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The Leslie Brodie Report Search Terms for 7 days ending 2013-05-03 (Summarized) [TLR Note: Notice tip re davis odd fellow gives to judge rosenberg’s campaign ; YR – roger that]

2013-04-03 to Today
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leslie brodie    155
promiscuous kamala harris    26
maya harris daughter meena    14
kamala harris husband    14
maya harris first husband    14
kamala harris    13
leslie brodie report    10
maya harris daughter    10
maya harris west    10
jon alexander district attorney    9
+1 executive director 2013    7
cowboys 4 angels    7
kamala harris willie brown    7
douglas “,” 2013    6
kamala harris husband boyfriend willie brown leslie brodie    6
pearlperry reich    5
susan friery california pets    5
kamala harris husband boyfriend willie brown lesliebrodie    5
california driver’s license    5
steve ipsen    5
bettina neuefeind    5
maya harris husband    5
kamala harris mistress    5,    5
maya harris child    5
peter leslie dutton    5
davis odd fellow gives to judge rosenberg’s campaign    4
jeffery dalcerro fresno    4
hon elwood lui political    4
erin nicole umberg    4
+1 ana “,,” -spam 2012..2013    4
“matthew africa” parents    4
shannon schmieder    4
kamala harris willie brown affair    4
john orozco sentenced 40 months escrow fraud steve knupp title company il    4
mccarthy +1 industrial contractors inc    4
eman pahlevani    4
sonya molodetskaya    4
yoloan rabbi has his computer confiscated    4 2012/2013    4
daniel dydzak    4
howard dickstein    4
judge holly fujie    4
robin umberg misappropriation of funds    4
+1,, email list april 2013 managing director -scam    4
jon alexander del norte    4
philip edward kay    4
2013 +1 perry text    4
+1 medical officers and alumni email    4
leslie brodie deberry    4
marc r. lubin skadden, arps, slate, meagher & flom llp    4
ninth circuit case no. 12-16255    3
lelsie brodie    3
michael shames ucan    3
nancy lonsdale    3
ron burkle and thomas vincent girardi    3
maya harris and tony west    3
nancy fineman and judith kleinberg    3
+1 johnson andy, 2013    3
initiative legal group and capstone law apc    3
wilfredo neuefeind    3
loretta giorgi    3
sonya molodetskaya wikipedia    3
state bar chief assistant jeff dalcerro fired    3
local 250 grievances and complaints against emcor    3
larissa parecki    3
barnsley hospital logo    3
state bar complaint against chief jayne kim octc    3
“nicholas s johnson “inglewood ca    3
john alexander,da    3
phone number venessa grullon, deputy clerk, circuit court of the ninth judicial circuit, florida    3
leslie brodie contact reportet    3
daru kawalkowski    3
laura kaeppeler    3
lucy armendariz    3
“harry e. hull, jr.”    3
smyser kaplan sanctions    3
yolo county attorney death 80 years 2013    3    3
ernie marugg    3
michael colantuono chancery club    3
judge coughenour chambers    3 2013    3
what religion is judge alice oliver-parrott    3
greenberg traurig partner marc randazza    3
kamala harris and barack obama    3
nikki swartz teacher sexual assault    3
united auburn indian community employee tamatha    3
email contacts of newport church +1 2013    3
john p. shook + aviva k. bobb    3
peevey chairman ccpf    3
“jeff trowbridge” santa rosa teacher    2
jugde dan mcguire yolo    2
stuart price bryan cave    2
ryan clifford uc davis    2
+1 mino 2013    2
loren kieve    2
beverly hillside preservation v. city of berkeley    2
colin . wong state bar office general counsel    2
10001 gambing california    2
hillary clinton valerie jarrett akemi arakaki    2
levi haag tn    2
allintext : tobacco distributors “+1″    2
pg&e liability for poluted land in state of califonria and diminuation of value of property    2
willie brown girlfriend    2
richard h davis pegasus capital advisers    2
louise kip lipper    2
prakashpalan foundation    2
counsellor counsellee non medical- simpson    2
johnbelton “”    2
tyrrell & “patton boggs”    2
ein number for ernesto sandival    2
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orly taitz    2
anthony crisp police    2
jason simpson killed nicole    2
+81+ a&    2
faysal nuri    2
anne rubin aka nude    2
zen hospice project non profit report    2
david scott joseph chang hsbc    2
“carolyn jones dwyer” and money laundering or fraud or theft or crime or bribe or charged or accused or embezzle or scandal or terror    2
amer boukai continental food    2
+1 mitchell 2013    2
betsy andreu    2
thomas p. branigan    2
philipedward kay dead    2
assistant district attorney sanaz nikaein    2
montgomery county assistant state’s attorney +robert hill    2
213 california +2012/2013    2
junie hoang wikipedia    2
eric greenberg munger tolles    2
philip edward kay obituary    2
engstrom lipscomb and lack    2
lawrence jeffery dalcerro fresno    2
howard bluestein gmail +1    2
meena harris harvard law    2
kapor deberry leslie brodie    2
phillip kaye attorney    2
“sacramento county superior court”, “mercury vs. jones”, “rate making”, “advertising”    2
scott steiner judge    2
yolo count answer to pertition gore    2
during the quality audit the auditor has given me an aoc for which should i rasise a preventive action or what ?    2
lauren redfern    2
kamala devi harris and willie brown    2
peter keane    2
ron burkle girlfriend    2
lorna patton brown    2
sempra energy crisis long beach gas 2000 2001 causes    2
lisa kentzell    2
james towery judge    2
jon alexander district attorney 2013    2 “dan dydzak”    2
maya harris first husband wrench    2
allintext : face cap manufacturers “+1″    2
karl velikanje    2
contra costa oliver north    2
leslie brodie report contact    2
judge yvette m palazuelos wiki encyclopedia    2
erika carlton    2
maya harris meena    2
tony west, maya’s husband    2
ms sonya molodetskaya    2
kamala harris images    2
maya harris married    2
maya harris daughter meena father    2
“paul o’brien” “state bar”    2
kamala harris boyfriend    2
willie brown and kamala harris    2
1st century bank los angeles rating    2
george tsunis norway    2
kamala harris and willie brown    2
diana cowboys 4 angels blog    2
california school board association legal alliance    2
allintext : slippers importers “+1″    2
kamala harris/college    2
“bruce africa” biochemistry    2
sanaz nikaein 2013    2
tony layton tennis    2
greg nitzkowski elena baca    2
robert l. bostick judge alameda county    2
kathleen lipscomb murder photos    2
pala indians howard dickstein    2
can an inactive lawyer sign a pleading filed with the cpuc california    2
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angelo williams csba    2
fogal v    2
debra murphy lawson    2
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how to contact judge rosenberg yolo county    2
gretchen peralta    2
diane feinstein’s husband brokers sales of usps bluds.    2
ginny foat fraud llc    2
john v. roos political contributions    2
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kathleen lipscomb murder    2
assembly “richard robinson”    2
forced nudity club london    2
pearlperry reich pictures    2
oliver north wikipedia    2
salvador sarmiento judge address    2
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inters edison paris livre tom peters pdf reader    2
rabbi david aaron    2
darrell palmer objector    2
dan dyzdak    2
judge scott a. steiner investigation    2
yityish aynaw    2
“jon alexander” “district attorney”    2
sonnenschein nath & rosenthal, los angeles+aviva bobb    2
bnora @ @ @ @ @ txt 2013    2
paul o’brien of west covina    2
shanel ann stasz    2
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708.1–236.2    2
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TLR’s Reader Asks: Did Davis Odd Fellow Give to Judge Dave Rosenberg’s Campaign ? [TLR Note: 1. Thank you, excellent question/lead 2. Reader chose to annon communicate with TLR by visiting and type question/lead at search box 3. To date, source seeking anonymity maintain YR contacted only Lea Rosenberg to request production of documents ]

TLR’s Reader Question — Did Davis Odd Fellow Give to Judge Rosenberg’s Campaign ?

Answer: presently unknown of such contribution, although inquiry continues.

More on Prima Facie Evidence of Financial Fundraising Machinations Involving Lea and Dave Rosenberg [ TLR Notes: 1- Notice Davis Odd Fellows 2012 “Breakfast with Santa” — as TLR/ YR established, funds are forwarded to support “Foster Youth / Emancipated Foster Youth” — in other words probably money to Barbara Sommer’s Progress Ranch 2- IMPORTANT — Notice names of Assistant Distract Attorney Mike Cabral and spouse. Reminder, Cabral attorney behind sham search warrant / seizure of all CaliforniaALL material from home YR pursuant to a criminal conspiracy, by among others, California Bar operatives: Keker & Van Nest’s Jon Streeter (attorney for Howard Dickstein ; KVN’s Chris Young of CaliforniaALL – including Three-Card-Monte trick) , Voice of OC’s Joe Dunn, Southern California Edison’s Richard Tom, Jeannine English — spouse of Howard Dickstein, MTO’s Mary Ann Todd, Gwen Moore, Doug Winthrop, Alec Chang,Holly Fujie, etc to press false criminal charges against YR for purpose of suppressing truth in re CaliforniaALL, CCPF, Utility Companies $ 2 Asians/Blacks 4 Injustices, In Re Girardi, Fogel v. Farmers Collusion. Per YR, during 3-4 hours search/seizure by armed investigators of Yolo DA, panicky Mike Cabral constantly on phone with justifiably confused investigators for further instructions, asking why search/seizure takes long time.]

