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Ryan Clifford of Davis, CA(plaintiff in the case against Chi Delta — UC Davis Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi Jewish Fraternity) Hereby Asked to Opine on Loan of $5,000 from Yolo County Judge Dave Rosenberg Committee to Judicial Campaign of Judge Dan Maguire (TLR Notes: 1. TLR is of the opinion that loans from one judge to another tend to undermine the independence/public trust of judicial system 2. Is such practice even legal? Aren’t judges allowed to ONLY “endorse” a judicial candidate during judicial political campaigns ? 3. Is it the contention of Clifford that said $5000 from Rosenberg to McGuire reason McGuire ruled against Clifford? If yes, did Clifford file a complaint against Rosenberg with California Commission on Judicial Performance ? 4. YR, roger that.

Yolo County Superior Court Judge Dave Rosenberg (image by TLR/ courtesy photo) On March 29, 2012  Lauren Keene of The Davis Enterprise reported the following: Maguire holds fund-raising lead over Parish WOODLAND — Yolo Superior Court Judge Daniel Maguire continues to hold a financial edge over his election opponent, collecting twice as much in donations … Continue reading

Redacted DavisWiki of Lea Rosenberg — Spouse of Judge Dave Rosenberg [ TLR Note: familial data – redacted 2- If factually applicable, re University Farm Circle may be of interest to attorney of Ryan Clifford. Likewise, financial relationship between Rosenberg, Maguire, Vic Bucher, retirement homes @ Napa/ Saratoga 3- Wiki lacks Madam Rosenberg’s extensive contribution to community re “helps raise money for local hospitals.”]

Lea Rosenberg is a community activist currently serving as Co-President of Soroptimist International of Davis, Noble Grand (President) of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and as a member of the Board of the Yolo County SPCA. Lea has opened her home to innumerable arts, education, political, charitable, and community events over the years. Lea Rosenberg formerly … Continue reading

Timeline 2010 – Stand Up for California: Cache Creek Casino: Traffic, crime, but oh the money [ TLR Note: 1- Practically speaking, Cache Creek Casino – controlled by Howard Dickstein and UC Davis Foundation’s Tribal Chairman Marshall McKay of Beverly Hills — pays salaries of Bruce Naliboff, Michael Cabral and RICO Defendant Jeff Reisig 2- If tribe a sovereign entity — what, if any, constitutional provision gives Yolo County power to seek payments in mitigation? 3- Are payments reason Bruce Naliboff / Jeff Reisig did not criminally charge fraternity members for hate crimes / attempted extortion of Ryan Clifford — attempted extortion in re subsequent alleged threat of violence against Ryan Clifford if will not remain quiet]

Cache Creek Casino: Traffic, crime, but oh the money Cache Creek Casino has brought some prosperity to the region, but the grand jury noted the negatives in its report. By ERIN TRACY / Daily Democrat 07/09/2010 The Cache Creek Casino Resort attracted patrons who fueled the economy, which led to improved emergency services, but ultimately … Continue reading

Sources: Ryan Clifford May Wish to Consider Asking Yolo County Grand Jury to Investigate Myriad Alleged Misconduct by Various Governmental Officials — Yolo County Grand Jury Contact Information

What Is The Grand Jury? The Constitution of California requires that every county impanel a Grand Jury each year. The Grand Jury is an arm of the judicial system, but acts as an entirely independent body. In Yolo County, the Superior Court impanels nineteen jurors. California grand juries are unique as their primary responsibility is … Continue reading

Additional Data In Re Mrs. Fran Maguire — Spouse of Yolo County Superior Court Judge — Hon. Dan Maguire [TLR Note: 1- notice on bottom reference to “The Regents of the University of California” — who were named defendants in Ryan Clifford vs. UC Davis

Home Faculty and Staff Search Departmental Offices Search Other Searches UC Campus Directories List of UCSF web sites Telephone Information Voice Services Emergency System Medical Center Backup System Mobile Help  Fran Maguire To update your directory entry… Title Health Care Data Analyst Department Family  PACT Email: Private Practice Phone Campus Phone 916-341-5675 Campus Phone … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: New Development in Matter of Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis / Judge Dan Maguire of Yolo County Superior Court : University of California Employee Fran Maguire

The Leslie Brodie Report (TLR) is carefully following a developing story relating to Yolo County Superior Court Judge Daniel Maguire in connection with the matter of Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis. Specifically, circumstances surrounding Mrs. Fran Maguire  —  Judge Maguire’s spouse and an employee of the University of California  — are being looked upon with … Continue reading

Profile of David Greenwald — Owner, The People’s Vanguard of Davis and Vanguard Court Watch [TLR Note: hard to conceive reason Vanguard Court Watch and Vanguard of Davis never offered any coverage of Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis — alleged coordinated assault inflicted on person of Christian-American Ryan Clifford by Jewish members of Chi Delta — UC Davis Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Jewish fraternity; Unlike the concededly subjective coverage offered by The Leslie Brodie Report – an online news-media outlet for a faith-based group with its own specific agenda — Vanguard, based on its own representations, must be objective]

