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William Hauck of Goddard Claussen / Blue Cross / California Forward / Golden Pacific Bank and Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs/ Golden Pacific Bank / California Forward / Venoco Hereby Asked to Comment on Allegations Dealing with Confederate of Jeannine English — George Davis of AARP/ State Bar of California BOG [ TLR Notes: As a reminder 1- Lucas controls AARP’s two-faced fraudster Barbara O’Connor — who is also under scrutiny for laundering Verizon money (client of MTO’s Jeff Bleich of Obama for America) alongside Costa Rica devotee Brenda Kempster 2- Lucas — sister of Kip Lipper, assistant to Darrell Steinberg of CaliforniaALL 3- Hauck also controls THE CALIFORNIA ENDOWMENT which forwarded hundreds of thousands to Lucas Public Affairs to promote Obamacare just prior to last election. 4. CaliforniaALL’s Pat Fong-Kushida also part of Golden Pacific Bank ]

Consistent with The Leslie Brodie Report’s commitment to integrity and adherence to the highest level of ethical journalism, and in order to report on both sides of a controversy while affording those involved the opportunity to comment, William Hauck of Goddard Claussen / Blue Cross / California Forward / Golden Pacific Bank and Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs/  Golden Pacific Bank / California Forward / Venoco  hereby asked to comment on allegations that you control Jeannine English’s confederate —  George Davis of AARP/ State Bar of California BOG.  Please feel free to comment at designated space.  Article re Goerge Davis, below:

A new day and a new scandal has erupted involving the former public member of State Bar of California Board of Governors — Jeannine Dickstein (aka Jeannine English and/or Jeannine English-Dickstein), the wife of attorney Howard Dickstein.

The rapidly expanding multi-prong civil inquiry, conducted by TLR’s confederate — Yolo County’s YR  — focuses on  George Davis,  who until recently served alongside English-Dickstein as a “Public Member” of California’s State Bar Board of Governors.

AARP's George Davis and AARP's Jeannine English
Davis and English-Dickstein (image: courtesy photo)

Until recently, Davis, the owner of Davis Broadband Group — a Culver City-based dubious communication consulting firm — has been viewed as only a minor player among the bevy of diverse individuals who infiltrated the State Bar of California as part of an ongoing trend by racial minorities of squeezing money from utility companies who capitulate rather than having to fully comply with “hiring quotas” of minorities mandated by CPUC General Order 156 (two other notable players are BOG member Gwen Moore and former executive director Judy Johnson, who secretly served  as the president of California Consumer Protection Foundation.  Of note, both Moore and Johnson are Black).


However, in an extremely shocking turn of events, it has  recently been revealed that George Davis has been secretly serving as part of AARP’s California Board of Directors (alongside English-Dickstein), and that he was recently elected as President of California AARP, despite the fact that he is completely and utterly unqualified for such a position.

According to knowledgeable sources, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation, the relevancy of the findings relate to the fact that George Davis never disclosed his association with the AARP and English-Dickstein.

AARP Operatives Jeannine English, George Davis, and two-faced-fraudster Barbara O’Connor of Lucas Public Affairs

Significantly, this fact was not disclosed even when a Yolo County-based Rabbi filed a complaint against English-Dickstein with the State Bar of California Board of Governors alleging improprieties involving the AARP, Jeannine English, and a $900.000 cy pres award arranged by Thomas Girardi of Girardi & Keese to California AARP in order to curry favor with English-Dickstein to avoid sanctions by the State Bar for his grave misconduct (described in the Ninth Circuit decision of In Re Girardi).

While speculation abounds, it is suspected that Davis is being controlled from behind the scenes by lobbyist William Hauck (of Blue Cross)  and Donna Lucas (of Porter Novelli/ Lucas Public Affairs.)  As reminder, Bill Novelli of Porter Novelli served as the AARP’s national president for many years.

Daily Stooge
Shown from left are Blue Cross’s William Hauck, Porter Novelli’s Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs, Jeannine Dickstein (aka Jeannine English) who are suspected of controlling  from behind the scenes the completely and utterly unqualified George Davis, shown on the right (image:courtesy photo)


During his tenure as a public member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors, Davis — despite his Republicans affiliation — participated (alongside public members Dickstein-English, Laura Chick, and Gwen Moore) in a highly sopisiticated financial schmeme executed by “OBAMA FOR AMERICA” operatives known as CaliforniaALL.

During his tenure on the Board of Governors, Davis also concpired with Jon Streeter of Keker & Van Nest to “hide” associate Chris Young (who played a major role in the CaliforniaALL scheme).  The hiding of Chris Young (dubbed as Three-Card-Monte given its tricky and unlawful nature) occurred during the same period of time he had concpired with Streeter and other to file false criminal charges against the Yolo County based-Rabbi with the Yolo County District Attorney.

TLR has also learned that –presumably in consideration for unlawful services rendered by Jon Streeter —  Davis has bestowed on Streeter an expensive gift featuring baseball player Willie Mayes.

Cal Bar Actors
Executives and Directors of State Bar of California and/or California Bar Foundation: Joseph Dunn AKA Joe Dunn (of Voice of OC, UC Irvine Foundation, Judicial Council), Jon Streeter (of Keker & Van Nest ; connections to Obama for America, Keker & Van Nest’s associate Chris Young – major figure in CaliforniaALL scheme), Somnath Raj Chatterjee (of Morrison & Foerster), Gretchen Nelson (of Kreindler & Kreindler), Alec Chang (of Skadden Arps), Douglas Winthrop (of Arnold & Porter — formerly of Howard Rice), David Grove (of Vaquero Capital; connections to Mark Parnes and John Roos of WSGR; husband of Joilene Wood Grove of Cal Bar Foundation / WSGR) Holly Fujie (of Buchalter Nemer), Gwen Moore (of GeM Communication, connections to Eric Moore, CCPF, CPUC), Gay-Godfather Dennis Mangers (former aide to Darrell Steinberg of CaliforniaALL), Jeannine English (wife of Howard Dickstein; connections to CPUC, AARP, Donna Lucas, Casinos) George Davis (of David Broadband), Richard Tom (of Southern California Edison ; Edison International ; proxy of Munger Tolles/ Ron Olson), Mary Ann Todd (of Munger Tolles — wrongdoer in re CaliforniaALL, CCPF; represents two utilities implicated in CaliforniaALL financial scheme- Southern California Edison and Verizon )


About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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