Santa and his Elves get ready for the hundreds of people coming to breakfast at the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

Breakfast With Santa Delivers Lots Of Fun

Today the Davis Odd Fellows completed our seventh annual Breakfast with Santa in downtown Davis. It was a great success. We heard nothing but compliments and saw nothing but smiles from the 350 children and families who enjoyed the morning. Folks in Davis, CA really look forward to Breakfast with Santa – tickets all sell out in two weeks or less.

We have so many people to thank, but especially the world’s best Santa, our own Doug Hatton. Thank you also to his wife and Santa Manager Margee, and the 8 young ladies who were the elves. The kitchen and cooking crew headed by John Geisler and Barb Geisler were just great – hard-working from 6 a.m. and constantly cranking out the pancakes, sausages and other goodies. Thank you to our excellent photographer, Ernesto Sandoval, and Dee Clark from Woodstock’s who served her famous Cinna-Bread. We had some 50 volunteers from our Lodges who worked in shifts from 7 this morning till about 1 p.m. this afternoon. Thank you to Sharla Cheney who, once again, was our volunteer coordinator, and Dave Rosenberg, once again our volunteer wrangler and PR guy. Everyone pitched in filling goodie bags, decorating the tables, serving, cleaning, and doing all the tasks that need to be done to pull off this event. This year we tried something different and had three volunteer shifts, rather than two – thus involving even more members of our Lodges. We also had a special clean-up crew of volunteers to handle the kitchen. It takes MANY hands to put on this big show. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the volunteers:

Doug Hatton
Dave Reed
Sheryl Cambron
Jonathan Raven
Vita Salmieri
Lewis Kimble
David Hafter
Gina Daleiden
Arun Sen
Debbie Friend
Kathy White
Kati Cole-Leathers
Hannah Cole-Leathers
Marc Langlais
JuDee Archuleta
Tim Ainsworth
Joyce Trujillo
Shyamli Sah
Bill Grabert
Matt DeMoura
Alekka Fullerton
Michael Fullerton
Mike Cabral
Margie Cabral
Duff Devine
Irene Fecht
Penny Smith
Jean-Paul Montreuil
John Geisler
Peter Pascoe
Brodie Hamilton
Sharon Schauer
Joyce Puntillo
Mark Spencer
Dennis Corcoran
Vickie Kretsinger
David Cougevan
Tim Carroll
Ann Carroll
Ernesto Sandoval
Dee Clark
Dave Rosenberg
Sharla Cheney
Barb Geisler
Lea Rosenberg

And, once again, we received applications from folks who attended Breakfast with Santa, and now want to join the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodges. They want to join because they see the great community spirit of our Lodges and members.

We also appreciate the merchants, like the Davis Coop, Woodstock’s Pizza, Mezzeta Foods and Puroast Coffee, who donated all the food supplies. And thank you to the many donors who contributed over $3,000 to help our efforts – donors like Edward Jones Inc. and David Cougevan, the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, the Wochok Group, the Law Offices of Raquel Silva, the Law Offices of Roberta Savage, Supervisor Don Saylor, Retired Supervisor Helen Thomson, Davis Ace Hardware, Davis Waste Removal, First Northern Bank, Tandem Properties, Hanlees Nissan of Davis, and others. We also thank Avid Reader and Common Grounds who have sold tickets for us for many years.

The proceeds from Breakfast with Santa are used to benefit foster children in our community, and young adults who have recently left the foster system.

We look forward to the eighth annual Breakfast with Santa in 2013. (Once we rest up.)

F – L – T

Lea Rosenberg and Barb Geisler, Co-Chairs
Breakfast with Santa Committee

Source @:
 Cal Bar Actors
Partial list of Co-Conspirators/ Executives and Directors of State Bar of California and/or California Bar Foundation:  Joseph Dunn AKA Joe Dunn (of Voice of OC, UC Irvine Foundation, Judicial Council), Jon Streeter (of Keker & Van Nest ; connections to Obama for America, Keker & Van Nest’s associate Chris Young – major figure in CaliforniaALL scheme), Somnath Raj Chatterjee (of Morrison & Foerster), Gretchen Nelson (of Kreindler & Kreindler), Alec Chang (of Skadden Arps), Douglas Winthrop (of Arnold & Porter — formerly of Howard Rice), David Grove (of Vaquero Capital; connections to Mark Parnes and John Roos of WSGR; husband of Joilene Wood Grove of Cal Bar Foundation / WSGR) Holly Fujie (of Buchalter Nemer), Gwen Moore (of GeM Communication, connections to Eric Moore, CCPF, CPUC), Gay-Godfather Dennis Mangers (former aide to Darrell Steinberg  of CaliforniaALL), Jeannine English (wife of Howard Dickstein; connections to CPUC, AARP, Donna Lucas, Casinos) George Davis (of David Broadband), Richard Tom (of Southern California Edison ; Edison International ; proxy of Munger Tolles/ Ron Olson), Mary Ann Todd (of Munger Tolles — wrongdoer in re CaliforniaALL, CCPF; represents two utilities implicated in CaliforniaALL financial scheme-  Southern California Edison and Verizon )
As background to the above, and as was recently published: In the midst of a growing controversy over Lea and David Rosenberg, the former foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury has been identified as a potential wrongdoer in a civil inquiry into the peculiar circumstances surrounding familiar faces and a familiar casino in the context of a relatively unknown Davis-based non-profit entity, Progress Ranch
.Barbara Sommer
Barbara Sommer (image: courtesy)
Barbara Sommer (who currently serves as the president of Progress Ranch; President of California Grand Jurors’ Association – Yolo County Chapter) is being looked into for indications of whether she may have been the recipient of questionable gifts during a time period when she served concurrently as Treasurer of Progress Ranch and Foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury in order to influence the outcome of various legal proceedings, and especially a Grand Jury investigation of Cache Creek Casino located in Yolo County.The rapidly expanding multi-prong civil inquiry, conducted by TLR’s confederate — Yolo County’s YR –also views Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, Chairman Marshall McKay, and attorney Howard Dickstein as parties who may potentially have a played a role in the scheme, although this investigation is continuing.A source familiar with the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity, maintains that evidence shows that for a period of several years, four or five non-profits commandeered by Lea and David Rosenberg (Soroptimist International of Davis , Davis Rebekah Lodge, Davis Odd Fellows, Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc., and possibly Davis Sunrise Rotary Club) devoted unusual and, indeed, at times exclusive attention to financially benefit “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” in Yolo County.For example, Lea and David Rosenberg (at times, with the assistance of Judge David Reed and CPA Victor Bucher) raised funds to support foster youth by mobilizing Davis Odd Fellows (“Breakfast with Santa”), Soroptimist International of Davis (“Texas Hold ‘Em” ), Davis Rebekah Lodge (“Crab Feed”), and Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc. (“Orphan Scholarship Fund”).

Also being looked into are Gretchen Peralta and Allison and Robert Woolley. Both Peralta and Robert Wooley are directors of Progress Ranch. Allison Wooley sold tickets to “Texas Hold’ Em”.

Progress Ranch is a non-profit public benefit, Section 510(c)(3) agency providing residential treatment services for troubled children. It is licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. Fees for the children are received from the Department of Social Services of the county where the child’s family resides.

Judicial Council Watcher Reader Dubbed “Lando” Oddly Avers Yolo County Superior Court Judge/ Judicial Council Member Dave Rosenberg “Should Not Be The Subject of Attacks on His Honesty and Character” on Judicial Council Watcher Website

Amid growing controversy over Lea and David Rosenberg, and following on the heels of an article published by Judicial Council Watcher dealing with alleged improprieties by Judge David Rosenberg in the matter of  Ryan Clifford v. UC Davis Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Jewish fraternity, a reader and frequent commentator of Judicial Council Watcher is now of the opinion that the “honesty and character” of Judge David Rosenberg should not be the subject of attacks on this website.(Judicial Council Watcher’s website) .

Specifically, “Lando” wrote: “JCW we need to please be fair on this blog. I respectfully disagree with some of Judge Rosenberg’s positions in support of the AOC and he may tend to be too long winded at times but the post about him above isn’t right. While we disagree on policy matters he should not be the subject of attacks on his honesty and character on this website. We need to focus on the issue at hand, the reformation of the Judicial Council and reduction of the AOC budget. ”

Lando’s comments comes in the midst of a growing controversy over the former foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury who has been identified as a potential wrongdoer in a civil inquiry into the peculiar circumstances surrounding familiar faces and a familiar casino in the context of a relatively unknown Davis-based non-profit entity, Progress Ranch.

