Judy Johnson David Cameron Carr Ms. Gwen Moore
From left, Judy Johnson, David Carr, and Gwen Moore (Photos:courtesy)

Even though—independent of one another – we are in agreement as to the appearance of shenanigans and improprieties in matters relating to the State Bar/Girardi & Keese/Howard Rice (See http://tinyurl.com/kinglehr ), David Cameron Carr, the former president of the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel, recently assailed the Leslie Brodie Report. This is the second occasion on which Carr has lashed out at TLR.

Previously, in response to our story entitled “Bribing Pat” – which addressed the fact that records prove beyond any doubt misconduct by Judge McElroy by her failure to disclose an overseas trip she accepted from Golden Gate University School of Law’s Dean Peter Keane – Mr. Carr shockingly and unprofessionaly, referred to the allegations against McElroy as “Garbage.”   (See http://tinyurl.com/articlepatmcelroy )

To understand the source of Carr’s unexplained hostility, TLR turned to our trusted adviser, State Bar Insider (“SBI”).

According to SBI, recent revelations made by Yoloan Rabbi (“YR”) concerning the role of State Bar Executive Director Judy Johnson made many members of the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel uncomfortable and fearful of being sued for malpractice by their clients, largely solo practitioners who were disciplined for misconduct committed against the same large law firms that were secretly also directing millions of dollars in cy pres funds to CCPF, headed by Judy Johnson.

As a reminder, Judy Johnson concurrently (and secretly) serves as State Bar Executive Director and chairperson of the sham entity known as “CCPF.”

CCPF has obtained close to $30 million, primarily from various cy pres awards from large law firms settling class actions; CCPF then primarily funnels these funds to minority organizations in Los Angeles (for example, there have been unexplained, repeated, and vexatious payments from CCPF to a specific YMCA in Long Beach , California).

SBI (as does YR) maintains that significant prima facie evidence point to the existence of a “collusive arrangement” – otherwise, why has no member of the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel ever mentioned or objected to, formally or informally, the fact that at the same time Judy Johnson served as Executive Director of the State Bar of California, she also served as chairperson of CCPF, an entity that was at the mercy of large law firms for huge cy pres awards?


Jerome Fishkin
Mr. Jerome Fishkin of Fishkin & Slatter. According to SBI, after it was made clear in no uncertain terms that Fishkin would not be promoted while employed at the State Bar, he left in disgrace. (Photo:courtesy)

According to SBI, the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel was established by Jerome Fishkin – an attorney with a history of bitter disputes with the State Bar of California, as well as connections to Willie Brown.

Fishkin, a former prosecutor at the State Bar, was very unpopular during his tenure there. In addition to being perceived as a troublemaker, he was also regarded as generally not being able to properly present cases, and instead believing that he could “wing” such matters, or “schmooze” his way around.

This attitude did not sit well with Starr Babcock and Robert Hawley who wanted, as soon as the opportunity presented itself, to fire Fishkin.  Not so fast – Judy Johnson decided to take Fishkin under her wing due to  Fishkin’s “Ghetto Pass” on the account of his daughter-in-law.

Mr. Willie Brown, a mentor and an ally of BOG member Gwen Moore.

Fishkin thereafter organized an all-out employment strike at the State Bar, during which period tensions ran extremely high. Judy Johnson summoned Willie Brown to Fishkin’s aid. Hence, even to this day, a photo of Willie Brown hangs on the wall in Fishkin’s office.

Later, after Babcock and Hawley made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that Fishkin would not be promoted to any supervisory role, Fishkin left in disgrace and entered private practice as a solo practitioner.

Remaining loyal to Judy Johnson and Willie Brown, Fishkin kept the secret about Judy Johnson from his clients. Even while serving as President of the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel, Fishkin never bothered to inform the public that Judy Johnson is one and the same as CCPF – an entity receiving cy pres awards arranged by the same law firms which she was supposed to supervise and discipline.

According to SBI, the latest discovery by Yoloan also caused great embarrassment to Mr. Carr, the former president of the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel. Hence, his zeal to discredit TLR.

In addition, the dual role Judy Johnson played made it profitable for certain minority communities to see as many solo practitioners disbarred and disciplined as possible, which allowed the cash to keep flowing to them.

Conversely, it would not be in the best interest of these minority communities for the State Bar to discipline an attorney from a large firm, such as Munger Tolles & Olson for example. Such actions would cause friction and a probable reduction in the amount of money available to these communities and the recipients of these funds such as Eric Moore ‘s EducateCA, Little Tokyo Service Center, YMCA Long Beach, Philipinos for Affirmative Action, and many other questionable outfits.