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Addendum to Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs : brother Kip Lipper, Darrell Steinberg , Dennis Mangers, Maria Shriver of Obama for America, Jeannine English of Cal Bar / AARP [ TLR Note: longer to unearth as working assumption Lucas a Republican ]

GOLDEN PACIFIC BANK DIRECTORS : (L-R) Donna Lucas, Richard Claussen, William Hauck and Pat Fong Kushida of sham entity CaliforniaALL

CALIFORNIA FORWARD DIRECTORS: Donna Lucas, Sunne McPeak, William Hauck, Stewart Kwoh of sham entity California Consumer Protection Foundation

LUCAS PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Donna Lucas, AARP’s Barbara O’Connor

Mark Snell of Sempra Energy

(alleged paramour of James Brosnahan – self proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party”) and University of California Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s deposed marine researcher turned financier — Tony Haymet of CleanTECH / Pegasus Capital / Phillips & Associates

CALIFORNIA EMERGING TECHNOLOGY FUND (“CETF”) DIRECTORS: Sunne McPeak, AARP’s Barbara O’Connor, CETF’s Adviser and Costa Rica devotee — Kempster Group’s Brenda Kempster of Link Americas Foundation / ICT Literacy Portal sponsored by CETF. Link Americas Foundation’s Kempster and O’Connor are under scrutiny in connection with 2009 expense totaling $167,145.00 celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama.

William Hauck, The California Endowment’s Daniel Zingale

Donna Lucas, brother Kip Lipper, Darrell Steinberg , Dennis Mangers

Donna Lucas and Maria Shriver of Obama for America

Donna Lucas and Jeannine English of Cal Bar / AARP

Profile of Kip Lipper — Brother of Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs [TLR Note: Notice connection to Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) of CaliforniaALL, Energy; Separately, Donna Lucas — an agent of Bill Novelli of AARP / Porter Novelli — part of a scheme to procure fraud by positioning Barbara O’Connor as Director with AARP without disclosing she is paid lobbyist at Lucas Pubic Affairs — an extension of Porter Novelli ; Incidentally, Howard Dickstein’s nefarious lobbying spouse Jeannine English ipso facto part of AARP to misuse entity on behalf of big-business i.e. AARP endorses Proposition…. among other shenanigans. No coincidence Senator John McCain, TLR, YR distaste Dickstein / AARP ]

California statehouse staffer is a superstar of his own

Kip Lipper, who is as renowned inside the Capitol as he is anonymous outside, is responsible for some of the nation’s most groundbreaking environmental laws over the last 30 years.

November 29, 2009|By Eric Bailey
  • High-powered state Senate staffer Kip Lipper, right, meets with his boss, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), in the senator's office.
High-powered state Senate staffer Kip Lipper, right, meets with his boss,… (Robert Durell / For The Times )

Reporting from Sacramento — If he were a basketball star instead of a statehouse staffer, he’d be Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson — a veteran playmaker, feared by foes, his best moves unleashed just before the buzzer.

But like so many Sacramento insiders, Kip Lipper plays out of the limelight, in the back corridors of the Capitol, unknown to the public whose air and water and ecological ethos he has made his specialty over the last three decades.

As the environmental expert for the state Senate’s ruling Democrats, Lipper has helped craft many of California’s groundbreaking laws in that realm — and become a foil for Republicans irked by what they view as regulatory excess, and by the economic fallout.

His fingerprints are on the California Clean Air Act, the state Safe Drinking Water Act and the landmark 2006 curbs on greenhouse gas emissions. Legislation that boosted recycling, reduced landfill dumping, saved redwoods and cleaned up power plants are also part of his highlight reel.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

About the Panel of Experts:

Kip Lipper, Chief Policy Advisor, Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment Office of the CA Senate Pro Tempore Darrell SteinbergKip Lipper

Chief Policy Advisor, Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment Office of the CA Senate Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg

Kip Lipper Presentation.pdf
Kip Lipper is Chief Policy Advisor, Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment, Office of the CA Senate Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg. Mr. Lipper has worked in the California Legislature for over 34 years. He began his career in the mid-1970’s as Administrative Assistant for Assembly Member Dennis Mangers (D-Huntington Beach). From 1980-2004, he was Chief of Staff for Assembly Member and later Senator Byron Sher (D-Stanford). During that same time period, Lipper also served as Senior Consultant to the Assembly Criminal Law Committee, Chief Consultant to the Assembly Natural Resources Committee, and Staff Director to the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality. Mr. Lipper has drafted legislation on a broad array of environmental policies, including the California Clean Air Act, the California Safe Drinking Water Act, the California Beverage Container Recycling Act, and the California Integrated Waste Management Act. He has drafted and analyzed legislation on energy regulation, renewable energy, energy conservation, public interest energy research, energy agency reorganization and reform, and numerous other subjects. He also has worked on state budget issues affecting energy, environmental, and resources agencies of California state government. Lipper was the lead Senate staffer on the drafting of AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, as well as on companion legislation establishing the nation’s first greenhouse gas emission performance standard for energy generation (SB 1368–Perata). He has been deeply involved in the implementation of GHG laws passed and enacted by the CA Legislature. Mr. Lipper has published papers on a range of environmental issues. He has been a guest lecturer on environmental and energy legislation at the Stanford University Law School, Boalt Hall (UC Berkeley) Law School, King Hall (UC Davis) Law School, Loyola Law School (Los Angeles), and at California State University, Sacramento.  Source @:

For more of Donna Lucas, please see @:

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CaliforniaALL Advisory Council Rebublished Amid Sabotage In Re Jack O’Connell — Former Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education

Advisory Council

Gloria Moore Andrews
Deputy Executive Director
California Public Employees Retirement System

The Honorable Joe Coto
California State Assembly
District 53

The Honorable Morrison England
Eastern District of California
United States District Court

The Honorable Kamala D. Harris
District Attorney
City and County of San Francisco

Judy Johnson
Executive Director
State Bar of California

Patricia Lee
Director, Office of Legal Services
Access & Fairness Programs, State Bar of California

The Honorable Ted Lieu
California State Assembly
District 53

Jack O’Connell
Superintendent of Public Instruction
California Department of Education

Michael Peevey
California Public Utilities Commission

Steve Poizner
California Department of Insurance

The Honorable Curren D. Price, Jr.
California State Assembly
District 51

Timothy Simon
California Public Utilities Commission

The Honorable Darrell Steinberg
Senate Pro Tem
California Senate, 6th District

Dan Dydzak — Esteemed Legal Scholar and Champion of Justice — Hereby Asked to Disclose All Facts Relating to Relationship Between Darrell Steinberg of CaliforniaALL , Steinberg’s Assistant — Prominent Gay Godfather Dennis Mangers; and Judge Dave Rosenberg of Yolo County in Context of Pressing False Criminal Charges by, Among Others , BOG Member Dennis Mangers and Subsequent Unlawful Search & Seizure of Alleged Confidential Communication Between Dydzak and YR

Darrell Steinberg

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (image: courtesy photo)

Darrell Steinberg, as part of CaliforniaALL’s Advisory Council, see below:

 California ALL Advisory Council

Dennis Mangers

Mr. Dennis Mangers (image: courtesy photo)

GGodfather Dennis Mangers of Carmichael, California is a retired senior adviser to Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who made the decision to appoint Dennis Mangers as member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors in September of 2010, please see @:


Dennis Mangers, as co-conspirator in a scheme to file false criminal charges against Yolo County-based Rabbi, see below:


Sara M. Granda v State Bar of California (2009 cv 02015)

In May 2009, Sara Granda graduated from U.C. Davis School of Law and, like most of her peers, hoped to sit for the July 2009 bar exam.