Barbara Sommer
Barbara Sommer (image: courtesy)

Barbara Sommer (who currently serves as the president of Progress Ranch; President of California Grand Jurors’ Association – Yolo County Chapter) is being looked into for indications of whether she may have been the recipient of questionable gifts during a time period when she served concurrently as Treasurer of Progress Ranch and Foreperson of Yolo County’s Grand Jury in order to influence the outcome of various legal proceedings, and especially a Grand Jury investigation of Cache Creek Casino located in Yolo County.

The rapidly expanding multi-prong civil inquiry, conducted by TLR’s confederate — Yolo County’s YR –also views Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, Chairman Marshall McKay, and attorney Howard Dickstein as parties who may potentially have a played a role in the scheme, although this investigation is continuing.

A source familiar with the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity, maintains that evidence shows that for a period of several years, four or five non-profits commandeered by Lea and David Rosenberg (Soroptimist International of Davis , Davis Rebekah Lodge, Davis Odd Fellows, Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc., and possibly Davis Sunrise Rotary Club) devoted unusual and, indeed, at times exclusive attention to financially benefit “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” in Yolo County.

For example, Lea and David Rosenberg (at times, with the assistance of Judge David Reed and CPA Victor Bucher) raised funds to support foster youth by mobilizing Davis Odd Fellows (“Breakfast with Santa”), Soroptimist International of Davis (“Texas Hold ‘Em” ), Davis Rebekah Lodge (“Crab Feed”), and Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc. (“Orphan Scholarship Fund”).

Also being looked into are Gretchen Peralta and Allison and Robert Woolley. Both Peralta and Robert Wooley are directors of Progress Ranch. Allison Wooley sold tickets to “Texas Hold’ Em”.

Progress Ranch is a non-profit public benefit, Section 510(c)(3) agency providing residential treatment services for troubled children. It is licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. Fees for the children are received from the Department of Social Services of the county where the child’s family resides.

More on Vigorous Financial Involvement of Davis, CA’s Lea and Dave Rosenberg In Re “Foster Youth” and/or “Emancipated Foster Youth in Yolo County” [ TLR Note: 1) Notice creation of whole new non-profit “Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc.” 2) Setting aside preliminary suspicion of money laundering through Progress Ranch by , among others, Lea and Dave Rosenberg / machinations in re Barbara Sommer — Treasurer of Progress Ranch / Ex-Foreperson of Yolo County Grand Jury — TLR’s readers must ask themselves whether appropriate for any judge to be heavily involved in fundraising, and especially for judge and spouse to commandeer 4 non-profits for same purpose i.e. fundraising for “foster youth.”]

Through a generous and continuing donation from the family of Triffle P. and Annie G. Ivancovich, we have established a scholarship fund in their names and memory to benefit orphans and young adults who grew up in the foster care system.  Triffle was a long-time, active California Odd Fellow and Annie was a long-time active California Rebekah.  They both understood and took to heart the admonition of Odd Fellowship to “educate the orphan.” In recognition of Triffle and Annie’s goal, their family members have worked with the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge to establish a California Corporation, recognized as a 501 (c) (3) charitable entity (Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc.).

Application forms and nomination forms for the 2013 Triffle P. and Annie G. Ivancovich Scholarships are below.  Deadline for submission of applications and nominations for the 2013-14 college/university year is March 1, 2013.  Eligibility is limited to orphans or persons who grew up in the foster care system.  Grade point average minimums are necessary.  Only persons nominated by an Odd Fellow or Rebekah in good standing are eligible.  Full details on eligibility and criteria are contained on the application and the nomination forms.  Decisions regarding who does or does not receive a scholarship are solely within the discretion of the Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc. Board of Directors.

Fully completed application and nomination forms must be received by Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc. on or before March 1, 2013, to be eligible for consideration.

Mailing address is:

Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc.
Attn: Dave Rosenberg
415 Second Street
Davis CA 95616.

Source @:

Record of Soroptimist International of Davis Texas Hold ‘Em Night [TLR Note: 1. notice name of Allison Woolley — ties to president of Progress Ranch Robert Woolley ? Progress Ranch’s Treasurer Barbara Sommer ? 2. As mentioned, Soroptimist International of Davis — one of four known non-profits commandeered by Lea and David Rosenberg 3. Notice comment “Over the past few years, much of Soroptimist support has centered on the emancipated foster youth program.” ]

Odd Fellows Hall, 415 2nd St, Davis, CA | Get Directions »

Soroptimist International of Davis is hold their annual
Texas Hold ’Em Night fundraiser, Saturday, March 23. The event is at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second St. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tournament play starts promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Serious poker players can play in the tournament for $60,
with prizes up to $500.

For those who are new to poker and want to learn to play in a fun and more relaxing way – there are “Greenhorn” tables. Greenhorn tickets are $40. All Greenhorn players will be entered into a drawing for one Southwest
Airline round trip ticket and the top 3 players will win fabulous prizes.

The price of admission includes hearty appetizers and
desserts prepared by Chef Jeff Oblinger of Inspiration Point Catering. To go along with our Western theme our Wild West Saloon will be open and Western wear
is encouraged. We’ll also have a 50/50 drawing and a raffle for 2 Southwest Airline round trip tickets.

Tickets are available online at, Avid Reader
Active, 605 Second St., or contact Allison Woolley at 530-758-1796 or

Over the past few years, much of Soroptimist support has
centered on the emancipated foster youth program. Funds raised will help pay college tuition, living expenses, clothing for job interviews, transportation, and
other items needed to support young adults’ transition from status as a foster child to becoming a productive adult member of the community.

Soroptimist International of Davis meets every Wednesday at noon for lunch at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall. For more information about our club or the Texas Hold
‘Em Night email
or call 530-219-5444.

Source @:

Profile of “Davis Community Network ” [ TLR Note: 1. Notice no mention of Progress Ranch’s Gretchen Peralta as officer or director despite Peralta’s extensive use of email address 2. To date, details about Peralta — sketchy at best. TLR managed to ascertain Peralta around 65, Pinay, Registered Nurse @ Sutter Health in Davis, CA. 3. Due to disquieting financial circumstances surrounding Yolo County Grand Jury’s Barbara Sommer of Progress Ranch, Cache Creek Casino, various non-profits commandeered by Lea Rosenberg and Judge David Rosenberg — presumed lackey of Howard Dickstein – brain behind Cache Creek Casino, TLR tentatively declared Peralta IOI. 4. Stated long term objective of TLR/YR to show Cache Creek Casino (via Dickstein and/or Rosenbergs — and Rosenbergs commandeered non-profits: Davis Odd Fellows, Soroptimist International of Davis , Davis Rebekah Lodge, Davis Sunrise Rotary Club ) bribed/is bribing Barbara Sommer in her capacity as Yolo County Grand Jury Foreperson around 2010. More specifically, during time Grand Jury investigated Cache Creek Casino ]

DCN is a Davis, California, nonprofit education and community service organization, founded in 1993. DCN is dedicated to helping local people take advantage of and benefit from the new information and communication technologies and services associated with the Internet and media convergence.

DCN Vision, Mission and Goals

What it is we’re trying to accomplish!

The mission of the Davis Community Network is to strengthen the community by helping people understand and benefit from participation in the electronic information era.

Today, information technology is creating new avenues for human enterprise. The Davis Community Network was established in the belief that people, even as they look outward to the world, aspire to a richer community life. To that end, we assume both an educational and a practical role in helping ourselves and our fellow residents embrace the new technologies. We hope in this way to foster energetic local culture and commerce, citizen involvement in public affairs, and access by all sectors of the community to the information and communication facilities needed to realize the promise of a new era.
Purposes and Scope

The Davis Community Network, a non-profit regional organization established in 1994, creates public-benefit partnerships with government, education, business and the community in order to:

Ensure that people in the region benefit from opportunities the information age brings.
Promote access to electronic information and communication resources for all, protecting individual privacy and supporting free expression.
Develop and maintain public information resources that build a sense of community and reinforce democratic ideals.


Shared knowledge is a foundation of democratic society.
Information technology can enhance civic discourse and thus support democratic values and practice.
Universal and affordable access to information resources and tools is essential to meaningful, equal, public participation.
Privacy should be protected, and freedom of expression supported, in applications of information technology.
Information technology should be applied to the ideals of both the individual and society.

Goals (in three prioritized groups)

Develop and maintain a strong and sustainable organization.
Provide and/or facilitate the creation of telecommunications infrastructure, tools and network services.
Increase and improve the ability of individuals and organizations to access, utilize and contribute to the information necessary for effective participation in community and civic life.
Develop strategic partnerships with a broad range of regional institutions.
Assist staff, teachers, parents and students in using the Internet to enhance all levels of education.
Respond to community needs and interests through the application of information technology.
Serve as a community based test-bed for the development of appropriate information technology systems and services pilot projects.
Help to ensure that no one is denied effective access to the Internet.
Cooperate and share resources with other community networks.