David M. Greenwald is married to Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, whom he met on a political campaign, Mark DeSio’s State Senate campaign in 1998. David Greenwald came here as a graduate student in Political Science at University of California, Davis. He got his Master’s in Political Science in 2007. He grew up in San Luis Obispo, Ca. … Continue reading

David Greenwald of People’s Vanguard of Davis Hereby Asked to Disclose Reason Your Publication VANGUARD COURT WATCH Did Not- Does Not Cover Matter of Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis [TLR Note: VANGUARD COURT WATCH lack of coverage in matters of Clifford v. UC Davis and separate events dealing with unlawful pretextual search of home of YR and seizure of all CaliforniaALL financial scheme related materials by armed posse from Yolo County District Attorney is viewed by The Leslie Brodie Report as strong circumstantial evidence David Greenwald reporting is suspect, compromised! ; Greenwald connections to UC Davis and/or Judge Dave Rosenberg?]

The Leslie Brodie Report obtained the following search results from Google: Reisig site: About 1,710 results +++++ Rosenberg site: About 818 results +++++ Naliboff site: About 38 results +++++ Ryan Clifford  site: Your search – Ryan Clifford site: – did not match any documents. Suggestions: Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords. … Continue reading

More alleged factual background on coordinated assault inflicted on person of Christian-American Ryan Clifford by Jewish members of Chi Delta — UC Davis Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Jewish fraternity [TLR Note: Did El Dorado County / Yolo County District Attorneys investigate the matter for violation of Penal Codes dealing with hate-crimes – attempted extortion – battery – sexual assaults – mayhem – concpiracy ? and if not, why not? Does UC Davis control Jeff Reisig?]

At the conclusion of the drinking game, Danny Sacher, charged at Ryan and tried to grab him but fell on chairs in the room. Ryan told him he didn’t want to get hurt. As Ryan headed toward the front door to leave the fraternity house, Sacher grabbed Ryan from behind, began to choke him, stomped … Continue reading

3rd Appellate District Case Information for Ryan Clifford v. Alpha Epsilon PI Fraternity, Inc., et al / Ryan Clifford v. The Superior Court of Yolo County [TLR Note: Clifford was ordered to pay for an AEPi witness’s travel expenses – trial delayed – Pro Per Plaintiff Ryan Clifford fails to pay$2,500 — Judge Dan Maguire dismisses three days before trial; On first blush — decision cruel, doesn’t pass smell test — something is rotten in Yolo County]

C070846 CV091282 Clifford v. Alpha Epsilon PI Fraternity, Inc., et al. C070840 CV091282 Clifford v. The Superior Court of Yolo County Source @: Clifford v. Alpha Epsilon PI Fraternity Trial Court Case: CV091282 Court of Appeal Case: C070846 Division: Case Caption: Clifford v. Alpha Epsilon PI Fraternity, Inc., et al. Case Type: CV Filing … Continue reading

Davis Wiki Profile of UC Davis’s Alpha Epsilon Pi — Including Data on Case of Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis [TLR Note: 1- Greek System Jewish Fraternity — akin to Kosher Ham Sandwich;Hellenistic Judaism 2- Universal rule of nature per the Talmud — when Jerusalem (peace, spirituality, justice, morality) is up, Caesarea (vanity, selfishness,injustices, materialism) is down, and vice versa — both in your own personal life and the world around you 3- Any of Mark Friedman’s family involved? 3- Notice two serious allegations of judicial misconduct — judges?]

The UC Davis chapter of AEPi had a cumulative GPA of 3.2 (number 1 for all fraternities), 76 active brothers (number 1 for all fraternities), placed first in Arrowjam and raised over $7000 for Shaare Zedek children’s hospital. Somehow we still found time to throw the sickest parties…and this was just last year. Alpha Epsilon … Continue reading

More on Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis In Re Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity [TLR Note: Article alludes to suit filed in federal court — Did UC Davis remand to state court? How judges Dave Rosenberg and Dan Maguire involved? At this point, TLR recommends aggrieved plaintiff/party contact attorneys Ivo Labar / Jim Wagstaffe of Kerr & Wagstaffe — both with experience in suing fraternities / Hazing — for a second opinion]

– A former Alpha Epsilon Pi pledge at UC Davis claims he was singled out for the worst form of hazing, including drugging, assault and sexual assault, because he was the only pledge who wasn’t Jewish, and that when he complained, the university told him to withdraw from classes. Ryan Clifford claims in Federal Court … Continue reading

TIMELINE 2011: UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi responded to The Huffington Post’s article about Ryan Clifford’s lawsuit

On Thursday, UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi responded to The Huffington Post’s article about Ryan Clifford’s lawsuit with the following statement: We take the recent allegations in this lawsuit very seriously, and are committed to a fair outcome, wherever the facts may lead. If hazing occurred at this fraternity, we will take appropriate sanctions. … Continue reading