California’s Department of Rehabilitation paid the $600 bar exam fee with a check, and Granda was assured that she was properly registered.

Ms. Sara Granda. It is easy to imagine Sara Granda in a courtroom, questioning witnesses, challenging the opposition, and fighting for justice with the force of her large personality. A ventilator, which she needs to breathe, would hang from the back of her wheelchair. An assistant would help her flip through files, since she cannot move her hands or arms. When she approaches the bench, Ms. Granda would maneuver her chair using her tongue. “So much of what happens in the courtroom is theater,” says Ms. Granda, 29, who has lived out her own drama since she became paralyzed from the neck down at age 17. “I’m not sure how much time I will spend in court as an attorney. But I know I could do it.” (Photo and Narrative Courtesy of

However, the State Bar of California’s Office of Admission, headed by Ms. Gayle Murphy, never processed Granda’s application because the Department of Rehabilitation paid the $600 fee with a check, rather than a credit card The State Bar of California did not relent, and neither did Granda.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Courtesy CNN)

Local and national media expressed outrage after the situation gained publicity as a result of statements by Governor Schwarzenegger, who publicly stated: “It is outrageous that someone who has overcome so much in life is penalized by a bureaucratic error that prevents her from taking the bar exam. Government should work for the people, not against them and I’m calling on the state bar to allow Sara Granda to take next week’s test. Sara is a fighter and I am with her all the way.”


 Robert A. Hawley
Mr. Robert A. Hawley, California State Bar Deputy Executive Director and an adjunct ethics professor at McGeorge School of Law, stated to the Sacramento Bee: “It’s a high-tech process, and people need to maneuver it successfully, and we can’t be in the business of helping any one person out with it.” Hawley continued: “That takes us down a path that ends up in a place we don’t want to be. How do you then choose which ones to help and which you don’t?”

“I worked very, very hard for every cent,” Granda stated to the local media. “So for everything to come together in the end and for it to just kind of fall through on such a minor, minor detail.”

True to her spirit, Granda filed an action in federal court seeking an order directing the State Bar of California to allow her to take the fast-approaching bar exam.


Jim Wagstaffe of Kerr & Wagstaffe. In the above, Mr Wagstaffe offers his students legal counsel on how to avoid a traffic ticket. Wagstaffe urged the students to deceive law enforcement personnel. He stated: “Do what I do, put a CHP magazine in your car, so they think you are one of them.”

The case was assigned to the courtroom of Judge Morrison England of CaliforniaALL. Judge England is the husband of California ALL board member Torie Flournoy-England who, together with State Bar Executive Director Judy Johnson and Patricia Lee also served on CaliforniaALL’s advisory council.

Torie Flournoy Morrison England
After Judge Morrison England quickly filed for summary dissolution in Sacramento County Superior Court, and after Judge England and Torie Flournoy wed, and after Torie Flournoy-England was appointed to serve as a member of CaliforniaALL’s board of directors, and while CaliforniaALL was in existence — a lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, in which the State Bar of California was named as the sole defendant. Serving on CaliforniaALL’s board of directors of CaliforniaALL (which was in a partnership relationship with the State Bar of California) was Torie Flournoy-England. State Bar of California Executive Director Judy Johnson, State Bar employee Patricia Lee, Kamala Harris, CPUC’s Michael Peevey, CPUC’s Tim Simon, as well as Judge England were part of CaliforniaALL’s Advisory Council. The above photo, which was published on the cover of a local magazine in Sacramento, notes that the Englands wed in May 2008. (image: courtesy photo)

Making an appearance and vigorously contending that the federal court had no jurisdiction over the State Bar of California were State Bar of California emloyees, Larry Yee, Rachel Grunberg, and Mark Torres-Gil of the State Bar office of General Counsel, the same office that drafted the partnership agreement between CaliforniaALL and the State Bar of California, as well as attorneys from the law offices of Kerr & Wagstaffe.



California Bar Journal

In the midst of a public relations crisis arising from the mistreatment of the Sara Granda by the State Bar of California, an article was published in the California Bar Journal. The article was published on July 27, 2009, and was written by Diane Curtis.

As the reader will soon observe, this article is imbued with inaccurate information and is otherwise dishonest.
Article California Bar Journal about Granda

Soon after U.S. District Court Judge Morrison England dismissed the federal complaint filed by Granda against the State Bar, a Sacramento attorney, Stewart Katz, volunteered to help Granda, and did so by filing a writ of preemptive mandate against the State Bar of California.

The emergency writ was filed on July 27, 2009 and was served electronically on the State Bar. (See below.)


Richard Zanassi, an attorney employed by the State Bar’s Office of General Counsel, filed an opposition in response to the writ. However, due to the wide media attention focusing on the case, the opposition was styled as a request for guidance by the court.

Thus, the article written by Diane Curtis and published in the California Bar Journal is dishonest as it misleads readers into believing that the State Bar, on its own accord, approached the California Supreme Court of its own volition, as an act of altruism and due to concern for Ms. Granda. Clearly, this was not the case.

In addition, one must wonder why Diane Curtis did not mention the fact that Granda, through Stewart Katz, filed the writ for mandamus.

As is made clear by its order, the Supreme Court decided the matter by granting the writ, and not by granting the State Bar’s purported request for guidance.



CalALL_Dec2008Newsletter 1

May 31, 2011

State Bar of California
1149 South Hill St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Re: Complaint for Ethical Violations Against the State Bar of California; Lawrence Yee – #84208; Rachel Grunberg – #197080; Judy Johnson – #71360 ; Mark Torres-Gil – #91597.


In lieu of submitting a complaint form, I submit this letter and enclosed materials as a formal complaint against the above-named attorneys for grave misconduct that took place in handling matters relating to applicant Sara Granda and the case of Granda v. State Bar of California.