Bill Buchanan – President
Teri Greenfield – Vice President
Jim Frame – Treasurer
Steve McMahon – Secretary

Board Members

Tsui Chang
Sheila Evans
Anne Hance
Russ Hobby
Jan Meizel
Robert Nickerson
Richard Yamagata

DCN acknowledges and most gratefully thanks past Board Members: Ronda Adams, Tony Bernhard, Alan Brattesani, Jan Bridge, Jason Coffer, Jon Cook, Marilyn Corcoran, Bill Diemer, Fereidun Feizollahi, Stan Forbes, Brian Gegan, Joan Gargano, Rick Guidara, Paul Healey, Ed Henn, Autumn Labbe-Renault, Randy Lasnik, Don Martensen, Jack May, Kathleen Mayer, Lynn Maynard, Jean Mecorney, Robert Merrill, Kari Peterson, Esther Polito, Keith Prior, Richard Reid, jesikah maria ross, Kimball Sargeant, Don Saylor, Elisabeth Sherwin, Tom Stanionis, Vicki Suter, Bev Sykes, Dan Todd, Kevin Wolf

Source @:

GRAND JURY : Barbara Sommer on Yolo County Grand Jury / California Grand Juror’s Association ; Barbara Sommer as President of California Grand Jurors’ Association -Yolo Chapter ; YR’s Errata to Judicial Council Watcher In Re Barbara Sommer

Written by Barbara Sommer Thursday, 04 February 2010 06:03

by Barbara Sommer
Foreperson 2009-10 Yolo County Grand Jury

Yolo County is currently seeking members for the 2010-2011 Grand Jury. Nineteen citizens, selected by an interview and random draw, comprise this arm of the judicial system. It is a watchdog organization whose civil job is to investigate corruption, malfeasance, or simply inefficiency in the agencies and offices in its jurisdiction that receive public funds. Are local agencies doing their job? Are they following the rules? Problems are identified on the basis of complaints submitted from the public or from investigations initiated by the Grand Jury itself.
Applicants must be citizens, age 18-years or older, Yolo County residents for at least a year, have a sufficient knowledge of English, be of sound judgment and fair character, with no felony or malfeasance in office convictions. After being interviewed by a Superior Court Judge and  the Jury Commissioner, the applicants’ names are entered into a random draw. Nineteen are selected for the Grand Jury, with the remaining applicants as official alternates. Jurors serve for a term of one year, with a possibility of carryover to the next year for five jurors at the courts’ discretion.

Unlike the usual jury for a Court case, the Grand Jury is a more active body. It does its own investigations, including scheduling, data analysis, interviews, oversight visits, and writing reports. The main product of its activity is a public report issued at the end of its term in June. It can investigate any person, agency, or office in local government (city, county, special districts). However, the Grand Jury can neither prosecute nor punish. There is no direct staff support. The work is done by the nineteen members, although they can call on the designated Grand Jury Judge, County Counsel, District Attorney, and the State Attorney General for advice. In addition, a statewide organization (California Grand Juror’s Association) comprised of current and former grand jury members, provides education, training, and general support (see website at

In Yolo County, the jurors also serve as a criminal Grand Jury. The District Attorney may request the Grand Jury to return an indictment – a formal accusation leading to criminal trial. An indictment hearing is an alternative to a preliminary hearing in Superior Court. A key difference is that the Grand Jury hearing is secret. The DA may choose this alternative in order to protect witnesses or the accused, and to get a sense of the strength of a case from a community perspective.

Why serve? You may be able to bring to the jury a needed perspective based on your age or your particular background. Meetings are arranged to accommodate the schedules of people with work and family commitments. A strong Grand Jury is one that is truly representative of Yolo County’s diversity. You will learn much about local government, get an inside view of the criminal justice system, work with fellow jurors of different backgrounds, and learn about group processes and negotiation with colleagues holding different perspectives. The Grand Jury work requires a significant time requirement and can be tedious but a Grand Jury that is able to establish clear goals and procedures early on will be successful and personally gratifying.

For more information and an application, see

The application deadline is Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barbara Sommer, Foreperson
2009-2010 Yolo County Grand Jury

Source @:


Yolo Chapter, California Grand Jurors’ Association

Our mission:

To advocate for and provide support to the Yolo County Grand Jury.
To increase public awareness of the value of the Grand Jury in promoting a democratic, open, and honest system of county governance.

We have three general foci this year:

1) Outreach – meet with county officials and educate the public about the role of the Grand Jury

2) Implementation – follow up on report recommendations and responses of county and city agencies

3) Training – provide training for Grand Jurors

About us

The Yolo Chapter is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5 PM at Mojos, located at 428 First Street, Woodland, CA

Founding members:

James Cheney, Treasurer

Marie Kearney

Cathrine Lemaire, Secretary

Stan Moorhead

James Painter, Vice President

Barbara Sommer, President

Kathleen Stock, Member at Large

Source @:


Dear Editor of Judicial Council Watcher:

If not a bother, will it be possible for you to please delete my prior comment from this column. The comment contains inaccurate and incomplete information. For example, although yesterday I believed Barbara Sommer was the president of Yolo County Grand Jury, upon further research I discovered an error. Namely, that she is actually the President of Yolo Chapter California Grand Jurors’ Association. She did serve as grand juror/foreperson from 2008-2010.

Also, upon reflection, my comment of yesterday may create the wrong impression in the mind of your readers that I contacted the District Attorney of Yolo County for the sole purpose of reporting a crime by Judge David Rosenberg, Lea Rosenberg, and Barbara Sommer.

In fact, the Yolo DA was primarily contacted to simply alert him of my plan to seek information directly from Lea Rosenberg and/or David Rosenberg due to their extensive (and in my opinion — suspicious) involvement with various non-profits as not to run afoul of rules pertaining to ex-parte communications.

As you know from reading parts of Dydzak’s lawsuit, after I unearthed various schemes including, for example, by Judicial Council / Voice of OC members Joe Dunn and Thomas Girardi (i.e. CaliforniaALL ), and after I reported Voice of OC to the IRS, members of the State Bar of California Board of Governors (i.e. Joe Dunn, Jon Streeter of Keker & Van Nest — colleague of Chris Young who was a behind the scene actor of CaliforniaALL) pressed criminal charges against me with the Yolo DA “on behalf” of the entire “State Bar of California”

Since I strongly suspect Judicial Council members Mark Robinson (also part of CaliforniaALL scheme in his capacity as director of UC Irvine Foundation – where Joe Dunn serves as Chairman of the Audit Committee, and where CaliforniaALL forwarded all funds — including funds obtained from the California Bar Foundation), Tani Cantil-Sakauye (friend of Ruthe Ashley — CaliforniaALL executive director), and David Rosenberg are also somehow involved in provoking the Yolo DA , I begun to examine the background of David Rosenberg .

Source @:

More Background Information Re Barbara Sommer of Progress Ranch in Davis, California [ TLR Note: 1) IMPORTANT — To Date, neither TLR nor YR in possession of any evidence implicating Barbara Sommer in any type of misconduct whatsoever 2) TLR advises Sommer ceases use of UC Davis email address since mislead public presently employed by UC 3) “President” of CJGA confuses public Sommer presently President of Yolo County Grand Jury 4) 2010-Present “Member and Organizer of Yolo County Grand Jury Alumni” — ??? 5) Member of Progress Ranch since 2004 6) Member of Yolo Grand Jury 2008-2010 — during time Grand Jury investigates Cache Creek Casino 7) Focused fundraising efforts by Lea and David Rosenberg in re “foster youth” remains suspect, not the least of which conflict of interest by Lea Rosenberg in re movement of funds from entity she controls to separate entity ]

Current activities:

President, Board of Directors, Progress Ranch Treatment Services in Davis, CA

President, Yolo-CGJA (Yolo Chapter, California Grand Jurors’ Association)

Chair, Excellence in Reporting Awards Subcommittee, California Grand Jurors Association

Co-organizer/Secretary of Sacramento Area Mushroomers

Item writer for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), the national licensing examination for psychologists.

WebMs. for Yolo County Historical Society, Progress Ranch, Hattie Weber Museum of Davis, Sacramento Area Mushroomers, and Yolo CGJA.

Curriculum Vita (download PDF)
Personal interests

phone: 530-756-7553


Retired from UC Davis. Positions included Lecturer in Psychology, Academic Assistant to the Provost, Faculty Consultant, Program Evaluator, and Program Coordinator at the Teaching Resources Center on campus.

Taught at all levels of the California higher education system — community college, state college, and university. Did a stint at Sonoma State University in spring 2008.

Author of A Practical Guide to Behavioral Research (5th edition, Oxford University Press), Puberty and Adolescence (1978, Oxford) and 40 published articles.

Source @:

Alliance of California Judges on Auditing AOC; Copy of YR communication to Jeff Reisig Re Plan to Contact Dave Rosenberg, Lea Rosenberg, Yolo County Grand Jury President Barbara Sommer of Progress Ranch

March 27, 2013

Dear Members and Others,

We attach an editorial penned by Bill Girdner of the Courthouse News. Suffice it to say, our branch leaders have gotten the attention of those in the media who report on court cases and who believe in open government. The author voices a concern that we share — some of the reporting on the “$10 pay for view” proposal has appeared to cast blame on the Governor or his Department of Finance for this assault on the First Amendment and open government. That could not be further from the truth.

