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William Hauck (of California State University Board of Trustees / Goddard Claussen / Golden Pacific Bank / California Forward / Blue Shield of California Foundation ) Hereby Asked to Disclose Reason / Motive California State University Board of Trustees Spent Tax-Payers Money to File an Amicus Brief in Matter of BERKELEY HILLSIDE PRESERVATION v. CITY OF BERKELEY Involving Personal Residence of Freada Klein Kapor of CaliforniaALL Financial Scheme / The Kapor Center

Cassandra Walker Pye
(L-R) Donna Lucas, Richard Claussen, William Hauck , Pat Fong Kushida of sham entity CaliforniaALL and Cassandra Walker Pye

CALIFORNIA FORWARD DIRECTORS: Donna Lucas, Sunne McPeak, William Hauck, Stewart Kwoh of sham entity California Consumer Protection Foundation

William Hauck, The California Endowment’s Daniel Zingale

Amid concerns, and consistent with The Leslie Brodie Report commitment to integrity and adherence to the highest level of ethical journalism;  in order to report on both sides of a controversy while affording those involved the opportunity to comment,The Leslie Brodie Report hereby asks  William Hauck (of California State University Board of Trustees / Goddard Claussen / Golden Pacific Bank / California Forward / Blue Shield of California Foundation  ) to disclose reason / motive California State University Board of Trustees saw fit to spend tax-payers money for an an Amicus Brief in the matter of  BERKELEY HILLSIDE PRESERVATION v. CITY OF BERKELEY  — which involves legal issues dealing with the personal residence of Freada Klein Kapor of CaliforniaALL Financial Scheme / The Kapor Center .

Please see copy of docket @:

Yolo County Superior Court Judge Dan Maguire and Cassandra Walker Pye in Addendum to Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs – Porter Novelli [TLR Note: 1- Both Maguire and Pye – also former staff of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver 2- Donna Lucas is both part of Lucas Public Affairs and Porter Novelli — per begrudgingly CYA disclosure she issued concurrent with launching LPA 3 – AARP — pursuant to a concpiracy to procure fraud between Lucas, O’Connor, English and others — never disclosed O’Connor part of LPA 4- some of actors who congregated around Golden Pacific Bank – dubious. Similar to fraternity members who congregate around 7-Eleven on a Saturday night. Are they there to buy milk and cookies or booze?]

Cassandra Walker Pye
GOLDEN PACIFIC BANK DIRECTORS : (L-R) Donna Lucas, Richard Claussen, William Hauck , Pat Fong Kushida of sham entity CaliforniaALL and Cassandra Walker Pye

CALIFORNIA FORWARD DIRECTORS: Donna Lucas, Sunne McPeak, William Hauck, Stewart Kwoh of sham entity California Consumer Protection Foundation

LUCAS PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Donna Lucas, AARP’s Barbara O’Connor

Mark Snell of Sempra Energy

(alleged paramour of James Brosnahan – self proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party”) and University of California Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s deposed marine researcher turned financier — Tony Haymet of CleanTECH / Pegasus Capital / Phillips & Associates

CALIFORNIA EMERGING TECHNOLOGY FUND (“CETF”) DIRECTORS: Sunne McPeak, AARP’s Barbara O’Connor, CETF’s Adviser and Costa Rica devotee — Kempster Group’s Brenda Kempster of Link Americas Foundation / ICT Literacy Portal sponsored by CETF. Link Americas Foundation’s Kempster and O’Connor are under scrutiny in connection with 2009 expense totaling $167,145.00 celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama.

William Hauck, The California Endowment’s Daniel Zingale

Donna Lucas, brother Kip Lipper, Darrell Steinberg of CaliforniaALL , Dennis Mangers

Cassandra Walker Pye Judge Dan Maguire of Yolo County Superior Court
Team Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Donna Lucas, Maria Shriver of Obama for America, Cassandra Walker Pye, Daniel Zingale, and Judge Dan Maguire

AARP- Porter Novelli – Bill Novelli Team: Donna Lucas Jeannine English of Cal Bar / AARP (nefarious lobbying wife of Howard Dickstein) and Barbara O’Connor


Meet Golden Pacific Bank Director Cassandra Walker Pye (TLR Note: Pye — Ally of CaliforniaALL’s Kushida;Hauck;Claussen;AARP’s Bill Novelli’s Porter Novelli’s Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs)

Cassandra Walker Pye, senior director in APCO Worldwide’s Sacramento office, counsels corporate leaders, association executives and political professionals on market entry, corporate positioning, food marketing and crisis communication.

