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75242-1198

Re: A referral against exempt organizations 1) Davis Odd Fellows; 2)Soroptimist International of Davis; and 3) Davis Rebekah Lodge

In lieu of using the IRS’s Tax Exempt Organization Referral Form, please consider this communication a formal complaint (referral) against Yolo County, California not-for-profit entities known as 1) the Independent Order of Odd Fellows — Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 (“Davis Odd Fellows”); 2)Soroptimist International of Davis; and 3) Davis Rebekah Lodge.

On April 4 , 2013, the Davis Odd Fellows, Soroptimist International of Davis, and Davis Rebekah Lodge were duly served with a request for production of the three latest IRS Form 990, Form 990 Schedule A, as well as Form 1023.

David RosenbergLea Rosenberg aka Lea Ellen Pepper
Davis Odd Fellows Operatives: Lea Rossenberg, Judge Dave Rosenberg, Judge Dave Reed, and Volunteer —  Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Cabral (Image: courtesy photos)

Said requests were emailed to Mrs. Lea Rosenberg (wife of David Rosenberg aka Dave Rosenberg), and included a proviso by which the undersigned offered to pay for reasonable costs for any copying and mailing costs incurred in relation to this request.

To date, no responses have been received by me to this request to produce the tax returns, despite the clear mandate by the Internal Revenue Service to fully comply with such requests within 30 days.

As such, reluctantly, the undersigned makes this referral based on grave concerns dealing with suspicious circumstances surrounding Davis Odd Fellows’ board of directors (see ), President – Dave Rosenberg ,Vice President – Dave Reed, Treasurer – Barb Geisler, Secretary – Lea Rosenberg, as well as other non-profit entities controlled by Lea and David Rosenberg to wit, Soroptimist International of Davis, Davis Rebekah Lodge, Davis Sunrise Rotary Club , and the newly form non-profit entity Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc./Orphan Scholarship Fund.

More specifically, the concern relates to the fact that in recent years almost all the non profits entities controlled by Lea and Dave Rosenberg began to almost exclusively raise funds for “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” in Yolo County.

For example, Davis Odd Fellows held an event to benefit foster youth known as ” Breakfast with Santa”. Soroptimist International of Davis held an event to benefit foster youth known as “Texas Hold ‘Em”. Davis Rebekah Lodge held an event to benefit foster youth known as “Crab Feed.”

As mentioned above, In addition to “Breakfast with Santa”, Davis Odd Fellows recently launched an ad hoc non-profit to benefit foster youth known as Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc./Orphan Scholarship Fund.

While certainly the cause of supporting orphans and foster youth is worthy of praise, grave concerns exist that under the auspices of helping foster youth, money is instead actually laundered and being used for improper purposes, including , but not limited, to bribing or attempting to gain the favor of the foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury (Barbara Sommer) who, coincidently, also heads a non-profit entity designated to house “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” known as Progress Ranch.

Additional facts that raise suspicions are that both Dave Rosenberg and Dave Reed are judges of Yolo County Superior Court; Dave Rosenberg is a close confederate of an attorney (Howard Dickstein) who represents an Indian Casino located in Yolo County (Cache Creek Casino); Cache Creek Casino also recently developed an unexplained desire to benefit “foster youth” through a huge donation to benefit “foster youth”; and that in recent years Yolo County’s Grand Jury (headed by Barbara Sommer of Progress Ranch) was investigating Cache Creek Casino.

As such, I urge you to investigate this matter and impose appropriate sanctions against any and all involved, if supported by the results of your investigation.

I look forward to your response. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.


According to YR, “On June 14, 2013, I filed a C.C.P. section 170.1 Verified Challenge to Judge David Reed stemming from his association with Judge David and Lea Rosenberg, his associations with Davis Odd Fellow and Davis Rebekah Lodge, the fact that I had filed an IRS complaint against those entities, and because of the media exposure on Davis Patch. This Challenge was denied by Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Valle Israels, incorporated herein by reference.

Subsequent to the filing of the Challenge, and while awaiting a ruling by Judge Israels on the matter, I became concerned about what I believed were further acts of fraud and deceit perpetrated by Odd Fellows Home of California in connection with Judge Dave Reed, Judge Dave Rosenberg, Lea Rosenberg, and Vic Bucher.

Specifically, my concerns related to what I perceived as an attempt to improperly distance Judge David Reed, on one hand, from Judge David Rosenberg, Lea Rosenberg, and Vic Bucher, on the other hand. As such, on July 17, 2013, I sent Odd Fellows Home of California a cease and desist demand.

In reply to the “cease and desist”, I received 3 replies. Two replies originated from Mr. Gerald Poarch,informing me that the “update” will “occur after the Board elects its new Officers, which will occur at the July 27, 2013 meeting.” Mr. Poarch also informed me that the personal treasurer of Judge David Rosenberg’s judicial campaign (Mr. Vic Bucher) is presiding until the election of new officers. The third reply came from Mr. Don Smith (see Exhibit 4), also informing me that the website will be updated to reflect the election of Judge David Reed as director of Odd Fellow Home of California only after the July 27, 2013 board meeting.

The information contained in Paragraph 4 of this document is in marked contradiction to information received both by me and the Court from Judge David Reed who previously asserted, repeatedly, that he was elected to the board of Odd Fellow Home of California (a multi-million dollar retirement facility) during a meeting held during the month of May.

In addition, although I became aware of the information previously but did not think much of it, subsequent to my discovery dealing with the above described events , I am now concerned about potential further misrepresentations, concealment, deceit, and fraud on the Court perpetrated by Judge David Reed in connection with his failure to previously disclose his very recent role as “Grand Conductor” of the California Grand Lodge – the entity supervising Davis Odd Fellow and Davis Odd Fellow Hall.

Simply put, Judge David Reed never disclosed to me (or to Judge Valle Israels) the fact that he served as “Grand Conductor” of the Grand Lodge despite multiple opportunities to do so, and despite
knowing full well that this may be an important fact for the Court’s consideration in determining whether to grant the C.C.P. § 170.1 Verified Challenge. Instead, similar to the events which necessitated the “cease and desist” request, the various parties (Judge David Reed, Judge David Rosenberg, Vic Bucher, and the various Odd Fellow outfits) stooped to misleading the public by quickly removing the name of Judge David Reed as “Grand Conductor” and replacing it with the name of Glenn Lindsey (see ) in what could be considered an attempt to distance Judge Reed from the decision of Davis Odd Fellow to not comply with the IRS rules and regulations.

In connection with the allegations mentioned in Paragraph 7 of this Second Verified Challenge, the undersigned asks that an evidentiary hearing be scheduled to further explore the facts surrounding this alleged act of fraud i.e. exact dates Judge David Reed served as “Grand Conductor,” and the reason the name of Judge Reed was quickly replaced with the name of Glenn Lindsey on the website.”


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