A Report to the Judicial Council dated December 14, 2012, lays out the council’s legislative priorities for 2013. On page 12 you will find language drafted by AOC staff amending the Government Code to charge the public $10 to view a “name, file, or other information for which a search is requested.” Our branch leaders standing by silently while the Governor and his Department of Finance are unfairly criticized for this gaffe hearkens back to the last time the AOC was caught attempting to gut Government Code sections concerning the management of the local trial courts. Then AOC staff affirmatively blamed the Department of Finance. Now, they seem content to allow a misleading impression to be made regarding the authorship of this misguided proposal.

We encourage you to read this report in its entirety, as it sheds additional light on what our handpicked leaders believe is essential in this year’s legislative session. We will point out only one additional item. On pages 7 and 8, the AOC proposes to defer audits for compliance with the Public Contracting Code unless specific funding is provided to the judicial branch to offset the cost for these audits.

As you know, the State Auditor recently released her audit findings of the first six local courts that were chosen to be audited. We learned from this audit that the AOC was up to its old tricks by providing incorrect data and excluding information required by the auditors. The six local courts were found to be substantially in compliance with the code. Ending the audits now would stop the State Auditor from auditing the “AOC and other judicial branch entities” as is required by December 15 of this year. It appears that the six local courts had the funds to pay for audits last year, but this year the central office appears to be broke and unable to afford an audit unless the General Fund provides the resources to do so. How convenient.
The Alliance believes that auditing the AOC is not a luxury that should only occur if extra funding is secured. Rather we believe it is of utmost importance that respected State Auditor Elaine Howle undertake this audit immediately. For those on the Judicial Council who champion and repeatedly claim that a new regime has embraced “greater transparency,” this proposal to kill off an audit speaks to their definition of transparency when it comes to their own operations.

As always, we will continue to keep you informed on matters concerning our branch.


Alliance of California Judges

Source @:

In that suspicious transactions involving Judge David Rosenberg, Lea Rosenberg (“Rosenbergs”), Treasurer Victor Bucher, Cache Creek Casino and Barbara Sommer (President of Yolo County Grand Jury ; Progress Ranch) were recently unearthed, this will serve to place your office on notice of my plans to directly contact those individuals in furtherance of the inquiry.

The above will be contacted in their capacity as officers of various non-profit entities ( Davis Odd Fellows, Soroptimist International of Davis, Davis Rebekah Lodge, Progress Ranch) for the purpose of obtaining documents, dates, amounts, as well as other relevant information.

Specifically, a noticeable surge has been detected in the level of enthusiasm (i.e. fundraising, donations)  on the part of  Cache Creek Casino and Rosenbergs to benefit “foster youth” and/or “emancipated foster youth” in Yolo County.”

For example, Rosenbergs (at times, with the assistance of Judge Dave Reed, Treasurer Victor Bucher) raised funds to support foster youth by mobilizing Davis Odd Fellows (“Breakfast with Santa”), Soroptimist International of Davis (“Texas Hold ‘Em” ) and Davis Rebekah Lodge (“Crab Feed” ).

Subsequently, those funds were forwarded directly to Progress Ranch and/or  Yolo County Department of Employment and Social Services – The Homeless and Foster Youth Services of Yolo County,  which in turns forward sums to Progress Ranch pursuant to contractual agreement with Yolo County totaling around $800,000 per annum.

Likewise, Cache Creek Casino’s sudden interest in foster youth manifested itself with a  $48,500 donation.

Please observe that the inquiry is in its infancy, and stem from the fact that Progress Ranch President Barbara Sommer is also the President of Yolo County Grand Jury, as well as  the role of Victor Bucher as treasurer in various judicial elections.

Profile of “Progress Ranch” in Yolo County [ TLR Note: A) It appears Progress Ranch reluctant to share names of board of directors as no data available on web-site B) Madam Lea Rosenberg actively raising funds vis-a-vis 1) Davis Odd Fellows – Breakfast with Santa, 2) Soroptimist International of Davis – Texas Hold ‘Em 3) Davis Rebekah Lodge — Crab Feed . C) President of Progress Ranch — Barbara Sommer of UC Davis — also President of Yolo County Grand Jury

In operation since 1976, Progress Ranch promotes the hope, health, and well-being of boys between the ages of 6 and 12 by helping them develop the self-confidence, competence, and positive feelings that result from living in a nurturing setting within a supportive community.

Our facility has six beds. We are located in a residential neighborhood in the city of Davis, and boys are eligible to attend Davis public schools. Our Executive Director, Wendi Counta, a long-time Davis resident, has over twenty years of experience working with children. She was the Residential Director at Families First for the past fifteen years. Her educational background is in Human Services management.

The Board of Directors is comprised of local residents who recognize the need for caring, community-based programs for children at risk. They meet monthly in Davis. A packet of material to describe board service opportunities is available upon request.

License and financial support

Progress Ranch is a nonprofit public benefit, 501(c) agency providing residential treatment services for the emotionally-troubled child. We are licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division.

Children are placed by social service case workers from Yolo and other regional counties. Residential care is paid from government funds according to rates set by the State of California.



Webms: Barbara Sommer
Progress Ranch logo by Lisa Wood Design

Source @:

Addendum to Profile of Madam Lea Rosenberg (wife of Dave Rosenberg) — Extensive Contribution to Community Also Include Raising Funds to House Emancipated Foster Young Adults [ TLR Note: 1) Notice date of 2010 2) “About 80 percent of the profits collected were donated to the local housing program, the group’s primary project for the next couple years. ” — refer to Progress Ranch ? Reminder, in 2010 Progress Ranch’s Barbara Sommer — Yolo County Grand Jury Foreperson — investigate Cache Creek Casino ]

Written by Samantha Bosio
Staff Writer
Published on March 10, 2010
Filed under City News

Yolo County relieves foster youth’s transition to independence

Most teenagers anxiously await the day they turn 18, but not every young adult shares this same excitement. For foster youth, becoming a legal adult carries new responsibilities to lead an independent life.

In an effort to aid in the transition from out-of-home residencies to independent living, the Transitional Housing Placement Plus (THP-Plus) program helps emancipated foster children in 52 counties. The THP-Plus program offers affordable housing, furniture, assistance with enrollment in school and help finding a job to former foster children ages 18 to 24.

“It is the only program in the state that works to address homelessness in former foster youth,” said Amy Lemley, policy director for the John Burton Foundation. “I think it’s very scary for these teens. You can imagine the kind of panic and frustration that this creates for them. We need to fulfill our commitment to these young people the way a parent would support their child in this transition.”

The California Department of Social Services, John Burton Foundation and the Corporation for Supportive Housing established the statewide project in 2001. Yolo County implemented the THP-Plus program in 2008, providing affordable housing for foster youth in a subsidized, communal home in the city of Davis.

Youth in the 24-month program are given housing, furniture, food allotment, counseling, assistance with earning their GED if needed, a $50 monthly stipend and a trust account to help them save money for life after the program.

“Approximately 15 youth emancipate out of foster care in Yolo County each year,” said Nancy O’Hara, assistant director of Yolo County Department of Employment and Social Services in an e-mail interview. “Most have no where to live and no means of support at the time they are emancipated. The youth seem receptive and appreciative [of the THP-Plus].”

On July 1, however, the benefits of the program may be in danger if the state decreases its $172,000 allocation for Yolo County’s THP-Plus due to the California budget crisis.

“What little security they have had has been undermined by the recession,” Lemley said. “When we need it [the THP-Plus] most we see a proposal to eliminate it. As counties are more seriously affected by the recession, we see a kind of trickle down effect where counties have to decide what they do or do not want to do. It’s a tough decision for everyone.”

According to a 2002 study by the California Department of Social Services, every year in California over 4,200 young adults are dismissed from foster care, and two out of three end up homeless. Since its formation, the THP-Plus has been relatively successful – 85 percent of its participants retain housing and employment for at least one year after completing the program.

To help Yolo County’s local foster care, Soroptimist International of Davis held its annual poker tournament on March 6 at the Veterans’ Memorial Center.

“This type of issue isn’t on everyone’s radar,” said Lea Roseberg, president of Soroptimist International of Davis. “We wanted to bring it forth a little bit. I hope that these young adults know that there is a group out there that is supportive of their futures and that we care. Most of us have a mom or dad to help us get through college and pay for rent, but hopefully we can come in and help that Yolo County agency.”

About 80 percent of the profits collected were donated to the local housing program, the group’s primary project for the next couple years. Soroptimist will distribute the rest of the proceeds amongst other community projects.

Source @:


“Each year, thousands of 18-year-olds find themselves totally on their own because they have aged out of the foster care system,” says Lea Rosenberg, a member of Soroptimist International of Davis.

“Suddenly, they must figure out how to live on their own, work out transportation issues, and find a job or enter college without the help of a trusted adult adviser. So, our club wants to make sure that the youth who age out of the foster care system in Yolo County know that there are adults who care about them and want to help them become self-sufficient.”

Soroptimists invite the public to help out by attending their annual “Spirit of the West” fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 25, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Veterans’ Memorial Center, 203 E. 14th St. All proceeds raised through this annual event are used to support and assist young adults who age out of foster care.

