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Rick Boyles – Grand Master of Grand Lodge of California — Asked to Comment on Alleged Perjury by David Reed (husband of Sheryl Cambron) Concerning Financial Contributions from Davis Odd Fellows to Progress Ranch / Barbara Sommer

Hello Mr. Boyles:

I hope you are well, and thanks for replying to my email the other day.

Do you by any chance know why Dave Reed stated — falsely — under penalty of perjury that “DAVIS ODD FELLOWS HAVE NEVER MADE CONTRIBUTIONS OR PARTICIPATED IN FUND-RAISING FOR PROGRESS RANCH.”

As you know, Reed is a judge of the Yolo County Superior Court and Progress Ranch is an entity controlled by Barbara Sommer — foreman of Yolo County Grand Jury.

As you also know, because of the almost exclusive financial contributions to “emancipated foster youth,” I suspected that Lea and David Rosenberg misused Davis Odd Fellows to launder money to Barbara Sommer on behalf of Cache Creek Casino — an entity which Sommer was investigating in her capacity as foreman of the Yolo County Grand Jury.

Recently, much to my chagrin, I came across various articles which clearly state that Davis Odd Fellows — during the time period Dave Reed serve as president — repeatedly made financial contributions to Progress Ranch.

If you know why Dave Reed chose to defraud the court and myself, please let me know.

You can obtain more information about this topic by clicking on following link:

Thank you

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David Reed of Yolo County Superior Court / Davis Odd Fellows
Yolo County Superior Court Judge and Davis Odd Fellows President / Director David Reed. Subsequent to allegation made by Yolo County-based Rabbi that David Rosenberg, Lea Rosenberg, and David Reed may have misused Davis Odd Fellows (and related charities) to launder money in order to bribe Barbara Sommer of Progress Ranch on behalf of Cache Creek Casino, in pleadings dated June 21, 2013 David Reed falsely declared under penalty of perjury that “DAVIS ODD FELLOWS HAVE NEVER MADE CONTRIBUTIONS OR PARTICIPATED IN FUND-RAISING FOR PROGRESS RANCH“. (image: courtesy photo)

David Reed Dec In Re Progress Ranch Reed Dec Under Penalty of Perjury

On December 29, 2010, The Davis Enterprise reported:

“The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has announced it is contributing $6,500 to eight local charities and community groups as beneficiaries from the annual Breakfast with Santa held December 11, 2010

“In addition to providing a fun experience with Santa for 360 children and families, we are pleased to be able to help others during this holiday season,” said Lea Rosenberg, an Odd Fellow who co-chaired the breakfast.

Recipients of the donations are: $1,500 to Progress Ranch, which provides a home to foster children.

“Because of donations of food and other items for the breakfast, as well as financial donations from sponsors, the Odd Fellows are able to keep the cost of Breakfast with Santa at a really low level, and also have funds remaining to benefit these important community groups,” said Dave Reed, noble grand of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge. (emphasis added)

Barbara Sommer
Barbara Sommer (who currently serves as the president of Progress Ranch; President of California Grand Jurors’ Association – Yolo County Chapter) is being looked into for indications of whether she may have been the recipient of questionable gifts during a time period when she served concurrently as Treasurer of Progress Ranch and Foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury in order to influence the outcome of various legal proceedings, and especially a Grand Jury investigation of Cache Creek Casino located in Yolo County. (image: courtesy photo)


On November 9, 2011 The Davis Enterprise published the following:

Davis Odd Fellows' Dave Reed Progress Ranch

“The event is presented by the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge and Davis Rebekah Lodge, with food donations from the Davis Food Co-op, Woodstock’s Pizza, Kona Coast Food Products and Puroast Low Acid Coffee.

“The 175 members of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge look forward to Breakfast with Santa every year because it brings so much joy and pleasure to the children and families who participate,” said Dave Reed, Noble Grand of the lodge.

Proceeds from the event will support emancipated foster youths as they transition to adulthood and Progress Ranch, a group home for foster boys in Davis.”

Separately, on March 9, 2012 The Davis Enterprise reported the following:

“I received an email from Lea Rosenberg of the Davis Odd Fellows saying that we were going to be the recipients of their “Breakfast with Santa” fundraiser during the 2011 holiday season. When I arrived at the Odd Fellows Hall on Feb. 22, Lea graciously provided an introduction of Progress Ranch to the membership, and a check was presented to me.

The board and staff of Progress Ranch applaud the Odd Fellows and the Davis community for collaborating and partnering with our agency since its inception and in the successful fundraiser, the 2011 holiday appeal letter.” (emphasis added)

About Leslie Brodie

Leslie Brodie is a reporter, writer, blogger, activist, and a religious leader in the community.


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