Ryan Clifford Files Suit Against U.C. Davis Alleging Abuse During Fraternity Pledge

via Ryan Clifford, who graduated in 2010, alleges that he was punched, stripped naked, molested and forced to drink “inordinate amounts” of alcohol while pledging the Chi Delta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi in fall 2008. In his lawsuit filed in federal court in Sacramento, Clifford said he was targeted for a particularly harsh … Continue reading

Record of Clifford v. Regents of University of California [TLR Note: a) 2 federal cases — separate and apart from case in Yolo County Superior Court b)even though Clifford’s claims appear valid and justifies – number of proceedings call for self-examination c) Did Clifford contact Ivo Labar of Kerr & Wagstaffe?

Ryan Clifford v. Regents of The University of C, et al Share | Defendant – Appellee,s: REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, TRACY GRISSOM and PAUL CODY Plaintiff – Appellant,: RYAN CLIFFORD Case Number: 12-16255 Filed: May 29, 2012 Court: U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Nature of Suit: Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights … Continue reading

The Leslie Brodie Report Mulls Liaising with Champion of Justice Dr Joe Zernik for Purpose of Understating Reason Large Number of Jews Stand Accused of Greed, Financial Shenanigans and Myriad Schemes [ TLR Note: To date, TLR managed to document close to 80 California Jews (mostly member of JNC Cabal) who are either presently under scrutiny or those previously accused of misconduct 2. Conventional wisdom provides the following reasons a) Bay Area based-Orthodox Rabbi (not YR) avers lack of anti-Semitism in California, unaware population/ population shift/ disappearances of White middle-class/ support of large corporation, and relative anonymity of modern society allow some Jews to operate with impunity. Shockingly, said Rabbi believes “little” anti-Semitism is a “good thing” to keep Jews on their toes. b) source of problem — because of anti-Semitism/ Pogroms/ Holocaust/ Oppression, some Jews — mostly Eastern-European — developed various mechanism (greed, trickery, sense of humor, political ideas, shyster personality, penchant for “air professions” ) in order to survive — theory of Benjamin Disraeli]

Previously, in response to a request by The Leslie Brodie Report (“TLR”), Dr. Joseph Zernik provided a short review of the history of the corruption in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, highlighting the Iran-Contra Scandal, the Rampart Scandal, and corruption within U.S. District Court in Los Angeles as key causes of the corruption. See … Continue reading

The Leslie Brodie Report Search Terms for 7 days ending 2013-05-03 (Summarized) [TLR Note: Notice tip re davis odd fellow gives to judge rosenberg’s campaign ; YR – roger that]

2013-04-03 to Today Search    Views leslie brodie    155 promiscuous kamala harris    26 maya harris daughter meena    14 kamala harris husband    14 maya harris first husband    14 kamala harris    13 leslie brodie report    10 maya harris daughter    10 maya harris west    10 jon alexander district attorney    9 +1 executive director 2013    7 cowboys 4 angels   … Continue reading

Judicial Council Watcher Reader Dubbed “Lando” Oddly Avers Yolo County Superior Court Judge/ Judicial Council Member Dave Rosenberg “Should Not Be The Subject of Attacks on His Honesty and Character” on Judicial Council Watcher Website

Amid growing controversy over Lea and David Rosenberg, and following on the heels of an article published by Judicial Council Watcher dealing with alleged improprieties by Judge David Rosenberg in the matter of  Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Jewish fraternity, a reader and frequent commentator of Judicial Council Watcher … Continue reading

The Leslie Brodie Report’s Search Terms for Period Ending on February, 4 2013 (TLR Note: Notice highly suspicious search for “kathleen lipscomb murder” )

Search    Views leslie brodie    20 kathleen lipscomb murder    17 pearlperry reich    6 daniel g. horvitz    5 noonan judd mclaren taitz    4 “j.p. morgan bank luxembourg s.a.” or “fraud” or “tax evasion” or “corruption” or “fine”    4 judge tigar complaint    4 lelsie brodie    4 maya harris    4 leslie brodie report    4 epic church san francisco director   … Continue reading

Judicial Council Watcher on Judicial Council Member Dave Rosenberg of Yolo County Superior Court as The Leslie Brodie Report Asks JCW/ Alliance of California Judges’ David Lampe to Opine on Execution of Search Warrant with No Probable Cause in Re CaliforniaALL – Part 1 (TLR Note: Part 2 will discuss Judicial Council member Mark Robinson of UCI Foundation; Part 3- Dave Rosenberg, UC Davis, and Mark Friedman’s CPA Alison Turner connection to CaliforniaALL)

Judge Dave Rosenberg – Up until this moment, Judge David Rosenberg was a shooting star on the judicial council…. but one needed only peel back a layer or two to find out how he got there. You see, Judge Rosenberg was a fraternity advisor and lifetime member of Alpha Epsilon Pi at UC Davis during … Continue reading



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