As will be shown, the above parties, together and individually, engaged in egregious misconduct by conspiring and failing to disclose to the plaintiff the existence of a close relationship between the State Bar of California, CaliforniaALL, State Bar Executive Director Judy Johnson,Patricia Lee, and the judge who presided over a case (Hon. Morrison C. England) in which the State Bar of California was named as the sole defendant.

Furthermore, misconduct in the form of misrepresentations to the court took place regarding the current state of the law; further misconduct resulted from the discrimination against against the plaintiff based on her disability, and the unwillingness to comply with the ADA by affording the plaintiff reasonable accommodations. In addition, and adding insult to injury, the State Bar of California used the California Bar Journal as a tool to further injure and harass Granda by publishing an incomplete and inaccurate article which asserted that the State Bar had sought the advice of the California Supreme Court in determining how to resolve Granda’s claims. The article failed to mention that, in actuality, Granda had filed an action with the California Supreme Court for a preemptive writ and a writ of mandamus, such that the article misled readers regarding the actual circumstances surrounding Granda’s claims.


The Honorable Judge Morrison C. England is a United States District Court judge for the Eastern District of California who sits in Sacramento. Prior to assuming the role of federal judge, he served as a judge with the Sacramento County Superior Court. Judge England is a graduate of McGeorge School of Law, also located in Sacramento.

In approximately 2005, as part of his community involvement and extra-judicial activities, Judge England became involved in programs initiated by Elizabeth Parker, dean of McGeorge, and Sarah Redfield, a visiting professor from New Hampshire, relating to the promotion of diversity within the legal profession. Ruthe Catolico Ashley, an assistant dean at the career office at McGeorge School of Law who later assumed a position as a Diversity Officer at CalPERS, was also involved in these activities.

The diversity initiatives instigated by McGeorge were both local and national in scope. The local program in Sacramento was entitled “PacificPathways.” The program to promote diversity on a national level became known as “Wingspread,” which evolved into a series, including Wingspread – Blackboard, Bench, and Bar and Wingspread – Delivered and Deliverable, and the like. Torie L. Flournoy, a school principal from Sacramento, was also involved in these programs at the local level.

Because Ruthe Ashley also served on the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California and Sarah Redfield served on the State Bar’s Council on Fairness and Access, the parties from Sacramento (namely, Parker, Ahley, Flournoy, Redfield and Judge England) became acquainted with individuals from the State Bar of California who were involved in matters relating to diversity, including Executive Director Judy Johnson, State Bar employee Patricia Lee, and Buchalter Nemer’s Holly Fujie.

As such, it was common to observe the same participant names at various diversity-related events taking place around the country. For example, over a 3 day weekend in Monterrey on October 5-7, 2006, part of the Wingspread program ran concurrently with the State Bar of California’s annual convention. Some of the attendees included Judy Johnson, Holly Fujie, Patricia Lee, Ruthe Ashley, Torie L. Flournoy, Hon. Morrison C. England, Dean Elizabeth Parker, and Sarah Redfield. (See attachment titled “Wingspread VI.”) This event, Wingspread — Blackboard Bench and Bar, was organized by Sarah Redfield. Similarly, in June 2007, and also part of the “Wingspread” series, a summit was held in Honolulu, Hawaii at which Dean Elizabeth Parker, Hon. Morrison C. England, Sarah Redfield and Torie L. Flournoy were all in attendance. (See attachment titled “UH Manoh Law School.”)

In approximately 2007, Ruthe Ashley and Munger Tolles & Olson’s Jeffrey Bleich served as Vice President and President of the California State Bar, respectively. During that time frame, an idea was formulated to replicate an existing entity that would also absorb large sums of money from utility companies, and which would be used to allegedly promote diversity.

The original entity, the California Consumer Protection Foundation (CCPF), was secretly controlled for years by State Bar Executive Director Judy Johnson. Fines and settlements from proceedings before the CPUC and other cy pres funds of approximately $30 million dollars were funneled to CCPF, primarily from legal and administrative proceedings. Unlike the funds funneled to CCPF via cy pres funds or fines imposed by the CPUC, the funds flowing to the new entity would come from utility companies’ voluntary donations after they were urged by the CPUC and others to donate in order to further diversity.

As such, Peter Arth (Chief of Staff to then-President of the CPUC, Michael Peevey) invited Ruthe Ashley to a restaurant in San Francisco. As a result of the meeting, a new entity known as CaliforniaALL was formed as a Section 501(c)(3) charitable entity that would collect funds to theoretically be used to invest in promoting diversity. CaliforniaALL, which came into existence in 2008 and was abruptly dissolved in 2010, was considered to have been in a partnership relationship with the State Bar of California. (See Attachment titled “Memo from Patricia Lee to BOG.”) In addition, the partnership stipulation between the State Bar and CaliforniaAll provided that the Board of Governors would appoint two of CaliforniaALL’s members to the Board of Directors.

Executive Director of the State Bar of California Judy Johnson, Patricia Lee, and Judge Morrison England were members of CaliforniaALL’s “Advisory Council” (see Attachment titled “CaliforniaALL December 2008 Newsletter”), affording Judy Johnson and Judge England numerous opportunities to meet and collude or, at a minimum, to create such an appearance.

CaliforniaALL obtained donations of almost $2 million, primarily from utility companies such as Sempra, AT&T, PG&E and, of course, Verizon Wireless. In addition, Judy Johnson, Patricia Lee, Buchalter Nemer’s Holly Fujie, and Leslie Hatamiya colluded to transfer $774,247 sub rosa from the State Bar of California Foundation (dba California Bar Foundation) to CaliforniaALL. (See attachment titled “Cal Bar Foundation’s tax return for 2008.”) In 2009, yet another $5,000 was transferred from Cal Bar Foundation to CaliforniaALL for purposes of “researching” best practices. Hence, for simplicity’s sake, this complaint rounds the amount at issue to $780,000.

The transfer of $780,000 from Cal Bar Foundation to CaliforniaALL was never acknowledged by any of CaliforniaALL’s publications. Similarly, it was never mentioned in the California Bar Journal or the NewsRoom of Cal Bar Foundation, where all other grants were heavily reported.

It is my position that the transfer of funds was never mentioned because it resulted from a conspiracy by Ruthe Ashley, Holly Fujie, Patricia Lee, and Leslie Hatamiya (all, incidentally, Asian-Americans who are very active in the promotion of diversity) to quietly shift the $780,000, some of which would later be misappropriated and used for personal gain and kickbacks. Indeed, once the funds reached CaliforniaALL, some of it was misappropriated. In order to cover-up the misappropriation, false and inaccurate statements were submitted to the IRS by CaliforniaALL and Ruthe Ashley. For example, CaliforniaALL, which was housed pro bono at the Sacramento Office of DLA Piper, falsely claimed in IRS filings that it had paid approximately $16,000 in occupancy fees. Additional financial improprieties also exist which cannot be disclosed due to the fact that the State Bar is the wrongdoer and, ironically, is the entity to which I am required to submit this complaint for processing.