Source @:


The Davis Rebekah Lodge invites the public to its Second Rebekah Lodge Crab Feed to be held on Saturday, Feb. 2, starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, 415 Second St., Davis. The crab feed is a charitable fundraiser, open to the general public.

Only 160 tickets were printed for the crab feed, and less than 30 tickets remain. Tickets are only sold at the Avid Reader Active bookstore on Second Street. It is not anticipated that any tickets will remain to be sold at the door.

Tickets are $40 per person and participants will get lots of fresh cracked crab, pasta, salad, bread and drawn butter. The Rebekah Crab Feed also features a silent auction and a full no-host bar.

A raffle will also be conducted featuring a 24-bottle wine locker, including 24 bottles of fine wine.

All proceeds from the Rebekah Lodge Crab Feed will be used for the benefit of at-risk and foster youth in the Yolo County community.

Source @:


Want to whisper your Christmas wishes in Santa’s ear early this holiday season? Then be sure to buy tickets for Breakfast with Santa, which go on sale Monday.

This year’s event, which features three seatings, will take place Saturday, Dec. 10, at the Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second St. in downtown Davis.

Tickets are $8 per person and must be purchased in advance, at The Avid Reader, 617 Second St. in downtown Davis, and Common Grounds, 2171 Cowell Blvd. in South Davis. Seatings are at 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m.

“Only 120 tickets are available for each seating and they go really fast,” said event co-chair Barbara Geisler. In 2010, tickets sold out in 10 days.

Breakfast with Santa includes pancakes, sausage, orange slices and cinna-bread, a goodie bag for each child and an opportunity to take a photo with Santa.

Parents are encouraged to bring their own cameras to record their child’s moment with Santa and his elves.

The event is presented by the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge and Davis Rebekah Lodge, with food donations from the Davis Food Co-op, Woodstock’s Pizza, Kona Coast Food Products and Puroast Low Acid Coffee.

“The 175 members of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge look forward to Breakfast with Santa every year because it brings so much joy and pleasure to the children and families who participate,” said Dave Reed, Noble Grand of the lodge.

Proceeds from the event will support emancipated foster youths as they transition to adulthood and Progress Ranch, a group home for foster boys in Davis.

Source @:

TIMELINE May 2011 – Davis Vanguard’s David Greenwald lashes out at Yolo County Superior Court Judge Dave Rosenberg for nominating wife Lea Rosenberg (aka Lea Pepper) for Civic Award [ TLR Note: award bestowed, in part, for fundraising on behalf of “Elderly Nutrition Program” (“ENP”) in Yolo County — known widely as “Meals on Wheels” and operated by People Resources, Inc. where Vic Bucher serves as director]

Humanitarian Award
Winner: Lea Rosenberg
Nominated By: Dave RosenbergThe Humanitarian Award recognizes significant efforts in improving the quality of life for Davis residents by directly addressing the needs of specific groups within the community in the areas of health, human services, housing or employment.Although Lea Rosenberg has volunteered in countless capacities throughout the community over the past quarter century, she was nominated to receive the Humanitarian Award because of her recent efforts with foster youth and emancipated foster youth. Her nominator Dave Rosenberg writes, “Lea…has raised a considerable amount in donations to provide funds for these foster kids to stay in school, to purchase bus passes and books, as well as clothing and school supplies. She has raised money so that the kids can live in apartments after they become adults. She has taken a personal interest in Davis’ own Progress Ranch – a home for 6 very hard to place foster boys – bringing them games and toys, and supplying the home with gifts when the kids have birthdays.”

Ms. Rosenberg has also worked to support the Yolo Food Closet, Meals on Wheels and All Things Right and Relevant.

Source @:
Davis Vanguard’s David Greenwald:

When I first saw the list of Thon Hy Hunh award nominees, and saw that Lea Rosenberg had won the award for Humanitarian, I thought very little about it.  After all, anyone who knows Lea, understand and appreciates the years of work she has done in our community.

She is a longtime volunteer who works very hard and is totally devoted to many non-profits who do humanitarian work.

It was only when I saw that her husband, a former Mayor but a sitting Judge, had nominated her, that I got an unsettling knot in the pit of my stomach.

It is inappropriate for a husband to nominate his wife for an award.  It would be like nominating oneself.  It is a conflict of interest and strikes of self-promotion if not more.

What makes this worse is that dozens in this community would gladly have stepped in to nominate Mrs. Rosenberg, who is a very appropriate nominee, but for judge Rosenberg to do so looks self-serving.  And it cheapens the award which, has a distinguished history in this community, honoring people for public service and commitment to civil rights in our community.

Moreover, as a sitting Judge, in fact the presiding Judge, David Rosenberg ought to stay out of such trivial matters.  This would be like Judge Mock nominating his wife Ann Hurd for Prosecutor of the Year.  She may well be deserving of it, but family should not be nominating family.

What is amazing is the disconnect between Judge David Rosenberg who sits on the bench in Yolo County and the one who, for whatever reason, gets bogged down in these sort of self-promoting activities.

Judge Rosenberg, if I should have the misfortune of being accused of a crime, would be the judge I would want to preside over my case.  He is fair-minded, he is caring, he knows the law and he treats people with respect and decency.

He is a good and decent person and has often used his positions to help people in need.  He shows a level of compassion and decency that is often missing in our judicial system.

Many of our judges do not even pay lip-service to compassion.  Judge Rosenberg has demonstrated it on a consistent basis from the bench in a way that not only brings humanity to the courtroom, but also a sense of fair play.

At the same time, for whatever reason, he is prone to enormous lapses in judgment.  The building of the new courthouse is a good example.

Few people who utilize the current courthouse would doubt that the Yolo County Court facilities are badly in need upgrading, either through a remodel or a new building that would enable all of the courts to operate within a single building, without exposing the public and staff to the security risks of marching in-custody defendants through common-use hallways that the public inhabit.

Unfortunately, we have talked to many in the community who are just appalled that, at a time when public employees are being laid off and people are jobless, such a grandiose courthouse is being proposed.

Sadly, the court itself is not immune to such cutbacks.  Court staff have been laid off.  There are furlough days.  And recently many of the law enforcement officers who provided security through the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department had to be laid off as well.

When such financing schemes were called into question by people like Davis City Councilmember Sue Greenwald,  Davis Enterprise Columnist Rich Rifkin and myself, Judge Rosenberg took it upon himself to respond in an op-ed.

Please continue @:

Dave Rosenberg on “Elderly Nutrition Program” (“ENP”) in Yolo County — known widely as “Meals on Wheels” and operated by People Resources, Inc. [ TLR Note: 1) Written during period Rosenberg served as County Supervisor, 4th District . As such, presently unknown whether Vic Bucher already part of ENP, or whether Lea Rosenberg already commenced fundraising on behalf of ENP 2) Nevertheless, unease over potential constellation henceforth referenced as “Roses-Bucher Triangle Special” repeatedly seen elsewhere 3) Reminder, Rosenberg — presently a judge with Yolo County Superior Court/member of California Judicial Council — with close ties to California Democratic Party. Yolo County’s YR — who exposed CaliforniaALL embezzlement /money laundering scheme involving, among others, Judicial Council member/ex-members Joe Dunn and Thomas Girardi of Voice of OC, Mark Robinson/Joe Dunn of UCI Foundation (“make believe launching of SAL” ), Ruthe Ashley -friend of Judicial Council Tani Cantill-Sakauye, Jeannine English- wife of Howard Dickstein, CPUC’s Geoffrey Brown — cousin of Jerry Brown, Mark Friedman, etc. Hence, suspicion Rosenberg may have “cleared way” for sham execution of search warrant/seizure of all CaliforniaALL material by eight armed Yolo DA investigators. 4) A slightly paranoid argument can be made some people conspired to complicate matter for YR in hope he is incarcerated, subsequent procurement of his murder]

The Food Line as Life Line for Yolo County Seniors

By Dave Rosenberg, Yolo County Supervisor, 4th District

Almost 2,000 Yolo County Senior Citizens are provided nutritious noontime meals by the Elderly Nutrition Program, a lifeline for many of the recipients. The statistics are striking.

In Woodland 640 Seniors are served by this program, in Davis 448 are served, in West Sacramento 547 are served, in Winters 93 Seniors are served, 38 in Knights Landing and 14 in Esparto. In terms of age breakdown: 287 of the served Seniors are aged 60-69, 687 are in their 70’s, 683 are in their 80’s, 119 are in their 90’s and 4 are over 100 years of age. Fully 70% of the recipients are over 75 years of age, 60% are low income, and half live alone. Women make up 69% of the meal recipients, and men compose 31%.

The Elderly Nutrition Program was established in 1975 in Yolo County and is a private, non-profit community agency serving healthy meals to seniors in the county. The mission of the organization is to maintain the independence of older persons through improved nutritional status and social interaction. The program provides a hot, nutritious meal to seniors aged 60 and older each weekday, through two primary programs: the “Congregate Program” and the “Home Delivered Meals Program” ( commonly known as “Meals on Wheels”). A small staff supports the programs, and is supplemented by many community volunteers.