For more than two dozen years, she has advocated for business interests across diverse industry sectors on a broad range of policy issues, including food retailing, labor relations, environmental responsibility and lawsuit abuse. Since 2007, she has successfully led the public relations and communications team for the world’s fourth-largest retailer to help it introduce one its store brands to the Western states. Her extensive network of relationships with leaders in the business and labor communities, as well as federal, state and local government, helps clients achieve their business and political objectives.

Prior to joining APCO in 2005, Ms. Pye was deputy chief of staff to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and served on his historic post-recall election transition team. Previously, she was vice president of corporate affairs and political director for the California Chamber of Commerce, where she headed several candidate- and issue-focused political action committees. Ms. Pye also served as director of public affairs for the California Retailers Association, director of governmental relations for the California Grocers Association and state relations manager for the Food Marketing Institute.

She is a senior fellow and a member of the Board of Directors for the Mountain Valley Chapter of the American Leadership Forum, a Trustee of the California Blue Ribbon Commission for Autism Foundation and presently serves as President of the Sacramento Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated. Ms. Pye is a member of the Advisory Board for Golden Pacific Bank, headquartered in Sacramento, Calif.

Ms. Pye graduated from The George Washington University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in political theory.


Addendum #1 to Lucas Public Affairs’ Profile of Donna Lucas — TLR Note: Sources maintain Lucas conveniently forgot to include Golden Pacific Bancorp – Golden Pacific Bank

Profile of Donna Lucas as presently found @

“Donna Lucas is founder and principal of Lucas Public Affairs, a California-based strategic consulting, public affairs, and communications firm. 

One of the nation’s foremost public affairs strategists and a widely recognized expert in media relations and political affairs, Lucas has provided strategic counsel to large corporate clients, labor unions, non-profits, initiative campaigns, and political candidates. She also has worked on several statewide initiative campaigns on a variety of policy issues including gaming, housing, education, local government, campaign finance, and energy.

Prior to forming Lucas Public Affairs in 2006, Lucas served as a deputy chief of staff for strategic planning and initiatives for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and chief of staff to First Lady Maria Shriver. Previously, Lucas was the global and public affairs practice leader for Porter Novelli, an international PR firm, after Porter Novelli acquired Nelson Communications Group, where she served as president and CEO for several years.

Lucas also served as deputy press secretary for Governor George Deukmejian, deputy treasurer for Tom Hayes, and California press secretary for President George H.W. Bush.

Currently Lucas serves on the Boards of Directors for California Forward, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), the California Chamber of Commerce, Venoco, Inc. (NYSE:VQ), the College Access Foundation, the Scripps Institute of Oceanography; and is a faculty member of the Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics 2012 Project.

Previously Lucas was the chairperson of the American Association of Political Consultants, a member of the California Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and a board member of the California Musical Theater Company. She also received the 2009 Crystals Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Communications Profession from the Sacramento chapter of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Donna was named one of Sacramento’s 100 most powerful people by Sacramento Magazine and distinguished as one of the most powerful political strategists by Capitol Weekly.

Donna is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Journalism. She and her husband, political satirist and former Bureau Chief of the San Francisco Chronicle, Greg Lucas, live in Sacramento with their teenage daughter, Katie.”



Golden Pacific Bancorp

Golden Pacific Bancorp To Open First N. Calif. Startup Bank for 2008

Rough Times? Perfect Timing For New Bank Opening in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A team that includes some of the Sacramento regions most experienced business and banking industry veterans is launching Golden Pacific Bancorp (GPB), which will open Sacramento-headquartered Golden Pacific Bank, a proposed federal savings bank, this December as the only startup bank in Northern California for 2008.