It is worth noting that the California Bar Foundation is part and parcel of the State Bar of California, despite claims to the contrary and the contention that it is only affiliated with the State Bar. The fact of the matter is that the State Bar’s Board of Governors appoints all Foundation board members, including the president, and that the Executive Director of the California Bar Foundation reports directly to the Board of Governors and needs the Board’s approval to change any bylaws, for example.

In the meantime – after Judge England filed for summary dissolution in the Sacramento Superior Court, and after Judge England and Torie L. Flournoy wed, and after Torie Flournoy-England was appointed to serve as a member of CaliforniaALL’s board of directors, and while CaliforniaALL was still in existence – a lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, in which the State Bar of California was named as the sole defendant.

The action was filed by plaintiff Sara Granda and was titled Sara Granda v. the State Bar of California (Case Number 2:09-cv-02015- MCE; see attachment titled “Complaint by Plaintiff Sara Granda”). The matter was adjudicated by Judge England, who promptly dismissed it. Neither Judge England, the defendant, Judy Johnson, or defense counsel Lawrence Yee, Mark Torres-Gil, or Rachel Grunberg disclosed to Granda the State Bar’s ongoing relationship with CaliforniaALL, to wit:

1. CaliforniaALL and the defendant (State Bar of California) are business partners.
2. Judge England and the Executive Director of the State Bar of California (Ms. Judy Johnson) are members of CaliforniaALL’s advisory council.
3. Torie Flournoy-England, the spouse of Judge England, is a board member of CaliforniaALL, an entity that is a partner of the State Bar.
4. The unusual sub rosa transfer of $780,000 from defendant to CaliforniaALL.

By failing to make the disclosures mandated by these facts, the above-named attorneys committed misconduct, irrespective of the actual merit of Granda’s case or its outcome. As such, each must be disciplined for his/her wrongful conduct. Those attorneys are Judy Johnson, Lawrence Yee, Mark Torres-Gil, Rachel Grunberg, and Holly Fujie.

Fujie, who participated in all the proceedings concerning CaliforniaALL (including, strangely, causing the ex post facto appointment of Peter Arth to the Council of Access and Fairness to give them a chance to meet and collude), was also a member of the Board of Governors’ Operation Committee and was briefed regarding Granda’s case. In addition, she was aware that Judge England was presiding over the case and that he and his wife were part of CaliforniaALL. In addition, Fujie served as the president of the State Bar of California and as a member of both the Board of Governors and Operations Committee, and was briefed on the matter; in fact, she authorized the expenditure of money to pay as legal fees to oppose the suit before Judge England. In addition Ms. Fujie participated in multiple diversity-related events at which Judge England and his wife Torie Flournoy-England were present; one such even took place on January 27, 2009, when DLA Piper’s Gilles Attia and the Office of Assembly-member Mike Davis co-hosted a reception honoring California ALL at the Tsakopoulos Galleria in Sacramento. Despite of all the above, Fujie –instead of speaking up concerning the obvious conflict regarding Judge England — kept quiet and looked the other way.

Even though the outcome of the Granda matter is irrelevant to a determination of the misconduct described above, the following paragraphs are included to provide further background and to rebut any allegation that the relationship between the Englands and the defendant caused no prejudice to plaintiff Sara Granda, or that the failure to provide fair administration of justice was otherwise harmless.

The fact of the matter is that the plaintiff Granda was severely prejudiced by the misconduct.

Granda, a 2009 graduate of U.C. Davis School of Law, intended to sit for the July 2009 bar exam. The recent graduate, a quadriplegic who can only move her head and fingers, arranged for the California Department of Rehabilitation to pay the examination fee of $600, which it did via check. However, the State Bar stated that it only accepts payments made via credit card, and would not allow Granda to sit for the fast-approaching bar examination. Plaintiff sensed unfairness and, like many recent law school graduates before her who approached federal court, she asked the federal court to award her both monetary and equitable relief in her lawsuit, which claimed that defendant State Bar of California violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The State Bar of California, which was represented by Michael von Loewenfeldt of Kerr & Wagstaffe, as well as Lawrence Yee, Mark Gil-Torres and Rachel Grunberg (State Bar in-house attorneys), asserted that the State Bar was immune pursuant to the 11th Amendment. (See attachment titled “Defendant’s Opposition.”) In its filing and opposition, defendant mostly cited as authority cases adjudicated by district courts around the country, as there is no clear authority addressing the interactions between the ADA and Eleventh Amendment immunity. Cases which held otherwise were not referenced by defendant, including Stoddard v. Florida Board of Bar Examiners and many other cases which held that, in fact, the ADA abrogates Eleventh Amendment immunity.

Misled, at least in part, by the argument advanced by defendant State Bar, Judge England promptly dismissed the case without giving Granda the chance to amend or plead around the issue of Eleventh Amendment immunity by, for example, naming Judy Johnson as a defendant in her individual capacity. In addition, Granda’s claim for monetary relief was completely ignored by the judge, and was never ruled upon.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that the above-named attorneys engaged in egregious misconduct. The fact that they are part of the State Bar, an entity that should hold itself as a beacon of high ethical standards, coupled with Ms. Granda’s special circumstances, mandate and call for severe discipline.



Letter Jill Sperber State Bar of CaliforniaJill Sperber to Complainant 2



Ms. Sarah E. Redfield is a tenured law professor at the UNH School of Law. She is an expert in the area of education, education jurisprudence, and matters relating to diversity in the legal profession.

Between 2004 and 2008, Professor Redfield served as a “visiting” professor at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. From 2008-2009, she served as interim Executive Director of CaliforniaALL, as well as program director. Professor Redfield was paid $157,763 for her services while she was misclassified as an “independent contractor.

Events surrounding Redfield, as shown below, appear to be imbued with fraud and deceit, and it appears her role was to create a subterfuge to justify the existence of CaliforniaALL. Since CaliforniaALL’s main achievement was the purported creation of a “Saturday Academy of Law” at UC Irvine (“SALUCI” or “UCISAL”), Ms. Redfield pretended to have engaged in Requests for Proposals (“RFP”), as well as falsely claiming that she “launched” SALUCI. She gave very little, if anything, in return for the $157,763 she was paid. In fact, she took credit for the extremely hard work of others.

As circumstances presented themselves, particularly with the election of former NBA player Kevin Johnson as the mayor of Sacramento, an idea surfaced that McGeorge (and other law schools in their respective communities) would create their own supplies of qualified minority students by actively engaging the community of potential future students as early as junior high school. Activities would include mentoring, speaker series, field trips, on-site visits to the law schools, Saturday law classes, and the like.