The Congregate Program operate within Senior Centers and Community Centers throughout the county, providing a hot meal to seniors that are more active and can get to the site to eat. In addition to the meal, seniors get a chance to get out of their homes, socialize with friends and attend functions at the centers. Last year, 1,211 senior citizens were served by this program throughout Yolo County.

The Home Delivered Meal Program provides an opportunity for “shut ins” or homebound seniors to receive a hot, home-delivered meal on a temporary or long-term basis, for those seniors who can’t prepare meals for themselves and do not have family or friends to provide assistance. In addition to meal delivery, the program provides an important daily social contact, a safety net system for families. Last year, 569 senior participated in this important, life-line program.

Last year, the Elderly Nutrition Program served over 100,000 meals to senior citizens in Yolo County. The actual cost of each meal served is under $5. Donations are requested, and participants, many of whom are on fixed incomes, are asked to pay whatever they can afford. Participant donations averaged $1.69 per meal for the Congregate Program and $1.18 for Meals on Wheels.

But the Elderly Nutrition Program faces challenges in Yolo County. Last year, like many businesses, the program was hit hard with unexpected increased costs that made it difficult to make ends meet. The program experienced a 20% increase in food costs alone, in addition to being hit with a minimum wage increase, higher expenses for gas and a doubling of the utility bill. The program faces a tough financial year and for the first time has a budgeted deficit of $20,000.

Many volunteers support the program, and numerous community donations are received. But more help is needed to make the program viable this year and in future years. Only 13% of the funding for the Elderly Nutrition Program comes from private donations. More private donations are needed to help cover the $20,000 deficit. For more information on the Yolo County Elderly Nutrition Program, please contact Colleen Brock, the executive director, at 662-7035, or write to the program at 40 N. East Street, Suite C, Woodland, CA 95776.

Volunteers and donations are always needed and welcomed!


DavisWiki profile of “Elderly Nutrition Program” (“ENP”) in Yolo County — known widely as “Meals on Wheels” and operated by People Resources, Inc. [ TLR Note: 1. Vic Bucher — part of ENP BOD 2. By now, very clear pathological extensive charitable fundraising activities by Judge Dave Rosenberg and wife Lea Rosenberg — odd /suspect. According to TLR’s confederate, Yolo County-based Rabbi YR, judges Rosenberg, Reed, and Maguire must self-suspend from further hearing cases pending resolution given Bucher’s position as Treasurer while holding positions with entities connected to Rosenbergs, Reed. YR further opined Victor Bucher has terrific reputation for honesty, charity ( i.e. donating his Porsche ) within Yolo County and is otherwise person of impeccable integrity. Per YR, Dave Rosenberg is one with legal knowledge and one who misled, debased, corrupt, caused others to misleed, betrayed others and trust of public]

The Yolo County Elderly Nutrition Program offers seniors 60 years of age and older (and their spouses, regardless of age) a nutritious hot mid-day meal, Monday-Friday at noon. Meals are are not contingent on financial need and are planned by a registered dietitian and prepared in a central kitchen by an experienced food service team. These meals provide 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for seniors.

Community meals are offered to Davis seniors at the Davis Senior Center, and a home-delivery service (Meals on Wheels) is available for homebound, frail or disabled seniors unable to come to the nutrition site. Volunteer drivers deliver meals to clients on a regular schedule between 11am and 12:30pm weekdays — a frozen meal is offered for legal holidays. Meals on Wheels participants are asked to contribute towards the cost of the meal daily or weekly, though no minimum amount is required and contributions are confidential. To sign up for Meals on Wheels, the senior, a family member or a professional caregiver may apply by calling the main office to complete a 15 minute intake questionaire over the phone during which includes personal contact and health information. A Home Delivery Coordinator will visit the senior at home within 10 days of the start of meal delivery and again every 90 days with a visit or call to update information, re-assess eligibility and provide referrals for other services that may be needed.

Volunteers are needed to deliver lunchtime meals to home-bound seniors between 10:45am and noon as well as on-call drivers and runners for all routes weekdays — these positions are for volunteers who can commit to once a week, twice a month, or occasional substitutes. Other positions include kitchen & community meal staff, auto maintenance for agency vehicles, and special project assistance such as holiday gift assembly or handyman projects. The program relies on almost 400 volunteers annually to perform the many duties needed to efficiently operate each site in a cost effective manner.

The Elderly Nutrition Program is operated by People Resources, Inc. [40 North East Street, Suite C . Woodland, CA] and receives funds from Title III of the Older Americans Act through the Area 4 Agency on Aging, & USDA. Funds are also received from Community Development Block Grants through Yolo County and the cities of Woodland and Davis, Participant Donations, Private and Corporate Donations, three annual fundraisers through Friends of Meals on Wheels and Catering Jobs. Government funding has remained the same or decreased over the years, while the number of needy seniors continues to rise. In addition, rising costs for food, food supplies, minimum wage increases, insurance and gas prices have made it more difficult to make ends meet and feed all those that are in need of meals. Donations are appreciated and all donations go directly to the program to meet food costs and maintain service.

Source @:


The Elderly Nutrition Program in Yolo County, known widely as Meals on Wheels, is a private, non-profit, community benefit organization, that provided over 83,000 meals to 1100 seniors in Davis, Woodland, Winters, West Sacramento, Knights Landing, Esparto, Madison and Yolo last year. The organization serves frail, homebound elders and meals to seniors at senior centers. Meals are planned by a dietitian and meet 1/3 of the daily nutrient requirement for adults. Often, this meal is their only nutritious meal of the day.

However, ENP is more than just a meal program. For many seniors, the 400 volunteer drivers, who deliver meals to their doorsteps, provide their only contact of the day. For others, who need additional help, ENP refers them to vital services and resources. ENP conducts nutritional assessments of each homebound senior four times a year, and offers education in nutrition, falls prevention and emergency preparedness to all seniors.

To provide these critical services to senior citizens, ENP depends on the generosity and support of community members, foundations, businesses and grants from governmental sources, such as an $8,000 federal Community Development Block Grant, administered by the City of Woodland, that funded a portion of the cost of meals for 27 low income seniors in Woodland last year. Less than 30% of ENP’s annual budget comes from governmental sources.

Community members can help reach all the Yolo County seniors who worry where their next meal is coming from. To join the pledge to end senior hunger by the year 2020, by

Source @:

Redacted DavisWiki of Lea Rosenberg — Spouse of Judge Dave Rosenberg [ TLR Note: familial data – redacted 2- If factually applicable, re University Farm Circle may be of interest to attorney of Ryan Clifford. Likewise, financial relationship between Rosenberg, Maguire, Vic Bucher, retirement homes @ Napa/ Saratoga 3- Wiki lacks Madam Rosenberg’s extensive contribution to community re “helps raise money for local hospitals.”]

Lea Rosenberg is a community activist currently serving as Co-President of Soroptimist International of Davis, Noble Grand (President) of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and as a member of the Board of the Yolo County SPCA. Lea has opened her home to innumerable arts, education, political, charitable, and community events over the years.

Lea Rosenberg formerly served as President of the University Farm Circle, President of the Davis Art Center, President of the Davis PTA Council, President of the Davis School Arts Foundation, and Treasurer for numerous successful local political campaigns. She has been honored as Davis Citizen of the Year (the Covell Award). Lea Rosenberg has been chosen four times in an annual poll of readers of the Davis Enterprise as “Most Dedicated Community Volunteer.” She is a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, previously having served as Treasurer and as a Trustee of the Lodge, and having been chosen in 2006 as the “Member of the Year.” Currently, she serves as one of the three Trustees of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and also serves as one of six board members of the Hall Board Association of the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodges, managing all property of the two Lodges. She has served as a long-time member of the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee. She also served for five years as a member of the Yolo County Fair Board of Directors, having been appointed to that position by the Governor of California.

Lea is also an Avon Representative

Source @:

She is currently active in Farm Circle and Soroptimists, and helps raise money for local hospitals.

Please see source @:


Saratoga Retirement Community / Meadows of Napa Valley — two retirement homes operated by Odd Fellows Homes of California — Roster of Board of Director [ TLR Note: 1. Yolo County Judge Dave Rosenberg, Chair of 190$ million outstanding venture ; Notice name of Vic Bucher — served as “Treasurer ” for campaign re-election of Yolo judges Rosenberg and Dan Maguire. In fact, Judge Maguire stated to journalist (David Greenwald) it was Rosenberg who recommended Bucher. 2. Vic Bucher ties to Tim Bucher of UC Davis Foundation?]