“Right now, many banks are preserving their capital, limiting the amount they will lend. This is affecting both small businesses, which rely on credit lines to maintain operations, and homebuyers who are having a hard time obtaining a mortgage”

The timing of the launch coincides with a financial market meltdown. But what is adversity for existing banks can be opportunity for new ones, say Golden Pacific officials.

Were starting with fresh capital, a problem-free balance sheet and a clear sense of direction. The banking landscape will be different after this crisis. To achieve success, it will require experienced leadership, a focus on quality underwriting, and the ability to regain the customers trust. Thats the advantage Golden Pacific Bank has as one of the few start-ups entering the marketplace, said Golden Pacific Bancorp Chief Executive Officer Kirk Dowdell.

Dowdell brings more than 21 years of banking experience to Golden Pacific, most recently as chief executive officer of Western Sierra National Bank. Larry Kurmel will serve as chairman of the board of directors. Kurmel was the chief executive officer of the California Bankers Association (CBA) between 1988 and 1999 before retiring. Prior to joining the CBA, Kurmel was the chief executive officer from 1985 to 1988 with the California State Teachers Retirement System, the nations fifth largest public pension fund, which serves over 500,000 active and retired teachers. Roy Malone will serve as president of the bank. Malone has a 17 year history in the banking industry, having spent the previous 11 with Dowdell at Western Sierra National Bank.

Right now, many banks are preserving their capital, limiting the amount they will lend. This is affecting both small businesses, which rely on credit lines to maintain operations, and homebuyers who are having a hard time obtaining a mortgage, said Malone. This creates a great opportunity for us to step in and meet the needs of healthy businesses and qualified consumers.

GPB will launch a statewide effort to repopulate many of Californias underserved communities with new community banking franchises. Golden Pacific Bank will be the first bank for what will become a statewide network of community-based banks. This will fill a growing void due to large, out-of-state banks buying out California-based banks. In the Sacramento region alone, there are now fewer locally based community banks with a smaller market share than anytime within the past decade.

Golden Pacific Bank will open its headquarters and first branch in downtown Sacramento this December inside the former US Bank Building at 980 Ninth Street. It will operate as a federal savings bank, regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision. Golden Pacific Bank will engage in traditional mortgage and commercial banking activities with an emphasis on developing business and professional clientele within the greater Sacramento region.

In addition to Kurmel and Dowdell, other GPB board members are: Robert Aguallo, Jr., past general manager of the Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System; Richard Claussen, founding partner of Goddard Claussen Strategic Advocacy; Patricia A. Fong Kushida, president and CEO of the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce; Brice Harris, chancellor of the Los Rios Community College District; William Hauck, president and CEO of the California Business Roundtable; Robert Kittredge, retired partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers; Donna Lucas, founder of Lucas Public Affairs, a statewide strategic communications firm; Cassandra Walker Pye, senior vice president for APCO Worldwide, a global communications consultancy; Frank Washington, chairman and CEO of media company Tower of Babel LLC; and Allen Zaremberg, president and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce.

Joining Malone as executive officers of Golden Pacific Bank are Carol Corsetti as chief credit officer, a former vice president of Pacific National Bank in Sacramento; Krista Snelling, CPA, as chief financial officer, previously chief financial officer for Liberty Reverse Mortgage and Hanson McClain, and prior controller of Placer Sierra Bank; Harry Gunsallus as chief information officer, most recently chief information officer with Placer Sierra Bank; Colleen Mahaffey as treasury solutions officer; and Benson Louie as technology solutions manager, who had previously teamed up with Mahaffey to run the corporate cash management California division for Umpqua Bank and Western Sierra National Bank.

GPB will initially focus on growth in Northern California and ultimately intends to expand statewide not just with branches, but with more locally based affiliates that will be member banks supported by their local communities. Plans call for this expansion to start taking place after the Sacramento-based bank is up and running.

It is our belief that locally based banks are the institutional glue for their communities. Deposits are invested locally and lending decisions are made locally. This dynamic supports a communitys financial health. Golden Pacific Bank is committed to the long-term health of Sacramento. We know the acquisition of local banks by regional or national banks can have devastating effects on a communitys financial well-being, Kurmel said.



for GPB
Will Holbert, 916-446-9900









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