Thus, with visiting Professor Redfield, various programs came about, such as Wingspread P20 Consortium. At McGeorge, a local program known as the “Pacific Pathways” was created by Professor Redfield with help from Twin Rivers Unified School District employee, Torie Flournoy.


Also employed at McGeorge as Assistant Dean for Career Services was Vice President of the State Bar of California, Ms. Ruthe Catolico Ashley, as well as State Bar of California Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Robert Hawley. Ashley and Redfield were also involved with diversity-related matters within the State Bar of California as part of its council on access and fairness, and as the head of a working group referred to as “Education Pipeline, State Bar of California.”

Shortly, thereafter, Ashley left McGeorge to work at CalPERS as a “Diversity Officer” for External Affairs. Subsequenty, CPUC General Counsel Peter Arth invited Ashley and Redfield to dinner, whereupon the idea for CaliforniaALL (initially known as Ca AAL) was memorialized on a paper napkin in approximately July 2007.

In mid 2008, CaliforniaALL was ready to rock and roll. It had just obtained Section 501(C)(3) approval, Ruthe Catolico Ashley was hired as a CEO, a sub rosa transfer of $780,000 had been received from the State Bar of California Foundation (AKA Cal Bar Foundation), and close to another million dollars from utility companies, allegedly, poured in.

According to Professor Redfield’s CV, between 2008 and 2009 she “launched” CaliforniaALL, participated in RFP, and “launched” the Saturday Academy of Law at U. C. Irvine.

Sara E. Redfield SAL

Similarly, CaliforniaALL’s own publication indicates that with CaliforniaALL’s grant funds, U.C. Irvine developed and implemented the Saturday Academy of Law, and that by 2009 CaliforniaALL’s mission was visibly at work through the program. See below.


Unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead, as most transactions involving CaliforniaALL, the California Bar Foundation and the State Bar of California, it is imbued with fraud and egregious acts dishonesty and deception.

Specifically, the Saturday Academy of Law has been in existence for many years, and is part of the University of California Irvine’s Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP), which has many programs to benefit the community, such as “UCI Saturdays with Sciences,” “Saturday Academy in Mathematics,” and the like.

For example, as part of a field trip to law firms, the photo below was taken in 2007 when the UCISAL group visited the law offices of Allen Matkins. (See below.) We have intentionally blurred the photo to maintain the students’ privacy. Seated on the right is Allen Matkins managing partner Robert Hamilton. On the far right is Karina Hamilton, a former Allen Matkins associate, wife of Robert Hamilton, and the former Director of Saturday Academy of Law at U. C. Irvine.

SAL Visit to Allen Matkins


Saturday Academy of Law at U. C. Irvine Director Karina Hamilton

On April 13, 2012 Adam Stock of Allen Matkins’ office in Orange County published the following:

“Allen Matkins joined the Orange County Diversity Task Force, a collaborative effort of professionals from top Orange County law firms and businesses that are committed to achieving cultural diversity in the legal profession. As part of this effort, on April 6, 2010, Allen Matkins hosted an office visit and luncheon for the inaugural class of the University of California — Irvine Saturday Academy of Law program (“SAL”).”

Allen Matkins Web Page Re Saturday Law Academy

Unfortunately, again, this is not the case. Instead, as most transactions involving CaliforniaALL, the California Bar Foundation and the State Bar of California, it is imbued with fraud and egregious acts dishonesty and deception.

Specifically, the Saturday Academy of Law has been in existence for many years, and is part of the University of California Irvine’s Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP), which has many programs to benefit the community, such as “UCI Saturdays with Sciences,” “Saturday Academy in Mathematics,” and the like.

In fact, metadata from Allen Matkins’ own photos reveals the photos below were taken on January 24, 2007, and not on April 2, 2010 as Allen Matkins (who’s managing partner is Bob Hamilton — husband of UC Irvine’s Karina Hamilton) falsely alleges.

The metadata results were obtained by examining the following links at :



Allen Matkins EXIF Data 1


Allen Matkins EXIF Data 2


CaliforniaALL -- Team Barack Obama
(L-R) USDOJ’s Tony West, Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, HUD’s Ophelia Basgal, Judy Johnson, Chris Young, Annette Carnegie, James Brosnahan, and Kamala Harris. (Image:courtesy photos)

As matters presently stand, it appears that in 2008 Morrison & Foerster attorneys James Brosnahan (self-proclaimed “mastermind behind the Democratic Party.), Tony West (Barack Obama’s Chair of California Finance Committee), Chris Young (“Obama for America” Northern California Deputy Finance Director) and Annette Carnegie (former director with the California Bar Foundation) in conjunction with Kamala Harris (Co-Chair, Obama for America ; member of CaliforniaALL) , Jeffrey Bleich (president of the State Bar of California, director with the California Bar Foundation, founding member and Chair of Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee) executed a sophisticated financial scheme to misuse all or part of the “hush-hush” $780,000.00 originating from the California Bar Foundation by improperly transferring the money to Barack Obama’s coffers via a separate foundation created ad hoc by Susan Mac Cormac of Morrison & Foerster known as CaliforniaALL.

Other then collecting close to $2 million directly from utility companies (including the “hush-hush” transfer of $774,247, comprised of one installment of $5000 and another contribution of $769,247 from the Foundation which was never mentioned in the Foundation’s “newsroom” or by any other of its publications such as the California Bar Journal or by any of the newsletters and alerts published by CaliforniaALL), CaliforniaALL appears to have been be a sham, phantom entity from its inception in 2008 to the day it began to slowly be dissolved in approximately 2009, subsequent to the election of Barack Obama as president of the U.S. Its only alleged achievement was providing some money for the creation of the Saturday Academy of Law at UC Irvine (“SALUCI”) in approximately 2008-2009. Here too vast and intense suspicious circumstances exist as the funds from CaliforniaALL actually went to the UC Irvine Foundation, where the present executive director of the State Bar of California (Senator Joe Dunn) serves as a member of the audit committee, and it turns out that the SALUCI was actually already created in 2005 and was fully operational before CaliforniaALL arrived on the scene. In addition, some records seem to indicate that Verizon Wireless funneled the money directly to SALUCI , while CaliforniaALL took the credit.

Initially, due to circumstances which cannot be viewed as mere coincidence, I was under the impression that funds have been misappropriated from the California Bar Foundation by Voice of OC — specifically, by its founders 1) Joe Dunn and 2) Martha Escutia (both former state senators who were overseeing utility companies and the CPUC and investigating the California energy crisis), and 3) Thomas Girardi and 4) James Brosnahan who were litigating cases involving the California energy crisis on opposite sides, and/or Geoffrey Brown, former Commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission and 2007 Director of the Foundation during the time of the suspicious transfer of funds to CaliforniaALL (an entity of which CPUC’s Peter Arth was one of the main initiators).