Judge David Rosenberg – Board Chair (2014)
(530) 756-0697

Gerald Poarch – Board Vice Chair (2014)
Costa Mesa
(714) 850-0607

Dorothy Handy – Board Member (2011)
(707) 255-4492

Ray Link – Board Secretary (2014)
(408) 867-0231

Lynn Hill – Board Member (2012)
(707) 253-2324

Don R. Smith -Board Member (2013)
(209) 887-3829

Vic Bucher – Board Member (2014)
(530) 220-6077
Jay Johnson- Board Treasurer (2016)
(510) 794-0708

Robin Oliver – Board Member (2013)
Mill Valley
(415) 388-3806

Mary Ann Tschernoscha – Board Member (2013)
San Pedro
(310) 749-8905 (mobile)

Gerald D. Worth – Board Member (2013)
(707) 224-5659

Source @:

DATELINE January 2013 – Daily Democrat: Davis Odd Fellows names new leaders [ TLR Note: 1. For simplicity, privacy — Davis Odd Fellows and related entities henceforth referenced here as “Davis 169” 2- Notice names of Judge Dave and Lea Rosenberg, Judge Dave Reed 3. Likewise part of Davis 169 are Judge Dan and Fran Maguire 4. At this point, no designation for Judge Dave Rosenberg as President of “Odd Fellows Home of California” – two major non-profit retirement communities in Napa and Saratoga – better known as Meadows of Napa Valley and Saratoga Retirement Community]

The Davis Odd Fellows and its various sub-organizations have elected officers for 2013.

A formal installation ceremony is scheduled for tonight in Davis.

Sharing the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall are four entities: The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Hall Board Association, Davis Odd Fellows Lodge No. 169, Davis Rebekah Lodge No. 253, and the Davis Encampment No. 21.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge was chartered in 1890 and currently has 188 members. It is one of the largest in the state. Members devote much of their time toward assisting individuals and community groups throughout Yolo County either financially or through their volunteer efforts.

The Davis Rebekah Lodge was chartered in 1901 and currently has 35 members.

Both the Davis Odd Fellows and the Davis Rebekahs are part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, an international fraternal order for men and women. The Davis Encampment was chartered in 1954 and provides advanced degrees in Odd Fellowship. The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Hall Board Association is composed of the three trustees of the Davis Odd Fellows and the three trustees of the Davis Rebekahs. The Hall Board Association owns and manages the property of the two Lodges.

Elected officers for 2013 include: Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Hall Board Association — President Dave Rosenberg, Vice President Dave Reed, Secretary Lea Rosenberg and Treasurer Barb Geisler; members of the Hall Board include — Bob Bockwinkel, Marge Fagan, Barb Geisler, Dave

Reed, Lea Rosenberg, Dave Rosenberg; Davis Odd Fellows Lodge No. 169 Officers include — Noble Grand Bob Schelen, Vice Grand Lea Rosenberg, Secretary Alekka Fullerton, Treasurer Penny Smith and Financial Secretary Steve Lopez; Trustees of the Davis Lodge — Bob Bockwinkel, Dave Reed, and Dave Rosenberg.

Davis Rebekah Lodge No. 253 Officers — Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg, Vice Grand Lin Spangler, Secretary Dave Rosenberg, Treasurer Diana Schmiegel and Financial Secretary Sharla Cheney; Trustees of the Rebekah lodge — Marge Fagan, Barb Geisler, and Lea Rosenberg; Davis Encampment No. 21 — Chief Patriarch Dave Rosenberg, Senior Warden Renee Liston, Junior Warden Duff Devine, Scribe Diane Steele, Treasurer Lin Spangler, Financial Scribe Sharla Cheney and High Priest Greg Simmons; Trustees of the Encampment — Bob Schelen, Arun Sen, and Sarah Worley.

Source @:



Davis Vanguard’s David Greenwald Commentary on State Bar of California Prosecution of Clint Parish ; More on Background Data on Judge Dave Rosenberg and Wife Lea Rosenberg ; Errata Re Judge Rosenberg [TLR Note: Data in re Judge Rosenberg and distinguished wife Lea Rosenberg for background purposes and cross-reference of information only i.e. to ascertain whether any wrongdoer may be “pulling a Werdegar” i.e. various parties bestowed benefits on spouse of AJ Kathryn Werdegar (David Werdegar’s Institute on Aging). In re Rosenbergs, an “intense” inquiry is being re-conducted, again, by YR especially due to 1) recent revelations implicating UC Davis MIND Institute’s Mark Friedman of Fulcrum Property in CalALL scheme 2) re-examining Judge Rosenberg’s connection to UC Davis, Cruz Reynoso. Generally speaking, since CalALL financial scheme involved UC Irvine Foundation’s Joe Dunn and Mark Robinson — entire UC system is presumed hostile to YR. Otherwise, ceteris paribus, Rosenbergs first-class citizens with unparalleled contributions to Yolo County)

Clinton Parish showed appallingly poor judgment last year in authorizing attacks against incumbent Judge Dan Maguire.  Even if those attacks had been accurate, it is questionable for one to play that sort of politics in a judicial race that is supposed to be about experience and neutrality, not politics.

How easily the charges were systematically dismantled under the least amount of inquiry, however, casts the situation in a very different light.  It calls into question Mr. Parish’s ability not only to be a judge, but also to be a prosecuting attorney.  After all, if you cast baseless charges against your political opponent, why would you not cast the same charges against a poor, defenseless defendant?

It is for those reasons, I think, that most people think Clinton Parish deserves whatever punishment befalls him by the State Bar.  And, while disbarment is unlikely, it is not necessarily unwarranted.

Please continue @:


Errata– Judge Rosenberg No Longer Presiding Judge of Yolo County

The Yolo Superior Court announced that the Steven M. Basha has been elected to serve as presiding judge upon the completion by current presiding judge David R. Rosenberg of his term on September 15, 2012.

Rosenberg has served for more than four years as presiding fudge with his term extended to permit him to fulfill his statewide responsibilities as Chair of the Trial Court Presiding Judges Advisory Committee. Those responsibilities end on September 15.

Basha is the current assistant presiding judge and has been responsible for the day-to-day judicial oversight of the Yolo Superior Court since January 1, 2012. In addition to the election of Basha as presiding judge, the Yolo Superior Court judges elected Kathleen M. White to be the assistant presiding judge, also effective September 15, 2012.

Source @:


Lea Rosenberg is a community activist currently serving as Co-President of Soroptimist International of Davis, Noble Grand (President) of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and as a member of the Board of the Yolo County SPCA. Lea has opened her home to innumerable arts, education, political, charitable, and community events over the years.

Lea Rosenberg formerly served as President of the University Farm Circle, President of the Davis Art Center, President of the Davis PTA Council, President of the Davis School Arts Foundation, and Treasurer for numerous successful local political campaigns. She has been honored as Davis Citizen of the Year (the Covell Award). Lea Rosenberg has been chosen four times in an annual poll of readers of the Davis Enterprise as “Most Dedicated Community Volunteer.” She is a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, previously having served as Treasurer and as a Trustee of the Lodge, and having been chosen in 2006 as the “Member of the Year.” Currently, she serves as one of the three Trustees of the Davis Rebekah Lodge, and also serves as one of six board members of the Hall Board Association of the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodges, managing all property of the two Lodges. She has served as a long-time member of the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee. She also served for five years as a member of the Yolo County Fair Board of Directors, having been appointed to that position by the Governor of California.

She is married to Judge David Rosenberg, has two adult children (Jason and Janis) and one grandson (Jonathon). Lea is also Davis’ foremost Avon Lady, having been selected to the Avon President’s Club for over 26 years.

Lea is also an Avon Representative

Source @:

More Background Data on Judge David Rosenberg (aka Dave Rosenberg) of Yolo County Superior Court: Pepperfield Stores, LLC and Yolo Lodge No. 169, Independent Order of Odd Fellows [TLR NOTE: Per YR, given Judge Rosenberg links to California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye / Howard Dickstein in the context of “highly disquieting” surrounding circumstances, we must know all that needs to be known about him. Be it as it may, YR further cautions “the average garden variety” parties appearing before him need not be concern whether he lacks integrity or otherwise “unfair.” The inquiry into Rosenberg is fact specific based on both subjective and objective opinions — i.e. attorneys at nationally renowned law-firms who independently opined “somebody” had to “clear the way” for the execution of the search warrant / unlawful seizure of all CaliforniaALL related materials from home of YR]

David Rosenberg, President

Yolo Lodge No. 169, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Please see @:

Pepperfield Stores, LLC

Pepperfield Stores, LLC has a location in Davis, CA. Active officers include David Rosenberg and Lea Rosenberg. Pepperfield Stores, LLC filed as a Domestic on Monday, January 08, 2007 in the state of California and is currently active. Lea Rosenberg serves as the registered agent for this organization.The company’s line of business includes Real Estate Investment. (emphasis added)

Please see @:

(TLR Note: Real Estate Investment — Mark Friedman ??? )



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    Below is a judicial branch synopsis from a legislative analysis of infrastructure needs for the state. I think it is prudent to point out that the judicial council only feigns adhesion to fraud, waste and abuse laws and actually worked aggressively to weaken the laws pertaining to judicial branch whistleblowers. They did this by creating […]
  • Yet Another Unlicensed Contractor Debacle 2017/07/10
    This story is late in publishing because the AOC (ahem, the judicial council) spent months drawing out our requests for information on a simple inquiry they should have been able to deliver on the same day it was received because what scant information they did provide was readily available to them. But they dragged out […]
  • Another Clifford Ham boondoggle in San Diego 2017/04/19
    More false promises of tunnels reaching out from jails to courthouses. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so because we’ve stated many times that ALL tunnel promises are false promises made to win local support of the projects and penciled out upon approval. What we find most disturbing is that Clifford Ham has a track […]

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