However futile, I asked the State Bar of California to investigate the matter. While the Foundation alleges that the source of the (relatively) large sum of $774,247 which it transferred to CaliforniaALL was from four utility companies (AT&T, PG&E, Edison International, and Verizon Wireless — as reflected in the Foundation’s 2008 Annual Report and tax return showing contributions to CaliforniaALL), there is no corresponding entry in any Foundation tax return (for tax years 2007 or 2008), nor any mention in the Annual Report, showing the initial receipt of those funds.

Nevertheless, I continued with the inquiry as large pieces of the puzzle were missing, and in fact stated so in a letter seeking information about one of the actor’s employment history. However, within the past several weeks, I believe that I finally managed to put all the pieces together.

These facts raised suspicions that money has been misappropriated from the Foundation, and places those individuals who controlled the Foundation (Jeffrey Bleich, Annette Carnegie, Douglas Winthrop, Ruthe Catolico Ashley, Geoffrey Brown, and others), who “legally” created CaliforniaALL (James Brosnahan, Tony West, Chris Young, Susan Mac Cormac, and Annette Carnegie of the San Francisco office of Morrison & Foerster), who controlled the money (Ophelia Basgal of PG&E; Douglas Winthrop, attorney for PG&E; Jeffrey Bleich, attorney for Verizon Wireless; and Edison (client of James Brosnahan, Tony West, Chris Young, and Annette Carnegie), who controlled CaliforniaALL (Ruthe Ashley, Ophelia Basgal), and who controlled the finances for the Obama for America’s 2008 campaign (Jeffrey Bleich, Tony West, and Chris Young) in a very awkward position.

In my opinion, and based on the information I’ve discovered, it appears that funds were misappropriated and/or laundered through the California Bar Foundation by various individuals through the misuse of CaliforniaALL. Although other potential explanations certainly exist, based on these individuals’ involvement in the “Obama for America” 2008 presidential campaign (as discussed below), one likely possibility is that the funds were unlawfully misdirected to that campaign.









Darrell Steinberg Wikipedia Profile [TLR Note: Steinberg 1) part of CaliforniaALL scheme / CAUSE 2) part of bevy of Jews (Laura Chick, Eric George, Mike Feuer, Mark Leno) who funnel questionable money from Cal Bar to Bet Tzedek 3) Part of CPUC /Utilities/ Cal Bar Money Connection 4) Operator of Gay-Godfather Dennis Mangers — co conspirator in crime to file false criminal charges against YR 5) confederate of Mark Friedman of Fulcrum 6) Cabal needed a Mongoloid, Holly Fujie-like, to boss around — hence picked Jayne Kim, and… Tani Cantil-Sakauye ]

Darrell Steinberg

Darrell Steven Steinberg (born October 15, 1959) is a Democratic politician from Sacramento, California. He is currently serving his second term in the California State Senate, representing the 6th District. He has been the Senate President Pro Tem since 2008. Steinberg had previously served as a member of the California State Assembly (1998–2004) and as a member of the Sacramento City Council (1992–1998).


Education and early career

Steinberg received a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Davis School of Law (King Hall).[1]

Steinberg worked as an Employee Rights Attorney for the California State Employees Association for 10 years and as an Administrative Law Judge and mediator.

Steinberg served on the Sacramento City Council representing the 6th District, where he founded Sacramento START (Students Today Achieving Results for Tomorrow), a free literacy-based public/private after-school program.

California State Assembly

Darrell Steinberg was a member of the California State Assembly from 1998 until he was termed out in 2004.

Steinberg served as Chair of the Assembly Committees on Budget, Appropriations, Judiciary, Labor and Employment, and the Select Committee on High Priority Schools.[1] He authored 70 bills that were signed into law that included expansions to mental health, helping low performing schools, expanding after-school programs, extending Title IX, creating the Sacramento Emergency Clean Air and Transportation (SECAT) program to improve Central Valley air quality, and several bills in the areas of consumer protection and public safety.[1]

While in the Assembly, he co-authored the 2004 California Ballot Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), which imposes a 1% tax on incomes of $1,000,000 or more for mental health funding.[1] He co-authored “Prop 63” with mental health lobbyist, Sherman Russell Selix, Jr. He also served as a Commissioner for the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (2004–2009).

The 9th District

In the 2000s, the 9th district included the city of Sacramento and some of the unincorporated urban and suburban areas south of the city.

State Senate

Steinberg is the President pro Tempore of the California State Senate. In February 2008, he was selected by Senate Democrats to become Pro Tem in the next legislative session, when the incumbent would be termed-out.[2][2] He took office in November 2008 as the first Senate leader from Sacramento since 1883.[2]

Before being elevated to Pro Tem, he was Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee.[1] He also chaired the Senate Select Committee on High School Graduation.,[1] the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, and the Legislative Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism.[1]

As a member of the State Senate, Steinberg continued many of the same causes he had undertaken as a member of the Assembly. He continued his work on improving test scores, aiding under performing schools, lowering dropout rates, and improving the state’s mental health system.[3][4] In 2007, Steinberg introduced a bill to cap at 20 the number of hours high school students can work after school if their grade point average is not 2.5 or higher.[5]

The 6th District

The 6th District includes the capital city of Sacramento parts of Elk Grove and Citrus Heights.[1]


Steinberg is married to his wife Julie and has two children.


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State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Senate pro Tempore President Darrell Steinberg, and California Energy Commission Chairman Robert Weisenmiller will hold a news conference Monday in Elk Grove to discuss the launch of a new $3.2 million program to help prepare California’s high school students for jobs in clean technology and renewable energy.

The event will take place at Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove that features the successful Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA), a California Partnership Academy. GETA students study the technology of renewable energy through hands-on, project-based work. Visuals at the news conference will include many of their projects and a tour of the facilities. Limited, reserved parking is available in front of the school.

Students will usher participants to the news conference. For more information about GETA, please visit <a href="</p&gt;

For information on California Partnership Academies, please visit Date Monday, February 27, 2012 Event 1 News conference Time 11:00 a.m. Place Laguna Creek High School, 9050 Vicino Dr., Elk Grove # # # # The California Department of Education (CDE) is a state agency led by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. For more information, please visit or by mobile device at You may also follow Superintendent Torlakson on Twitter at and Facebook at ADV#12-16 CONTACT: Tina Jung, CDE Communications, FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY 916-319-0818, February 24, 2012 CONTACT: Mark Hedlund, Steinberg’s Office, 916-651-4188 CONTACT: Chris Graillat, CEC Communications, 916-653-0378

State Schools Chief, Senate President, Energy Commission Chairman to Hold Joint News Conference on Clean Technology Education Program State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Senate pro Tempore President Darrell Steinberg, and California Energy Commission Chairman Robert Weisenmiller will hold a news conference Monday in Elk Grove to discuss the launch of a new $3.2 million program to help prepare California’s high school students for jobs in clean technology and renewable energy. The event will take place at Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove that features the successful Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA), a California Partnership Academy. GETA students study the technology of renewable energy through hands-on, project-based work. Visuals at the news conference will include many of their projects and a tour of the facilities. Limited, reserved parking is available in front of the school. Students will usher participants to the news conference. For more information about GETA, please visit <a href="</p&gt;

For information on California Partnership Academies, please visit Date Monday, February 27, 2012 Event 1 News conference Time 11:00 a.m. Place Laguna Creek High School, 9050 Vicino Dr., Elk Grove # # # # The California Department of Education (CDE) is a state agency led by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. For more information, please visit or by mobile device at You may also follow Superintendent Torlakson on Twitter at and Facebook at <a href="</p&gt;



Sacramento-based “Gay Godfather” Dennis Mangers Debut as Pavarotti in Honor of CCJ Tani Cantil- Sakauye; Avers Steve Hansen and Terry Schanz are First “”Serious” Gay Candidates for Sacramento City Council; Supports “Free Speech” Candidate Hansen

Over $80,000 net was raised at the My Sister’s House gala at the Crest Theatre. West Sac mayor Christopher Cabaldon returned as emcee, and highlights included Dennis Mangers as Pavarotti, Richard Pan as the Village People cop, and Darrell Steinberg as Bobby Sherman crooning to his wife, “Julie Do You Love Me.” Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye was honored, ending a difficult day in which the governor proposed deep cuts to the courts.

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Hansen has reported raising $115,000 since he began his campaign last year; a large number of contributors come from outside the district and many contributions are linked directly to Genentech executives.

Former Assemblyman Dennis Mangers, a Hansen supporter, attributes his donors to “a company that wants to see its employees do their civic duty” and to support from the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which endorsed Hansen.

“I’d be surprised if a large number of those donors weren’t LGBT supporters from around the country,” said Mangers.

Hansen recently raised more than $10,000 at a TransAmerica building fundraiser in San Francisco, where, as the B.A.R. noted, he said he would donate his council salary to charity if elected.


Hansen, who has a military background, including the JROTC in high school, declined to commit to denying city resources to organizations like the Boy Scouts of America that discriminate against LGBT citizens. He also said that he would never give preferential treatment to groups that discriminate.

“But that we are required by the First Amendment to allow access to city facilities on a viewpoint-neutral basis,” he said. “To do otherwise would allow government to choose the speech it likes and punish that which it doesn’t like. That being said, I am not shy about my advocacy for fundamental rights and the need to free our society of invidious discrimination.”

Schanz did not return calls regarding the same question.

Schanz and Hansen are not the first out gay candidates for council, but according to Mangers they are the first “serious” contenders.


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As California Senate President pro tem Darrell Steinberg introduced Senate Bill to allow intrastate online gambling, Doug Elmets discloses Thunder Valley Casino entered into an agreement with London-based online gaming company

The United Auburn Indian Community  , owners of Thunder Valley Casino  , entered into a 10-year agreement with London-based Digital Entertainment PLC, the world’s largest listed online gaming company.

The tribe doesn’t feature online gaming of any kind, but it took the step to forge this partnership should California law be changed to allow online gaming, said Doug Elmets, spokesman for the tribe.

“Our belief is it that it is a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ online gaming becomes legal, and the UAIC wants to have a premiere partner when it comes to pass,” Elmets said.

In February, Senate President pro tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and Roderick Wright, another state senator (D-Inglewood) introduced Senate Bill 1463 to allow intrastate online gambling.

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Keker & Van Nest’s Jon Streeter testifies at Senate Rules Committee Which Backs Jayne Kim as Permanent Chief Trial Counsel for State Bar of California

The Senate Rules Committee yesterday unanimously approved Jayne Kim’s nomination to a four-year term as chief trial counsel of the State Bar, a spokesperson said.

Kim, 43, has served as interim chief trial counsel since September. The State Bar said prosecutors had eliminated a long-running investigatory backlog of complaints over six months old, a source of legislative criticism of the office before she took over.

At the end of 2010, there were more than 1,200 active investigations pertaining to complaints six months old or older. By the end of 2011, there were eight, all of which were in the hands of outside examiners, the State Bar said.

The State Bar reported that at the end of 2010, there were 822 such post-investigation complaints more than six months old. By the end of 2011, that number was reduced to a historic low of 188.

Senate President Pro Tem and Rules Committee Chairman Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, commended Kim for the progress her office has made on a problem that had plagued the bar for decades, the State Bar reported

State Bar President Jon Streeter, who testified on behalf of Kim at today’s confirmation hearing, described Kim in remarks distributed by the State Bar as “a true professional.”


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Separately, the State Bar of California is continuing to deny it has received a formal ethics complaint against its own executive director Joe Dunn — creator of online publication “Voice of OC.”

The complaint alleged that a request to produce Voice of OC’s tax returns has been ignored, despite the clear mandate by the U.S. Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service to fully comply with such requests.  As such, the failure of Senator Dunn to comply with the law, as well as his utter and complete indifference to the law of the land, mandates that discipline be imposed.

Moreover, and according to the complaint, the fact that Senator Dunn is the Executive Director of the State Bar of California should only serve as a factor for enhanced discipline, as his conduct should be beyond reproach and he should fully comply with all laws and regulations. This is particularly true because those documents were sought as part of an inquiry into circumstances involving a charity known as CaliforniaALL, in the context of events surrounding Voice of OC.

The State Bar of California, which controls and operates the California Bar Foundation, quietly transferred $780,000 to CaliforniaALL, a charitable entity created by former BOG member Ruthe Catolico Ashley. CaliforniaALL never acknowledged receipt of the approximate $780,000 from the Cal Bar Foundation in any of its publications, although it did acknowledge the transfer on its IRS tax returns.

Likewise, the Foundation never acknowledged this transfer to CaliforniaALL — the largest grant it ever bestowed — via publications issued by its newsroom, the California Bar Journal, or similar publications; it did, however, recognize the transfer on its IRS returns, and in a 2 by 2 inch blurb in its annual report.

As the purpose of CaliforniaALL was to transfer those funds forward, it did so by awarding approximately $300,000 in grants to the UCI Foundation, where Senator Dunn serves as trustee and chair of the Audit Committee.

In September 2009, Ruthe Ashley abruptly exited CaliforniaALL. That month, Senator Dunn publicly launched his online publication, ” Voice of OC.” Public sources have stated that the Voice of OC was financed by various foundations, unions, and the like.

Events surrounding the State Bar of California, California Bar Foundation, CaliforniaALL, Voice of OC, and UCI Foundation, as well as the fact that those who were involved with CaliforniaALL (i.e. Morrison & Foerster’s Susan Mac Cormac and Girardi & Keese’s Howard Miller in his capacity as BOD member of Cal Bar Foundation, as well as BOG members who voted to endorse CaliforniaALL) were also involved with the creation of Voice of OC (Morrison & Foerster’s James Brosnahan and Girardi & Keese’s Thomas Girardi ) created the appearance of suspicious activities that funds were misappropriated by Voice of OC, vis-a-vis CaliforniaALL.

Additionally, the belief is heightened given various events’ proximity in time — as noted above, Ruthe Ashley left CaliforniaALL in the same month Mr. Dunn launched “Voice of OC” (as though her mission had been completed).

Moreover, the recent abrupt departure of Thomas Girardi and James Brosnahan from ‘Voice of OC” ( as though they were fleeing the scene with guilty consciences), the refusal of SAL-UCI to disclose the amount it receive from CaliforniaALL, the simulated RFP, and CaliforniaALL’s pre-selection of the UCI Foundation as a recipient of funds only reinforce the suspicion. This is heightened by Mr. Thomas Girardi’s lack of credibility (pursuant to findings made by a panel of federal judges), and the friendship Mr. Dunn shares with Mr. Girardi.


Ethics Complaint,  Joe Dunn, Voice of OC,

The above is an image of the complaint which was electronically mailed  to the Intake Office of  the State Bar of California, Ms. Jayne Kim as well as to Mr. Robert Hawley.  Below are images of various prior communications between the complainanat and the State Bar of California confirming a new policy by which ethics complaints may be submiited via electronic mail.  For more about the complaint against Voice of OC and  Joe Dunn, please see Here and Here


Intake Office



Intake Office


TLR is closely monitoring the situation and will keep readers apprised of any new developments.


Article placed on platform on January 6, 2012

CaliforniaALL Advisory Council — Archive September 2008

Advisory Council

Gloria Moore Andrews
Deputy Executive Director
California Public Employees Retirement System

The Honorable Joe Coto
California State Assembly
District 53

The Honorable Morrison England
Eastern District of California
United States District Court

The Honorable Kamala D. Harris
District Attorney
City and County of San Francisco

Judy Johnson
Executive Director
State Bar of California

Patricia Lee
Director, Office of Legal Services
Access & Fairness Programs, State Bar of California

The Honorable Ted Lieu
California State Assembly
District 53

Jack O’Connell
Superintendent of Public Instruction
California Department of Education

Michael Peevey
California Public Utilities Commission

Steve Poizner
California Department of Insurance

The Honorable Curren D. Price, Jr.
California State Assembly
District 51

Timothy Simon
California Public Utilities Commission

The Honorable Darrell Steinberg
Senate Pro Tem
California Senate, 6th District

CaliforniaALLTM 400 Capitol Mall ▪ Suite 2400 ▪ Sacramento ▪ California ▪ 95814
916/930.3222 ▪

Profile of Mr Dennis Mangers

Dennis Mangers


Picture of Dennis Mangers

Photo by Office of Sen Kehoe

Date Party Office Votes Result
11-05-1974 Democratic AD-73 47344 Loss
11-02-1976 Democratic AD-73 67602 Win
11-07-1978 Democratic AD-73 56753 Win
11-04-1980 Democratic AD-73 68572 Loss

Candidate Biography:

Born: October 13, 1940 Inglewood, CA
Married: Linda Axenty (m. 1962, div. 1970s), Michael Sestak
Children: Kirsten and Jeff
Military Service: USN

Previous: Member, Huntington Beach Union High School District
1981-2008: President, California Cable & Telecommunications Association
1987: Public Policy Co-Chair, California Confederation of the Arts
1990s: President, Sacramento Ballet Board of Directors
1992: Co-Chairman, Committee Against Measure H [Sacramento] (restoration of Memorial Auditorium)
1999-Present: Chair, Capital Unity Council
2008: Delegate, Democratic National Convention
2008: Co-Chairman, No on 8 Northern California Committee [Opposed to Proposition 8 (2008)]
2008-2009: Senior Adviser, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg
2010-Present: Member, State Bar Board of Governors


Katy Grimes Assails CPUC’s Culture of Corruption

OCT. 17, 2011

It is shameful to punish the puppy when the pack leader is at fault. It is no different in the workplace and the corporate world — failure and corruption are usually the fault of the top dogs.

Two recent examples are Pacific Gas & Electric and the California Public Utility Commission. The utility company and the state regulator have talented employees, but problematic corporate big-dogs.

In fact, the entire utility regulatory system in California needs a new pack leader.

The first in line for the overhaul is Michael Peevey, the president of the CPUC since 2002. Politically well connected, Peevey is a former senior executive with Southern California Edison. His wife is State Sen. Carol Liu, D-La Canada-Flintridge.

It was on Peevey’s watch that a succession of deadly events took place, including the horrific 2010 San Bruno gas pipeline explosion, which killed eight, injured more than 100 and destroyed 38 homes (pictured at right). Peevey was CPUC President when a gas line exploded in Rancho Cordova on Christmas Eve 2008, destroying a home and killing the occupant, as well as the very recent September pipeline explosion at a Cupertino condominium, which did not receive much press coverage.

After years of approving rate increases earmarked for the San Bruno pipeline upgrades, the CPUC never followed up to make sure that PG&E actually did the work. Instead, PG&E pocketed the rate increases, shined on the pipeline upgrades and kept going back to the CPUC trough for additional rate increase approvals.

‘Culture of Complacency’

Post-explosion investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board, as well as by the CPUC, found irrefutable evidence of wanton negligence by PG&E — but also by the CPUC. Peevey’s arrogance during the investigations was staggering. He even admitted a “culture of complacency,” and a pattern of just “checking the boxes” by his own utility regulatory agency.

But Peevey still has his job. In fact, no one has paid for the gross negligence and lack of oversight by the CPUC and PG&E other than ratepayers and innocent San Bruno and Rancho Cordova residents.

PG&E received a $26 million fine for the Rancho Cordova explosion. For a utility company worth nearly $15 billion, that’s like fining a guy who makes $50,000 a year, $5.00.

The next question on ratepayers’ minds is: Who is going to pay for the fines, repairs and upgrades to PG&E’s pipelines? Ratepayers have already been charged several times over. Perhaps if PG&E’s shareholders had to reach into their own pockets to foot the bill, they would pay closer attention to the unholy relationship between PG&E and the CPUC.

Who Audits The CPUC?

The Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes, a committee created in 2008 by Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, has done great work. But thus far it has not reeled in the CPUC. The committee has done a good job exposing the CPUC and telecommunications industry issues, but needs to take a close look at the tainted relationship between the CPUC and PG&E. Then the Legislature needs to act.

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